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'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap: Terrifying journey into the mind of Camille Grammer

Camille.grammer I thought she was self-aggrandizing. I thought she was a bit of a snob. I thought she wore the baggage of being married to Kelsey Grammer on her sleeve.

Before the show last night, though, I had an inkling that maybe I was being too rough on poor Camille Grammer. Her marriage was imploding, after all. 

I was wrong. My mouth hung open like a trout's as the credits rolled, jarred by how dreadful of a woman she seemed to be last night. 

Other things happened on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" this week. The ladies shopped. Adrienne Maloof's uncle died. Lisa Vanderpump and permanent houseguest Cedric made floral arrangements for one of her restaurants. Yet the whole thing was a blur — all that I can remember is Camille. Narcissistic, manipulative, wealth-flashing Camille.  

Let's recount: 

— Adrienne calls to say she can't come because of her uncle's passing. The first thing Camille does once she's off the phone — after, of course, beckoning for Nicole, the house manager, to come take the phone so she doesn't have to hold it — is express astrological concerns that this could mean something bad for her.

—She goes to see soon-to-be ex-husband Kelsey Grammer — my, Frasier sure is looking old! — and has invited all the wives out there with her. She visits the apartment that she "designed" in an earlier episode. But she laments how small it is. It's "confining," she says, and she's used to more "substantial" estates. She doesn't know if she can manage to live in a home that's a mere 3,000 square feet — which, according to what little knowledge I have of New York City real estate, is a Taj Mahal of an estate in the Big Apple.

—Her mother — who has cancer — lives in New Jersey, but Camille's so busy that she arranges to visit her mother while she gets her nails done. Camille complains to her cancer-stricken mother going through chemotherapy about the exhausting "battery of tests" she had to go through to see if she might have the same disease. She whines of how tired she is, and how difficult her life is — again, to a cancer patient, as she gets her nails done. (Her mother, it appears, didn't get her nails done.)

—Now, the even juicier stuff: We've talked in past weeks about Camille claiming that Kyle told her that no one would be interested in her without Kelsey there. Snippy thing to say, and I stick to what I said before: I don't think Kyle actually said it, but I believe Camille truly believes she did. Even if she did, I don't think it would be without merit. To paraphrase a line Joe Biden once used, a sentence for Camille is a noun, a verb and Kelsey Grammer. 

The whole scuffle hung over the New York trip like the ghost of Jill Zarin. ("Get a hobby," anyone?) Kyle preemptively took Camille aside and apologized, calling it a miscommunication. She claimed she would never say something like that. Camille insisted she would, and did, with her eyes strangely bulging from their (cough, cough, surgically tightened) sockets. 

But the two ended making up, and hugged. It's all good now, right?

No, no. 

At dinner 20 minutes later, according to Lisa Vanderpump's count, suddenly the wounds weren't healed for wounded Camille. It erupted between the two of them in an awkward and totally not-classy dispute that can basically be boiled down to this: 

CAMILLE: How dare you call me insecure.

KYLE: You are, you're crazy!

CAMILLE: Why must you keep throwing all these jabs at me?

KYLE: That's B.S., Camille.

And it seems they basically recycled some variant of those lines over and over again. It concluded with Camille saying she hadn't made it up. "I swear on my mother," she said, "who has cancer." (Classy.)

Kyle retorted that she needs psychological help. Immediately. 

The screen cut away to an interview with Camille, talking about how she had the upperhand by keeping her cool. "Sorry, Kyle, you lose," she said, with a nefarious cackle.

I was dumbfounded by the spectacle. The show was coming to a close, and I just stared at the screen with the discombobulated gaze of Kim Richards.


O.K., fellow Show Trackers: I need to hear from you on this. Where do you stand on this? We don't have the good fortune of actually seeing the conversation at the center of this squabble. Do you agree with me, and think that Camille manufactured this? Or is Kyle really the one at fault? 

-- Rick Rojas

Photo: Camille Grammer. Credit: Adam Olszewski / Bravo

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Spot on analysis.

The part that bothered me the most (besides everything covered in the article) was the way Camille shoehorned her way into the reunion of her children and her husband. Kelsey walks in the door and the two little kids run to hug him and he gives them less than 30 seconds of attention before Camille demands that he turns his focus to her. Watching Kelsey hanging with the children on the couch, and Camille's inability to connect with that little family scene made me feel so sad for those kids. If Camille is having any genuine affectionate moments with those kids, they aren't be filmed. The two minutes with Kelsey was the most parental affection/attention those kids have received on camera.

