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'Sarah Palin's Alaska' breaks TLC record with 5 million viewers for premiere


Sarah Palin has once again refudiated her detractors. The critics may not have loved her new TLC reality show, but the former Alaska governor proved she is ratings gold.

"Sarah Palin's Alaska" was the most-watched series launch in TLC history, with an average of 5 million total viewers tuning in to Sunday's premiere, according to early data from the Nielsen Co. That's not that far away from the 5.2 million viewers for the Season 2 premiere of MTV's hit "Jersey Shore" earlier this year.

True, the Palin audience did seem to skew a bit on the old side. Only 1.6 million viewers -- less than one-third of the total -- were in the advertiser-friendly demographic of adults age 18 to 49. That suggests that Palin may still have some work to do in connecting with younger voters -- er, viewers.

But Palin's show - which featured the former governor and her family engaged in such outdoorsy pursuits as salmon fishing and rock climbing -- reached a fairly wide audience despite some harsh reviews, many of which suggested that the TLC show was merely a campaign ad in advance of Palin's presumed 2012 presidential bid. The Times' Mary McNamara wrote that "Sarah Palin's Alaska" "sets a new standard for political ads."

-- Scott Collins

Photo: Sarah Palin addressing a rally in September. Credit: Ed Reinke / Associated Press



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I'm a 19 year old in college and my roommates and I watched it last night. I'm not a fan of sarah palin, and it was a little boring, but alaska is AMAZING.I wish other people who have similar views like myself would just suck it up and open their mind a little bit and watch the show! Alaska is SUCH an awesome state, I used to live there and its sad that people can't get over their politics and enjoy what an awesome place has to offer. some people are such babies.

The show sucked----Sure a lot of people viewed it just for being curious---but to listen for one hr to that shrill and screeing voice is just to much---All scribed and so poorly done---I'm just not into a show case for this bimbo. Very tastless and childish of her comments about the neighbor and peeping through hole ---now if people get off on that tells me a whole lot about the viewer!!!! It was very contrite her showing of being just like me. Her deal with Willow--poorly scribed. Boring Boring

Olivia- I'd rather watch a documentary on Alaska than have the village idiot SP and her brood cluttering up the scenery. Yes AK is an amazing place. Too bad SP would rather destroy it for profit.

Oh my gravy, last night's show was great!TLC, thank you very much for airing Sara Palin and her family's reality show, including a tour of Alaska. I can't wait til next Sunday, it AMAZING to me.

What's that expression she used......Oh yeah, it had something to do with lipstick on a pig!!

I watched Sarah Palins' "Alaska". Found it to be interesting, educational and refreshing. Also her family is not afraid to be an open book. It may or not be that the show is a prelude to her seeking candidacy in 2012. Whatever her political ambitions, make no mistake...this woman is smarter than people give her credit.Maybe she doesn't speak with the expertise of a cultivated essayist, but she knows much of what she is talking about.More important she is sincere and has a love of not just Alaska but of the United States. She's someone I admire and will watch with interest as she pursues her different goals. And if she runs in 2012 I would vote for her.

You Guys are all just Jealous that SP came out with a BRILLIANT marketing tool for 2012. The donkeys just aren't quite smart enough to handle the brilliance of this 8 week program. I have been to Alaska many times and it is beautiful. Once the show started I tell you that I had to go get my XD-40 and disassemble it and clean it on the coffee table while I watched the show, as I am sure hundreds of thousands of second amendment supporting republicans did the same thing while we enjoyed the incredible outdoors of this wonderful state and politician.

Eat your hearts out.

The 5 million idiots that watched that show should be kicked in the A$$!

Clearly, the dumbing-down of America is now complete.

How fitting that it rates up there with 'Jersey Shore'.

Palin is sort of a middle-aged snooky, isnt she?

I agree with the comments made by one writer that why spoil the beautiful scenery of Alaska with a babbling idiot.
This egotistical liar being paid by dumber than dumber is the epitome of idiocy.
President Obama would shred Sarah Palin in a debate like a head of lettuce.
Anyone thinking this woman could handle the job of being President of the United States of America is dumber than dirt.

The TLC show reminded me of "Ma and Pa Kettle visiting Alaska." A modern day dysfunctional family who will do anything for a dollar.

What the Hell? So Sarah had 5 million viewers, and 300 million that didn't watch her. She said that someone was stalking her and had a court order out for that. Maybe that person was a distant relative of Geronimo, and thought she smelled like a caribou! whiteagle38

The only way President Obama will win a second term is if the GOP is idiotic enough select Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate. Palin in 2012?! Is anyone really serious about this?! She didn't even finish out her term as governor - of a state that has a population less than that of the San Fernando Valley.

If Palin was a serious candidate, she would run for the Senate, get some real life experience in Washington, complete a full term (imagine that) and then consider running in 2020. And then she'd still only be 54.

Oh, and the show - I'm sure it was great. We don't have a TV.

Let me remind you 5 million viewers does not an election make. Seeing that the average to win a Presidential bid is 50 million plus, Sarah has a long way to go to collect her votes. Maybe they will come through her new series. I like her and Todd and wish more people had the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors as they. Happy Holidays everyone.

OK, let's face it, President Obama won two years ago on charisma and promises, none of which seem to be coming through right now! He had everything in his corner for the last two years and charisma went dry along with the promises. Maybe politics should be more like a reality TV show, at least we would have some idea of who we are electing! Get over it Democrats and get ready for 2012!!

Sarah Palin's Alaska or Obama's America - you decide.

Personally I think Palin's series shows a different side of her. The more I watch and listen to Palin, the more I am impressed. Part anti-establishment, part Libertarian, part Conservative and part just everyday American.

Of all the candidates talked about for 2012, at this time Palin is the only one I would vote for.

Anything for a buck....sad, trailer raised sow

Ok Palin haters, Are you interested to watch Obama Africa? Oh wait that's Racist

I'd rather see her in a Playboy centerfold....think she'd be more at home.

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