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'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Katherine tells a tale

How fitting that this info-packed episode took us to what was basically a vampire cyber cafe, complete with double tinted windows to keep the sunlight out. Rose's (Lauren Cohan) friend Slater (Trevor Peterson), who has oodles of knowledge thanks to his 18 degrees, three masters and four PhDs and countless years as a vampire, gave Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Rose the 411 on Klaus and the Curse of the Sun and the Moon. We also got quite the info dump as Katherine (Nina Dobrev) shared her Lifetime-gets-horrific life story with Elena (Dobrev). Entombed Katherine kind of looked like a zombie extra who got rejected from “The Walking Dead” because she didn't look decayed enough. But her hoarse voice and limping stride were still plenty creepy. Even a slightly slower Katherine kept her wits about her, not to mention her perfect eye makeup, as she dished to Elena. Here's what we learned:

1. Katerina Petrova, who shall be known as Katherine from here on out, had a daughter.And now we also know that Elena and Katherine are related through that blood line. In 1490, Katherine gave birth to a girl, who was taken from her by her own father and given away. Dobrev really sold the crushing emotions of having one's child ripped away from them. Pretty impressive for such a young actress. But then again, she had practice playing a teenage mom on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.”

2. In 1492, Katherine was banished from her native Bulgaria.Having a child out of wedlock was a big no-no, so when Katherine was disowned, she fled to England and adopted a British accent. I hope Dobrev got paid overtime for all the extra accent work she did in this episode, not to mention having to play three characters essentially. It was in England that Katherine caught the eye of a nobleman named Klaus, but then she realized what Klaus wanted to do with her and ran away. Lovesick Trevor (Trent Ford) -- the guy who got beheaded last week –- helped her escape to Rose's cottage.

3. The Curse of the Sun and the Moon was bound with Petrova blood. And the Petrova doppelganger was created to undo the spell. Thus, Klaus needed Katherine to drain her blood as a sacrifice to break the spell.

4. Katherine basically turned herself into a vampire to save her own ass. After Rose discovered that Katherine had stolen the moonstone from Klaus, she told Katherine she was going to turn her over to Klaus rather than risk her and Trevor's lives. She fed Katherine her blood to heal her wounds. Then when Rose left the room, Katherine hanged herself and became a vampire. “Better you die than I,” she replied when Rose accused her of using herself and Trevor to escape Klaus. Looks like that charming personality got its start before Katherine became a vamp.

5. Katherine came back to Mystic Falls to gather the ingredients to break the spell. She hoped that by giving Elena to Klaus –- only a human doppelganger will do –- he would stop trying to get revenge on her for running away. Klaus even killed her entire family back in 1492, so that baby really is the only blood line left. And Caroline (Candice Accola), Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Bonnie (Katerina Graham) were part of Katherine's plan. You also need a vampire and werewolf for the spell and a witch to perform it. “Better you die than I,” she told Elena. That should really be on her headstone. If she ever dies.

6. It really is just a two-way race now to see who will get to the spell first.Slater told Damon and Rose the only way he knew to find Klaus was through a Craigslist personal ad. Seriously? But that would eventually lead to a dead end. Meanwhile, undead Elijah (Daniel Gillies) was eavesdropping outside the cyber cafe. He gathered a handful of coins and flung them at the cafe's windows, shattering all the glass. As all the vampires inside withered in pain under the sun, I couldn't help thinking that this felt like the vampire version of a terrorist attack. And between this and the powerful beheading by swatting last week, I'm starting to think Elijah is Klaus. Elijah compelled Slater to tell Rose they needed the moonstone to destroy the curse and that a witch would know what to do with it. Then he made Slater stab himself. Bummer. I really liked the guy and his oddly nerdy thirst for knowledge and “what is the point of being a vampire?” attitude. He also looked like he could have been Misha Collins' (“Supernatural”) younger brother.

7. Katherine doesn't want out of the tomb. Even though she's got the moonstone, she's not planning to exchange it for her freedom. When Klaus comes to town to kill them all, “I'll be the safest psychotic bitch in town,” she told Stefan (Paul Wesley).

8. Bonnie's got two suitors and one of them may be up to no good. After quite a dry spell –- no pun intended –- Bonnie's now caught the eye of Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and new guy Luka (Bryton James), whose dad asked Bonnie if she's related to any Bennetts in Salem. It seemed like Bonnie felt something less than great when she touched Luka's shoulder. Then Luka won Bonnie over by revealing that he's a warlock. But Bonnie may not want to trust him because Luka's dad and Elijah are working together. Looks like Bonnie's being set up to get caught up in the middle of all this spell breaking messiness.

