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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: It's a red-headed showdown

December 9, 2010 | 11:44 am

No surprise, it's the red-headed Nona versus the red-headed Russell in next week's finale, although they certainly gave it a good go at making us think that Jillian had a snowball's chance. She certainly delivered during the fusion challenge. (Were it not for those celebrity judges, I would have called that one rigged!) And she gained the admiration of Chef Gordon Ramsay -- even as he was kicking her out the door. In what I believe is a "Hell's Kitchen" first, he let her keep her chef's jacket. She really grew on me. Here's wishing you success, Jillian!

So, who's gonna win? As much as I hate Russell's brazen, cocky attitude, he seems to be more of the complete package. You could see that when he had his turn running the pass. Nona is no joke, but she's not as assertive and forceful in the kitchen. And she may be billed as the wonder palate, but she did mistake mashed celery root for mashed potatoes in what may have been the dinner service of her life.  

And let's take a moment to bid Trevor farewell. He was hated and ignored by all, and he still didn't quit. Ramsay put it best: "Your determination never wavered." As he was kicking Trevor out the door.

Are you looking forward to the finale? Will you make plans to dine at L.A. Market for a chance to see the "Hell's Kitchen" winner in action?

--Rene Lynch / renelynch

Photo: Nona and chef Ramsay / Fox