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Keith Olbermann returns to Twitter after (a very short) self-imposed exile

Take heart, fellow tweeters: Keith Olbermann's self-imposed exile from Twitter has officially ended. The host of MSNBC's "Countdown" began his vow of silence on Thursday, when viewers took issue with dismissive comments that he and his guest, filmmaker Michael Moore, made on the show regarding rape allegations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Moore also repeated a false claim that Assange was accused only of his condom breaking during consensual sex.

After online critics complained, and the website Tigerbeatdown.com started a Twitter campaign to get Moore to issue a correction, Olbermann announced that he was suspending his Twitter account “until this frenzy is stopped.” He even took down his profile picture.

But by Sunday he'd apparently reversed his decision. "And we're back!" he wrote on Twitter. "Tweeting will resume tomorrow." He even had a new photo, which he dated as 1971 at Yankee Stadium.

Overall, the exile lasted only three days — about as long as his recent suspension from MSNBC. Who says the guy's not open to changing his mind?

— Melissa Maerz

Photo: Keith Olbermann. Credit: Fred Prouser / Reuters.

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Gee, we can all sleep better now knowing this loser had deemed us worthy to read his twits.

Those feminists are crazy, lynch-happpy maniacs who want a presumption of guilt for everyone unfortunate enough to be accused of rape (perhaps falsely!). They embarassed themselves during the Duke Lacrosse case with their ignorant, bigotted behavior and they're doing the same now.

If feminists want to leave the liberal tent then true progressives should be happy to hold the door for them. Good riddance!


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