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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: An alternate use for a toolkit

November 10, 2010 |  6:53 am

SOAepisode10season3It's got to be difficult to have such a hot half-sib, especially if you don't know you were spawned from the same sperm donor. Poor Jax and Trini. From the moment they met, Jax was doomed to be caught with his pants pulled down even lower than he normally wears them, and with Trini allowing access to her cleavage.

"I almost shagged my brother," Trini weeps to her drunken mother in a moment worthy of a telenovela. It's a wonder her ma, Maureen, could even see straight after her whiskey binge to break up the tryst, but she, along with Gemma, showed that moms know best. Better to break up things in the heat of the moment than to greet a three-headed grandchild nine months later.

The last thing Jax needs is to bring yet another baby into the world, when the one he's got is still kidnapped and the one on the way might be aborted or otherwise killed.

Baby Abel is the whole reason Jax and SAMCRO are even in the mossy bog of Belfast, which gets bloodier by the hour. SAMBEL VP O'Neal is outed as the rat who's been working with Jimmy. Strung up like a rack of lamb and sliced and diced with garage tools, he points the finger at co-rat Prez McGee -- a confession that's rewarded with two bullets in the chest and a pushed-from-the-roof sendoff for his superior.

Jimmy continues to prove he's one slippery dude. How he managed to escape Jax's fist and speed away in his Land Rover can only be known by the screenwriter, who must be saving his death for the season's closer -- unlucky episode 13.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: A scene from "Sons of Anarchy." Credit: FX