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About (Late) Last Night: Joel McHale and Conan O'Brien need to watch their mouths

December 2, 2010 |  6:50 am

The TBS censors caught Joel McHale of "Community" a couple of times on "Conan." The host did not want to be left out of the fun, so O'Brien matched McHale with some dirty words of his own, and the next guest, Tim Gunn, kept the bleeps coming. In all, the McHale and O'Brien duo required quite a few edits on Wednesday night's show as they traded jokes like high schoolers in a basement.

The non-network language came first in a discussion of throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game. "You can't, as a man, not be on the mound," said McHale, dubbing the space on the grass closer to home plate in lewd terms. Conan, whose comedic chops are usually safely superior, seemed stimulated by a worthy counterpart. The two of them even high-fived over McHale's teasing of Regis Philbin.

The host was more than happy to set McHale up for a laugh. "What do you think of Oprah's Favorite Things?" he asked of Oprah's most high-energy annual episode. "The reaction by Oprah's audience does not merit what she's giving away," said McHale. "I feel like the cameras film them separately and she just goes, 'We're gonna raise your parents from the dead!' and they're like, 'Yes!'"

O'Brien was also enthusiastic when it came to McHale's plug for the holiday claymation episode of "Community." On the screen, they showed an artistic rendering of McHale. The light mood and friendly quipping continued.

"They clearly nailed my forehead in that. I look evil," said McHale. "You look like Chucky," offered O'Brien.

"I want to see that," O'Brien said of the special. But then he read the details: "It airs Thursday night on NBC." He grimaced. "Mmm, all right. Uh," O'Brien said. When the crowd started to boo O'Brien's old network he stopped them, but he probably appreciated the gesture. "Let's go play some baseball," said McHale as consolation. Boys will be boys.

-- Joe Coscarelli