Camille is vile.

i like camille. i actually think whoever kyle is a much, much bigger bitch. my mom had breast cancer and i had the genetic testing and we talked about it-i didn't think she was gloating or agonizing over it or trying to steal attention away from her mom-it was a very matter of fact convo. she has similar speech patterns to her mother so i'm sure the talk a lot and were or are still close and there was genuine warmth there coming from both of them.

kyle is an abusive, demanding , and needy personality. she is absolutely ruthless to her sister and delights in humiliating her and embarrassing her whenever she can. her "apology" to camillie was hardly that and was backhanded and self serving. and yes i do think she hit a raw nerve and that is why kyle freaked out so much-people get the most defensive when they know they are wrong.

camille used to be model and a dancer-yes they tend to be narcissistic like everyone else who enters the performing arts or goes on a tv show.

maybe the apartment wasn't small for new york city but it was small in general when you are used to living in a house with small children and pets and maids, she just keeps it real and says what she means. i respect her for that.

cut the woman some slack. she isn't that bad. she certainly isn't as bad as "st. kyle" the sister -destroying harpy with the bad wardrobe and flashy car who spent over grand on a birthday party for an eight year old who i don't see with her kids any more than i see the others with theirs.

if camille is so awful tell me, who's got the kids now and who's with the mistress living it up in the big apple?

get over it.

Everything horrid Camille did in relationship to Kyle is NOTHING when compared to the deplorable way she treated her mother. I mean, her mother has cancer, but she made her travel all the way into the city, didn't even pay to have her mother's nails done, dismissed her mother's cancer treatment to whine about how tired she was from vacationing in Hawaii, and then seemed to blame her mother for having cancer and passing the ugly cancer gene onto her. I was so horrified by that scene that I could barely even focus on the rest of the show. That was just stunningly awful.

I do think it is important to note that Camille resurrected the in the restaurant because she wanted an audience, which she didn't have before.

This is one of those cases in which you are glad the nannies are raising the children because it keeps the narcissistic mother away and is their best chance at having a normal loving childhood.

this show makes me feel so much better about my life ! Camille you need help.

The woman Kelsey is with was never a mistress & Camille is no more a victim of cheating than she is a victim of that utterly ludicrous lie she made up from Kyle. She is a pathological liar who seems to take pleasure in portraying herself as a victim. Especially when trying to get a huge settlement. Kelsey left her when he moved to NYC- they just didn't announce it to the public at that point. Now that she got him to keep quiet about it, she's trying to use that as evidence to support her 'blindside' lie. This woman is very cunning and catty, as evidenced over & over again on the show, she's just wearing clueless stupidity as a disguise & it's not working very well.
I think she's targeting Kyle because Kyle just says whatever she thinks & it's sometimes very abrasive, but she seems more real & not afraid to say what's on her mind. And Kyle's husband acts like he really loves her, which is also probably driving Camille nuts because she knows her own husband can't get away from her fast enough. When she was dancing in Vegas she kept making these (pathetic attempts to be) seductive faces @ mauricio & he wasn't having any of it. This all probably makes Camille seethe with jealousy.

Camille clearly is a mess however, Kyle needs to work on VALIDATING what others say to her without interrupting. While I am completely amazed at how self centered and female phobic Camille is, I have to say Klye made it worse by saying too much and throwing jabs.

I doubt that Kyle said this-I do believe Camille believes she did say it. Kyle lost her cool however and should have just remained calm...I think she is a bit "worried" about the impact on her husbands business not about Camille and having them not be friends.

I was wrong - I went back and did not find the misconstrued Camille/Kyle convo. My bad! But as Lisa said, even if Kyle DID say that - it's really not that bad a thing to say - prior to this series, Camille was not a celebrity, except in her own mind perhaps. But she IS hypersensitive to being in Kelsey's shadow - she talks about it constantly - so it's not surprising that she'd take particular offense to anything said that remotely seemed to relate to Kelsey and his celebrity as compared to hers.

That being said, I still think Camille's a complete crazy-making narcissistic/golddigging/"jesus-complex-having" (her words!)/ spoiled rich girl /plastic surgery victim beotch! You can see her spinning her drama as she converts Kyle's apology (20 minutes later) into "She verbally attacked me!" because Kyle had said "don't be insecure, don't be shy" (or as Camille spinned +20min: "Why are you SO insecure?") And she enjoys the chaos she spins because it keeps her in the center of the drama as a victim (jesus complex indeed!) while it sends Kyle off with her head in a spin not understanding what just happened.

That's what narcissists do! They're crazy-makers!

You nailed it! Camille's behavior on last night's episode DANG! REALLY? Camille shy? A shy woman doesn't talk about her boobs to her so called friends husband's like Camille did in last weeks episode... TEAM KYLE ALL THE WAY!!

