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Sean Duffy: from 'Real World' to Congress

Sean_16_8-2010_small One “Real World” alum is about to live in a house with 434 strangers. Kind of.

Sean Duffy ( if you can remember back to 1997, he appeared on “Real World: Boston”) has been elected to Congress by residents in Wisconsin’s 7th District. That’s right. Our favorite dude in plaid is a congressman.  Oh, what would Kameelah have to say?

With 52% of the vote, Duffy, the Republican district attorney of Ashland County, becomes part of the new Republican majority in the House of Represenatives.  We’re sure the tough challenges he faced on “Road Rules: All Stars” — where he met his wife, fellow “Real Worlder” Rachel -- has provided ample experience in making tough decisions.

Real Worlders of the past, present and future: let this serve as a reminder that your life can extend beyond appearing on endless incarnations of the “Real World/Road Rules Challenges.”

But this isn’t too surprising. When Duffy was a cast member, he was an aspiring lawyer and spent most of the season at odds with his liberal roommates. (Who can forget his lesson on race relations from Cyrus and Kameelah?) And after becoming district attorney, he had played with the idea of running for Congress but decided against it in 2003.

And he’s not the only “Real World” alum with political aspirations. Kevin Powell, a cast member of the original season,  also ran for Congress this year, but was ultimately defeated in the primaries — this after two previous failed attempts. Hmmm. Maybe those "RW/RR Challenges" are necessary.

Here's a look at a Duffy campaign ad -- always the lumberjack.'


And just because ... a look back at Montana.

What do you think of Sean’s new position? Any other "Real World" alums you'd like to see in Congress? Trishelle, we're looking at you. You too, Coral.

--Yvonne Villarreal



Reality TV loves Republicans -- and the feeling is mutual

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"Trishelle, we're looking at you."

Please, no.

what is he running for? Brawny guy on those commercials?

I did not vote for him.


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