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Oprah to Barbara Walters: 'I'm not even kind of a lesbian'

It’s the rumor that won’t seem to go away: Does the queen of daytime TV like the ladies?

Oprah Winfrey is once again trying to put it all to rest: “I’m not a lesbian.”

The 56-year-old media mogul opened up to Barbara Walters in a revealing and emotional interview on ABC and discussed the story that’s been tabloid fodder for years.

And she’s taking it one step further lest you think there’s even an ounce of female smushin’ going on with her and her bestie Gayle King: “I’m not even kind of a lesbian.

“And the reason why [the rumor] irritates me is because it means that somebody must think I’m lying. That’s No. 1. No. 2, why would you want to hide it? That is not the way I run my life.”

In a clip that aired Wednesday morning on “Good Morning America,” a crying Oprah also addressed her close friendship with King: “She is the mother I never had. She is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person.”

So why all the tears? Oprah says it’s because she’s never told those words to King. Awwww.

The interview airs Thursday on ABC. 

ShowTrackers, what do you think? Ready to believe her? Don't care?

-- Yvonne Villarreal


Video: ABC


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I don't understand the fascination of both the legitimate press and the tabloids in Hollywood in exposing the personal information all over the front page or on the television airwaves.
The only thing that comes to mind is some fat person sitting in a lazy boy recliner reading trashy gossip, before flipping to a trashy gossip television show as being the target audience for such information, and quite frankly, you should fire whoever does your demographics because the number of those people are diminishing, by getting a job, or working around the house, exercising more, and beginning to read more than just pulp literature.
Wake up L.A. Middle America is no longer cares or is amused by the color of Paris Hilton's underwear, or lack of it, and probably would just shrug their shoulders if you asked Mr. and Miss Smith in Kansas what they thought re: what I have written about above.

This rumor, like the Oprah fat jokes that used to be everywhere, is Tired. It's old. It's exhausting! Anyone who regularly watches the show, knows that if she were gay she wouldn't hide in the closet. She would tell us, because it's not something to be ashamed of. I'm so sick of this rumor. She's not gay, but what difference does denying it make? Those who love to talk will talk.

And those who call her lesbian as some kind of insult, it's not an insult to her or anyone because there is no shame in being gay. What this is, is a played-out rumor. So give it a rest. Does she have to marry Stedman to put this to rest? Why should she have to? Mercy.

Who cares. If she was gay, we'd know. She's not one to hide anything. She's an amazing woman. End of story.

Oprah sounds like she might be a tad homophobic.

Yes I believe her and I think it's important because the implicit idea behind the repeated rumor is "a woman with a big career who doesn't marry a man and have children must be a lesbian". It is used to try to tear down and minimize her professional achievements by saying that somehow she's less than a real woman, and to send a warning to other woman that they can't do this, not if they want to be real women.

I believe Oprah 1000% - I had a best friend for many years - we grew up together and did everthing together, talked numerous times per day, lived near each other, did fmaily stuff every weekend - then she died of cancer - you can be close to another person without it ever being a sexual thing.

Who really cares if Oprah is gay? That's among O, Gayle, and God. It is pretty sad that some people can't leave the issue alone and Barbara doesn't want to drop it. Truth be told, I think Oprah deserves better treatment especially in interviews so she doesn't have to fake the tears while "deflecting these comments".

very fishy oprah...lol....where is steadman to back you up...he is on the payroll and gayle is soooooo your gf....we dont really care...but why hide it like you said...i always see and hear about you going on trips with gayle...but never anything from your fake bf steadman...why is that?

and to JR....for someone that doesnt want to read the "tabloids"...you seemed to find the time to read this story and comment with two paragraphs on it...lol

The conservative right loves to out gays... if people weren't fascinated with thumping their bibles, gay marriage (aka equal rights) wouldn't be in state appeals court! When will the gay witch hunts end? Who cares if Oprah is a lesbian (except maybe Gayle)?

It blows me away, the way Fox news and the Tabloids exploit people. There is now way that I would ever imagine Oprah to be gay. It is not in her DNA.

Good for Oprah. If you have a relationship that doesn't adhere to some people's narrow definition of normal, they can't process the information. If you're a woman and you hang around with a guy a lot, you must be sleeping together. Likewise, if you're a woman, are unmarried, and you hang around with another woman, you must be a lesbian. There is no understanding that people might have close relationships that are outside the narrow definitions implied in this article.

Really...? Because this actually matters...what a joke LA Times.

Just because two people of the same sex are close or inseparable does not in any way mean they are gay. This society has become such a pool of B.S., by the way "who cares whose gay". Only the idiots that parade around with the talk that they are against homosexuality then months or years later you find that they were "real deeply gay", now those are one' s people should deal with in a harsh way.
Let's move on to what is improtant.

I dont' think Oprah cares if the public believes her denials of being gay. I don't think its any of our business if she is or not. That she gives such compliments to Steadman surprises me. That man is as invisible as Dolly Parton's husband. Lets not forget all the gay rumors about Dolly. So, I guess it all boils down to... believe what we want and in the long run, why is it even of interest? If I were forced to say yes or no to Oprah's gayness, I would say yes. But, does this make a difference in her life or the world as we know it? NO. After Oprah dies and all the biographies come out, there will be many testaments to her hidden life. Again.. who cares.

Glad she was not apologetic about it either.

The liberals are disappointed in her now.

I think that the people who spread such rumors don't have any real lasting friendships or have their own sexual issues to contend with. There is no goodness or innocence or joy or love in tabloid rumors and frankly, I have stopped being interested...even for fun because it means pain for someone else.

Frankly, I don't believe her. As for her rhetorical question about 'why hide it?', um, how about having your career ruined? THAT was plenty of reason when she was climbing the ladder, and it's still a reason today, although not as much. (Do you have ANY idea how many closeted actors, athletes, musicians, etc. there are? They're still afraid that even in this day and age coming out will destroy their careers. Pity. It shouldn't be that way.)

If she were a lesbian she would admit it. What difference does it make, anyway? Oprah is Oprah. And for goodness' sake she is NOT homophobic. Oh brother.

@smartassproducts.com You think she would worry about impact on her career? I have a one-word answer to that ridiculous notion. Ellen. If Oprah were gay, Ellen is all the proof of invulnerability this issue has in pop culture today that Oprah would need to feel safe in disclosure. Like many, I've had a "background curiosity" about her lifestyle, but like most, the answer is irrelevant to her celebrity status and the respect I have for what she has accomplished in her life.

Why is the woman even relevant today? It's kind of sad the she has had so much influence and power over a segment of women for so many years. Think for yourself, Oprah recommends this that and the other thing. Its sick. Yet with all her wealth and power, this person seems strange. Spending most of her time with another woman of the same age, with some this Steadman (the beard?) as her backup. She advocates health, diets, and exercise yet is simply a plain, somewhat obese unmarried woman.

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