I completely agree with you. I was appalled at how she dismissed her mother 's cancer to whine about how she was soooooo tired!!! Supportive loving daughter???? I think not. Her poor Mom's face said it all

Camille totally manufactured the argument with Kyle. Camille is a reprehensible slutbag who represents everything negative about fame. Whether or not she has talent, she's famous for nothing other than riding on the coattails of Kelsey Grammer. If I were her mom, I'd disown that girl, then I'd write a book about Camille's awkward teen years and the snide turd she turned into when she became Mrs. Grammer.

I'm glad to see so many perceptive people seeing through Camille's crazed attempt to invalidate Kyle by that scene in the restaurant! Camille is not only a narcissist, she is very jealous of Kyle and instinctively picked her out as the whipping post since she can't take it out on Kelsey! She knew when he left for NYC that the air had gone out of the tires on that sad little tragedy she called a marriage! Between her "Jesus complex", and her passive/aggressive little comment on air to Kyle, "Kyle, you lose!" and that little snicker! Jeez Louise! I'm not a fan of Kelsey's antics regarding women, but in this case I'm thinking it's justified! 13 years with this little self=centered, self-entitled spoiled bitch....I'm surprised he lasted this long. And don't forget, he's willing to part with approx. $71. million to get rid of her and that says it all people!!!

Okay, I'm a little behind the curve because I TiVo'd the episode but my reaction is the same as everyone else. I was literally dumbfounded by Camille's behaviour. All evidence points to NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder in my humble non-professional opinion. I started off sympathizing with Camille for Kelsey's unfaithful behavior but after seeing the way Camille treated Kyle, I am thoroughly convinced that she is a Narcissist. I'm surprised Kelsey lasted as long as he did. The other side of the country is not far away enough to run from this woman. LOL

Like you, I've been going along thinking most of the housewives probably had more substance than was immediately evident. I also wanted to give Camille a break. But this episode showed me how incredibly charitable I'd been.

Camille is obviously nothing more than a deranged, ignorant person. It seemed to me the entire point was whether her self-esteem was in fact low (and it's lower than a snake's belly), not whether anyone said it was low. And kudos to whoever actually did ask who would want to be around Camille if Kelsey weren't there, because from their lips to God's ears.

Camille is a piece of arm candy Kelsey picked up one day and didn't bother to put down again for a decade or so. He's a very busy and self-absorbed man, and he's also very talented - in short, he has a life. I can see him suddenly waking up, the way men do, having a look around and saying "uh-uh, I'm out of here."

Camille is a fame whore. That being said, so many of these women are nothing more than constipated anorexic surgery junkies with no brains. Kyle manages to seem moderately well-balanced only in comparison to her obviously insane sister. Taylor is nothing more than an inflatable sex toy with a pulse.

This last episode was utterly cringeworthy. I have no idea how people who are so clueless about what is going on inside themselves and who are unable to resolve the slightest conflict, have been able to live this long in our complex world.

@ Phyllis In Brentwood. We had to watch your (not one) two murders by accused John Blake and OJ Simpson for months on end. Sit back, "crying from the bleachers" and let us enjoy the real Beverly Hills. Oh yeah, Neiman Marcus ... come on this Rodeo Drive!

Kim, scratch a little harder and find those veins that make you boil instead of that "woe is me" FACE!

Kyle, I love your family and the husband is too too luscious. However sweetheart you do not look good on TV in white and silver. Let's bring out vivascious color please.

Camille is just NUTS! and she does not make it nice to watch the show. she needs to GO!!!

Reading these comments it just clicked for me
Camille is hi-jacking the original script and turning it into her own "this is how I make the pig (Kelsey) squeal." They each have their next victims already lined up, a former flight attendant and a tennis coach. The $$$ are already divided up - everyone made out very well.

As another commenter said - they were already separating and she knew it. Kelsey almost broke out into a trot when he was leaving her in Calif. It was all planned by the two as publicity for his Broadway show. Note she said after he is in the cab "I love you". He couldn't have heard that...in Hollywoodland there is no such thing as BAD publicity - well except for those unfortunate police mug shots of some caught w/o their make-up.

She is playing it all out on RHOBH. she said Kelsey encouraged her to do it. That's why she is making up stuff - it's in HER script.

We are watching a reality show within a reality show within a reality show...

I believe she made it all up! She needs to be mentally evaluated. She must be looking for sympathy. Like that news anchor who faked being raped to gain sympathy from an x lover. She's got something going on!

I can't believe after Taylor's speech about abused women , that she would then be crying and say "I want everyone to believe that they can live in Beverly Hills, no matter where they have come from. Just like that is some pinnacle to reach!

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