Oh, yes, and Damon had sex with Rose. It was too short to really make an impression, although I do think the characters play off each other well. When Rose told Damon, “You can trust me,” I scoffed. The boy has some pretty big trust issues thanks to a certain dark-haired vampire. I scoffed even more so when Rose told him he needs to turn off his emotions to stay safe and then jumped him. Desire and lust are some of the most powerful emotions.

I actually loved the sweet little exchanges between Stefan and Caroline more. Their blossoming friendship has been a highlight this season. When Stefan told her she reminded him of his best friend Lexi –- RIP –- I smiled. Here's hoping Caroline's fate is not the same as Lexi's.

Readers, what did you think of Katherine's backstory? Was she selfish or smart? Or is it just sad? Do you think Luka is bad news? Did Rose manage to get your mind off Damon and Elena? And what do you think of my "Elijah is Klaus" theory?

-- Vlada Gelman (follow my TV musings on Twitter at @stayingin)

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Photo: Damon (Ian Somerhalder) goes to a vampire cyber cafe. Credit: Quantrell D. Colbert / The CW.
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Katherine is, in this order, sad, smart, and selfish.

Don't like Luka. Kind of wondering why all of the witches and warlocks are African American.

Nothing will get my mind of Damon and Elena.

Elijah isn't Klaus. When searching for Katerina in 1492 he yells out that Klaus will find her. He's also dressed like a minion not a nobleman.

first things first!
Katherine Backstory: she IS indeed a crazy biotch but she does have her reasons, and i believe that she acted in a very smart way, i am pretty sure being in her spot i would have done the same and i don't know why Elena wouldn't bcus at the end everyone she loves is going to end up dead anyways.. and just like Katherina says "better you die than I" ... i almost cried when her baby was taken away from her, i understand this was over 500 yrs ago but that was soo wrong :(

Luka and his dad:
from the moment i saw luka on the preview last week i knew he wasnt good news, i dont know, but the fact that bonnie couldnt speak when she saw him that gave me the chills and i just ehhh idk i didnt trust him from that second, and whoa what a koin-kidink that he goes straight up to her when he first gets to school... nahh i ddn't like that ... then his dad comes up in that scence at the grill like seriously? wats up with the 10,000 family questions, im sorry but i found that kinda creepy, although for like a milisecond i kinda felt like he WAS up to SOME good, but then that went away right after, when bonnie touched luka...... as to Jones (luka's dad) up with Elijah at the end? whats up with that? that made me wonder sooo much, i still cant put my finger on it, but i think that either Elijah OR Jonas is really Klaus .. at first i thought hmm maybe Elijah IS Klaus, but then iono i cant really put my finger on it but i am having some questions about Jonas too...

third of all!
Damon & Rose:
it was more than obvious that it was going to come sooner or later, i mean its DAMON Salvatore for god's sake, you know it doesnt matter who he is "in love" with, if a pretty girl comes along, he WILL sleep with her, specially if she is so easy like ms Rose is .. shoot!! ... as to the Delena issue? i USED to like them together BEFORE he fell in love with her, now that Elena knows that Damon loves her, she hurts him too much AND she does it on purpose which is soo not cool, ergo i don't like Elena anymore and i am quite happy that my baby Damon has finally slept with another chick, even if is a lil vamp whore ;) ... oh btw i like Rose don't give me wrong

Team Damon 173%

P.S the Lexi reference that Stefan made today? :) soo cute!

i never really thought ahead to the point where i would think elijah is klaus. But possibly, if he isn't...what is he? I love vampire diaries, a very very well thought out and written plot. I actually really appreciate nina dobrev's acting. Luka is definitely bad news. Or possibly his dad was compelled? But why would they suddenly appear at mystic falls. To finish off Katherine's start for klaus? They probably are "running" from klaus as well. That Rose and Damon thing though, is one part where it sort of bugs me. It's just sort of a "wtf" kinda thing. I am itching to watch the next episode!

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Good recap but I disagree on exactly one point: I doubt Elijah is Klaus. He is certainly strong but from what I see, Rose & Trevor have seen him and know him. I think, like Katherine, Klaus will be revealed in the season finale

I'm not sure I'm liking this new storyline. It's too plot-driven and takes away from the characters. R0se + Damon = fail. yes there's some spark, but compared to Damon's chemistry with Elena/Katherine, Pearl, Stefan, and Alaric, this relationship got way too much screen time. And you forgot to mention the moonstone. I think Damon was smart, just render it useless and we don't have to worry about killing everyone. Like I said before, not a great storyline.

Great review of the episode! I too was swept away with the breadth of Nina Dobrev's acting in the episode. Especially in the scenes between Elena and Kathrine - you absolutely forget that it's the same actress playing both of them. I'm not sure how I feel about the Damon/Rose hookup, but I'm not totally hating it. I mean, they're vampires - in their nature they run a little, er, hotter than non-supernatural folk, haha. Poor Damon needs a little love, after all. He's nursing that broken, um, thing where his heart used to be.

