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'Biggest Loser' recap: Who has your vote?

December 8, 2010 | 12:10 pm

So let's do the "Biggest Loser" math, shall we?

Two of the four finalists "got it" -- that would be Frado and Patrick. And two of the finalists didn't: Elizabeth and -- I can't believe I'm typing this name -- Ada.

But worse, Elizabeth got it more than Ada did.

On the eve of next week's finale, the four finalists went home for six weeks and returned to the ranch to complete what is now arguably the most exclusive marathon of all, the 26.2-mile trek from the rugged mountains outside Los Angeles down to the Pacific Ocean. And they had one final weigh-in to determine who would be in the final three. But before that, Bob and Jillian surprised all four with visits to see how they were doing and to for a workout.

I'll admit that, through it all, I kept muttering about Elizabeth. I like her, but she skated into the final four with the protection of Frado and Brendan and had sometimes ignored trainers. Evidence: Once sprung from the "Biggest Loser" ranch, she immediately slacked off and found someone to help take care of her (which is what Bob and Jillian had been telling her all along was her "weakness"). In this case, it was a boyfriend, or, arguably, a substitute for Frado and Brendan. Jillian also busted her with a fridge full of processed foods, juices and sodas, although Elizabeth said she wasn't partaking in any of that. I was so irritated with her smirking -- she said all the right things, but here she was blowing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I kept wishing that Brendan was back. He'd help make this a competition.

Meanwhile, it was Ada who was really letting us all down. She began reverting to her old ways as soon as she saw her parents. You could see it in the way she began hunching her shoulders and avoiding eye contact when she entered the room and saw them. The family's heart-to-heart talk was moving and gave us a different vantage point: These are people who mean well but are struggling with vast cultural differences, and although it had been easy to demonize them in their absence this season, I was reminded that they, too, suffered the loss of a child and must grapple with their own grief and guilt every day. (My heart melted when he said, "It's Daddy's turn to talk. I love you very much. After you left, I thought about you all day long." And her mother, clearly, was heartbroken to hear about her daughter's pain.)

But somehow, it wasn't enough for Ada. Even though she was doing better than ever in the gym -- a 7:31 mile? Impressive. Beating Tara's marathon record? Even more impressive -- but she was eating nonstop. In short, she was imploding with self-sabotage. What's your take on what happened to Ada?

At the weigh-in: Patrick -- dude needs the money -- lost 35 pounds and allowed, "I'm impressed with myself." Frado lost 27. The pair easily cinched the top two spots. Elizabeth lost 15 pounds (at least it was double digits). And for the first time this season, Ada fell below the yellow line, losing just 12 pounds. Adding insult to injury: a rare verbal misstep from Bob, who adores Ada, but couldn't help but blurt out "I'm surprised" and "I'm so used to Ada blowing up the scales."

Now, you get to decide. Who will you vote for as the third contestant in next week's finale? Ada or Elizabeth?

And, perhaps more importantly, who do you think will win?

-- Rene Lynch
twitter / renelynch


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Photo: The final four at the marathon start. Credit: NBC