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'Sarah Palin's Alaska' breaks TLC record with 5 million viewers for premiere


Sarah Palin has once again refudiated her detractors. The critics may not have loved her new TLC reality show, but the former Alaska governor proved she is ratings gold.

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" was the most-watched series launch in TLC history, with an average of 5 million total viewers tuning in to Sunday's premiere, according to early data from the Nielsen Co. That's not that far away from the 5.2 million viewers for the Season 2 premiere of MTV's hit "Jersey Shore" earlier this year.

True, the Palin audience did seem to skew a bit on the old side. Only 1.6 million viewers -- less than one-third of the total -- were in the advertiser-friendly demographic of adults age 18 to 49. That suggests that Palin may still have some work to do in connecting with younger voters -- er, viewers.

But Palin's show - which featured the former governor and her family engaged in such outdoorsy pursuits as salmon fishing and rock climbing -- reached a fairly wide audience despite some harsh reviews, many of which suggested that the TLC show was merely a campaign ad in advance of Palin's presumed 2012 presidential bid. The Times' Mary McNamara wrote that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" "sets a new standard for political ads."

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Sarah Palin addressing a rally in September. Credit: Ed Reinke / Associated Press



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To the haters of Sarah Palin, what did she do wrong to boil your blood? Nothing, except that she's patriotic, honest, sincere, and love of her country. I enjoyed watching the first episode and it was as interesting as it was when somebody is narrating the show just like any documentary. Why people dislike her? That is because she's beautiful, bold, and has a great potential. Smart people dislike smart people, because it is a man's nature to be competitive and be the first of the best of the best. I like her because she's a real person, reflects me, as an ordinary people that has an opinion with her beloved country. Who else will represent ordinary people, except her. Thank you Sarah for speaking up for us. (ordinary people)

It's pure jealousy for you Palin haters. I liked the show, and the Palins! Sarah is bright, beautiful, strong and highly successful. She's got guts and tells it like it is. Sarah seems to always have a great attitude and a smile on her face regardless how much liberal crap is thrown her way. Keep smiling Sarah! I hope she runs in 2012, I would certainly vote for her. By the way... Congrats Bristol on making it to the finals!! I'm looking forward to watching both shows next week featuring the Palins!


I really enjoyed Sarah Palin's Alaska. My husband and I took a cruise to Alaska last spring and enjoyed the majestic beauty it has to offer. This show also brought that into our homes.

I have been following Palin and read Going Rogue and have a copy of America By Heart on reserve. If the American public would take some time to read these books, they would find out what a true patriot she is and how strong her potential leadership could be.

D. Bramer

All of Sarah Palin's critics would not be caught dead gutting halibut, cutting down trees, or spending most of their time outside in the cold. Shes a NORMAL person who works hard and wants to share that with the world.... all you lazy people who have nothing better to do than run your mouths should take a lesson from Ms. Palin. Its families like hers that actually make this world function! If people worked a little harder instead of just expecting someone else to take care of them we might be in a better position! Not everyone is going to have the same opinions or views politically... but the Palin family works hard and they contribute to the world. People should atleast be smart enough to have respect for that.

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