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Jillian Michaels is leaving 'The Biggest Loser'

Michaels Jillian Michaels, the tyrant trainer with a heart, is leaving "The Biggest Loser."

The 11th season, which starts in January, will be her last, she said. What do you think Michael's departure will mean for the show and its ratings? Is this like Simon Cowell leaving "American Idol"? Or does the emotional resonance of "The Biggest Loser" transcend the trainers? (Don't panic. Bob Harper isn't going anywhere. At least not yet.) 

Michaels' departure was not supposed to be revealed until Monday, when the network was planning to name the Season 11 contestants. But, as anyone who has dealt with Michaels know, there's no muzzling Jillian. She announced it herself on her Twitter account: "season 11 of Biggest Loser will be my last :) have to finish out my contract."

Also via Twitter, Michaels said she plans to take a year off, do more charity work and "focus on becoming a mommy." She added that her summer TV series, "Losing It," played a role in her decision. That show saw her traveling the country, moving in with families and helping them live more healthful lives. "Living with kids I saw firsthand what I was missing," she tweeted.

Executives declined to comment Friday on the departure. But Michaels said -- also via Twitter -- that a new trainer was on the way and that she would spent her final season helping to launch the new trainer.

— Rene Lynch

Photo: Jillian Michaels. Photo credit: Katie Falkenberg / For the Los Angeles Times.

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Thank you Lord! Jillian finally decided to have my first born :-D

I think she'll need to focus on menstruating first - then maybe a child

I completely understand why Jillian wants to move on to new and exciting frontiers in her life and most, to be a mom and have a normal, non hectic life from show business.
The show may not be the same without her, but I don't watch it anyways, never have, though I've seen her ads everywhere on the internet.

Good luck and happiness to Jillian in being a wife and mother soon.

Good - now that she's a skinny bag of bones, she's not that attractive anymore. Give her the Skinny Stick Award and say "bye bye now".

focus on becoming a mommy???? according to wikipedia, she has "pcos"

She's a liar pushing products which are inherently damaging to people's bodies. Good riddance. Loser.

Jillian wants to leave, Good for her. She's leaving before the ratings sink and the show is cancelled. Good for her also wanting to start a family. As for the watching fat people lose weight, this person misses the point of the show, There is more than just the people being heavy. There can also be mental issues as well leading to why they gained weight. Too bad, this person can't see this and chooses to criticize people who want to change their lives for the better.

I think it will hurt the show...she is the one who makes the show "work"
she is excellent with the participants ...both in getting them to work harder physically and to work on emotional/psychological issues with interfere with
their health and eating habits...I will miss her....
she cannot be compared to Simon the Jerko Cowell..I wont miss him at all...
I thought he was a pompous a**, not a good judge, mean spirited and basically
nagged other judges and tried to intimidate everyone...he was not likable...
and he dressed like a teenager with a short one and a limited ego...no one who
makes big bucks should be on TV with a crappy looking tight T shirt or ugly
shirt with buttons open mid chest...he had nothing to look at....or talk about for that matter..over paid nobody

I was really glad when she came back from her first departure because her replacement completely the wrong fit for the show. But it's since become a tired and worn act and I won't miss her. I burned out on the constant game-play and f-bombs from the trainers and the message got lost in the middle of it all. I stopped watching about three weeks in this fall after never missing an episode and doubt I'll be back again.

I for one will miss Jillian more than if Bob left! Jillian spends time getting to the root of the problem causing the obesity. If I were a contestant, I would want Jillian to whip my butt into shape!!!! Look at the history of winners - she has been the trainer of almost ALL of the winners! I believe that everyone has a deep seated reason they are overweight, and Jillian makes the contestants go into themselves to find that reason. Once they address it, they can move forward. Bob can be a crybaby at times, and I lost respect for him when he was so upset over the split up of the contestants - he lost a bunch to Jillian, but she did not "cry over spilled milk" like Bob did.

Well let's see and we care why about your post Delta6? It goes to show alot for yourself being you took the time to make your rude remarks on here? Hello?
Jillian and bob has saved alot of lives on that show. I'm saddend by the loss of jillian she was hard but dedicated and cared for everyone on thier. I being one of those fat people Delta6 wished I had the oppertunity to be there myself. I battle my weight every single day I have congestive heart failure,diabetic,high blood pressure,A fib,high cholesterol, I would have given my eye tooth to work with bob and jillian and no my weight problem is not from just eating and being lazy . But anyway love you Jillian you are a beautiful person inside and out and I wish the best of luck being a mom.

Wow Delta 6... this show has helped so many people get into shape and take back their lives. Hopefully someday will will understand the true essence of humanity. Love yourself and love others the same.

which one is Jillian in the Photo?

While the trainers do have an important function in the show, it's not near as important as the role of the contestants. The show is about the transformation of these people's lives. Changing trainers and mixing it up is okay. The show could probably use a fresh personality who was less consumed by winning and more interested in the contestants' health.

I watch the show and noticed Jillian wasn't as nasty this season as previous ones......that's the reason I continued watching. She use to be abrasive and mean. Will be looking forward to the new trainer.

The Biggest Loser is one of the most rewarding reality shows out there. The contestants are truly inspiring individuals. Jillian is a wonderful trainer but in the end it's about these people reaching their goals and changing their lives. I have been inspired to help youth live healthy and active lives. Obesity can be cured and these people have proved it to the world.

It should help the ratings. She is one of two reasons that I don't watch the show.

These shows just prey on people desperation (losing weight) IMO. I would not want to watch people struggle with a real life problem as part of my entertainment menu. Jillian has her own inner struggles as she cannot decide her own sexaulity. Maybe that's part of her problem as she does seem to have a lot of inner anger. IMO she is just a fly by night TV ceb that will be forgotten in a few years. She will probably end up on one of those "Where are they now shows."

I LOVE Jill! She has motivated my husband and I to get off the couch and get in the gym. SHE'S NOT an actress!!! Idiots!! You don't look that good and have that kind of definition from acting.......sorry. She speaks the truth and sometimes it's the only way to get through, which she would know. I've struggled with 20-30 lbs , but I have family who are just plain fat and lazy, or have struggled thier whole life. some have had the GB surgery. Some just plain don't care if they die young and leave thier family! How selfish is that?!? If you delt with it you would know. Jillian also has been DX with Endometriosis and PSOD, so she will adopt. Is that any of your biz? No, it's her life, which some of you on here need to get one of your own instead of bashing people trying to help others changes thier lives.

She has helped shape the show the biggest loser and hopefully they can carry on the tradition of helping people as much as they have. I can see why she might want to do new things. That is just life.

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