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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Let there be peace in Beverly Hills

December 24, 2010 |  6:00 am

Preview Whew! Now, I know how JFK must have felt when the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved: Camille Grammer and Kyle Richards have made peace.

After potentially manufactured statements, arguments in New York City and a blow up that involved an electronic cigarette smoking “medium,” it appears that the people of Beverly Hills can rest easily this holiday season, as the war is — apparently — over.

Like that — snap! — all the acrimony just disappeared.

The two hugged, they chatted and they danced in what looked like a 1920s version of “Dance, Dance Revolution.” Other than that, I was pretty bored last night. That’s the problem with reality TV: Why give peace a chance when it’s so darn boring?

The housewives got together for a 1920s themed party. Lisa Vanderpump’s getup with Cedric the Permanent Houseguest was funny, with Lisa as the gentleman, Cedric as the bombshell — and, as usual, her husband, Ken, as the third wheel.

And Taylor Armstrong proved that nothing can make her happy like a party. The last time she was this happy on the show was “her daughter’s birthday party” (read: a party for Taylor, where her daughter just so happened to attend).

Kim Richards couldn’t make it. She was clinging to her daughter as she left for Texas for a three-month eternity.

Anyway, back to the drama … if you can call it that. I’m not going to hold my breath on this one. This truce does sit well with me.

First, it’s been cast as a feud along the lines of Kim Zolciak and Nene Leakes from Atlanta — frenemies who can gossip and shop one season, and then accusing the other of choking her the next. (And repeat.)

Camille said she and Kyle just happened to be strong personalities. People may not believe that, she said, because she’s so nice and sweet and generous. Oh, but she’s strong, too. (I leave you to make your own conclusion on this.)

We know all too well from Kim and Nene what a strong personality is. Kyle, at her worst, might whisper a saucy joke at a PTA meeting. Yet, in Atlanta, no one would doubt the likelihood of assault.

And with the Atlanta pair, we’ve seen the back story. We know how caustic they can be, and we’ve seen the two of them in the same room — as the best of friends, and as mortal enemies.

There’s such background with Camille and Kyle. I would be willing to bet that before this show started filming, the two barely knew each other, if they were even acquainted at all. What we have here is two women that, simply, don’t get along — and one of them has a loose grip on reality.

So, I’m just glad the two of them didn’t sign a friendship contract, like Nene did with Cynthia (another Atlanta housewife). If Kyle and Camille signed on the dotted line, I would bet a breach of contract would only be a matter of time.


Happy holidays, Show Tracker! In the spirit of the season, what would you hope Santa Claus brings the housewives this year?

I say: A man for Kim, because she needs one — I’m sure her kids would appreciate the break. For Camille, I hope a little self-awareness lands in her stocking.

Also: Is the tinsel in Adrienne Maloof’s hair a thing? I can honestly say I’ve never seen that before.

— Rick Rojas

Photo: Kim Richards and Kyle Richards Credit: Jason DeCrow/Bravo