I definitely don't think there is any basis to for thinking Elijah and Klaus are one and the same, for many of the reasons that other commenters have already said - I recall that in the flashback Elijah is the one on the hunt for Katerina but references "he will find you" or something like that. Though it definitely makes you wonder - if Elijah is so crazy powerful that he can't even be staked and can compel other vamps, wtf is Klaus going to be like? I've read the books, so I wonder how closely they'll draw elements from it for Klaus' character (seeing as how they've basically all but discarded the book's storylines.)

I disagree with Mabel's comment that Elena is purposefully hurting Damon by him being in love with her. He compelled her to forget that he told her he loved her, remember? So while she may still have an inclination (and everyone and their mom seems to love to bring up this fact TO Damon) she can't really be faulted for being the vampire-magnet (in more than one way, evidently) that she is.

Goodness gracious, how I love this show. How am I supposed to wait until December 2nd for a new episode?!

Okay I pretty much understand most of the episode
but I have a few questions..
1) Katherine had a baby out of wedlock and she was banished
but who was the father of that baby ? Trevor ? becasue he did say he was in love with her
2) How did she know Trevor ?
3)Did her baby just get thrown to a random family?
4)And why are the vampires so obessed with breaking this curse before the werewolves I mean there is only like one werewolf left (Tyler)and he is definatly not gonna do anything
5)And if the scarifice breaks the curse of the sun and the moon so that the vampires can walk in the sun ,why not get witches or warlocks to create those rings that Damon and Stefan wear? Plus if Elija doesnt need one why would Klaus need one considering he is the oldest vampire? So why break the curse in the first place ?
Sorry if this is too many questions but i really need answers cuz im confused
Thanks and goodluck :)

Can someone please explain to me how the Petrov bloodline is involved in the curse? The AZTEC curse, which was presumably cast in the Americas, at a time predating the discovery of the New World?

If Katherine (Katerina Petrova) was a doppleganger, then an earlier Petrov was used to make the curse. By the Aztecs. In the Americas/Mexico. How was a Bulgarian woman involved with an Aztec shaman?

Writer's lack-of-foresight, or does the show just have its own version of world history that I'm missing?

Other than that, I thought this was a great episode on a fantastic show that just keeps getting better and better!

@Naima: Not sure if it's enchanted or not, but Elijah definitely is wearing a rather large, tacky gold ring on his left ring finger.

Dobrev's acting moved me in this episode. She's beautiful and has acting chops.

One question I had was why, if Klaus needed a Petrova doppelganger to break the curse, did he have her entire family killed? Wouldn't he want and need another Petrova doppelganger to appear at some point in history? And it's not as though Klaus knew of Katherine's baby--it seems none of the Originals knew about the existence of a baby out of wedlock since Elijah said in the last episode it was impossible for another doppelganger to exist. Unless Katherine had no other siblings/relatives capable of producing children left?

Everything about vampire diaries is GREAT!!! I can't help but continue loving the show... For my own opinion, it is the best vampire show in the whole universe! I tell you! It really is!! Hehehehe. Mabuhay!!

Whaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I wanna meet them in person. I need to see all my idols! Elena, you are the best! Once in a bluemoon actress! So stunning! Damon, I love your eyes so so so much!! Hahahaha! Stefan, I can feel you when you start acting! You get emotions. Hehehe. Jeremy, tyler, whaaaaaaaahhh!! You guys are so hot! hehehehe

OK, this backstory is confusing.

1) Is the curse of New World or Old World origin? Granted, vampires can roam far and wide but how did this situation occur?
2) If Katherine is the first doppleganger then who is the original Petrova whose blood bound the curse?
3) What happened to Katherine's baby? It makes more sense that a direct descendent would look much like her than a distant one...500 years have passed before Elena's birth, right?
4) If the curse really is of New World origin, why are the Originals a bunch white folks? Or at least why are Elijah and Klaus white guys?

Why do you all think that Elijah is Clause? Dontcha ya guys get it? Or ya'll dont understand what Rose said. Rose said that Elijah is like an Easter bunny compare to Clause. He is just a soldier of Clause's.

First things first, Elijah is the fourth Jonas brother im sure its written in a witch book somewhere no hes not Klaus or Santa
Second Helena is indeed hot, and soon about to turn to a vamp

third i rather castrate my self and pour vinegar to the wound than to watch Justin biebers life movie

Fourth according to TMZ, Gerard Way aka Chemical Romance dude is having a part in Vamp Diaries as one of the "Originals"

And i think the show is getting boring, mimicking twilight etc.. I want the END!


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