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MSNBC will bring Keith Olbermann back from suspension on Tuesday

MSNBC has decided to return "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann to work on Tuesday, meaning that his much-discussed suspension for making unauthorized political donations will have lasted all of two work days.

In a statement released late Sunday, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said: "After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night."

Since Olbermann's indefinite suspension was announced Friday, many critics have questioned the decision, including Rachel Maddow, Olbermann's colleague on the prime-time lineup.

-Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Keith Olbermann; Credit: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press


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In viewing several of the posts on here by those that obviously dislike Olbermann, I must say I am delighted. The more you folks post your disgust with Olbermann and the other evening talent at MSNBC, the happier I am. To think that somebody bothers you this much is wonderful. It is a shame that you have to use name-calling and hateful comments, but it does not surprise me in the least.

Keep it up...the more complaints the better!

It doesn't surprise me that the trolls are out in force over this one. If they can discredit Keith Olbermann, it's another small step toward making their fantasy Right-Wing Utopia a reality. Unfortunately, the campaign hasn't reached a point yet where they can just make up stuff and get away with it. For example, someone who had the gall to use the word "truth" in their username states that Olbermann's latest book is 1800th on Amazon. Sorry, Charlie. It's 311th. That's not bad for a book that's been out about a week, without the benefit of Right-Wing book club to buy up most of the copies (to fool people into thinking it's an immediate best-seller).

The only reason Olbermann was suspended (for the same thing Pat Buchanan did, but was not suspended for) is that the mainstream media has allowed itself to be intimidated by a bunch of Right-Wing thugs and trolls, and is frightened by the prospect of being tarred and feathered as having a "liberal bias". Just keep in mind, kids. Just because some people in this country want to strap on their jackboots and high-step it to Far Right-Wing propaganda, that doesn't make the rest of us in the middle a pack of tree-hugging Liberals. MSNBC would do well to learn that lesson.

Keith Olbermann made a few unauthorized personal political contributions; amongst many others, the parent company, General Electric, used tax loopholes to pay zero corporate taxes last year. Which is the greater offense to the American people?

MSNBC seriously overreacted to Keith Olbermann's failure to secure prior approval for his donations, and they should have realized that from the start. I suspect they were more concerned about their pending merger and potential right wing opposition to it than about treating KO the same as others in their employ who have committed the same infraction. But their reinstatement of Mr. Olbermann has nothing to do with belated moderation or fairness, and everything to do with backlash and the bottom line.

Countdown fans were so outraged by his indefinite suspension that an instant netroots protest erupted. Keith Olbermann was the most searched phrase on Google on Friday. Websites popped up. Facebook and Twitter groups started. People posted, tweeted, and re-tweeted MSNBC phone numbers to the extent that those numbers had to be closed down because of the volume of calls. Hundreds of thousands signed an emergency petition. Many publicly vowed to boycott the network. And in their apparent desire to quell right wing opposition to their upcoming merger, it apparently never occurred to MSNBC that Democrats and Liberals might boycott their shows, or oppose that same merger.

This is a triumph for the liberal netroots opposing a misguided corporate decision.

Twas all a PR stunt ... they had me worried we wouldn't have a daily dose of smarmy . What a respectable high value network ...

So Rachel "Mad Cow" Maddow goes on a rant condemning FOXNEWS for not prohibiting campaign donations like MSNBC...assuming (one would guess) the policy insures journalistic objectivity. What a joke! MSNBC's objectivity was corrupted a long time ago and Maddow knows it! So what is the penality for this major lapse in journalistic ethics for Olbermann...a long weekend. Way to go MSNBC...that will teach him.

Noboby watches Keith or MSNBC. Who cares? He is only on for entertainment. No objectivity. The other stations put people on with other political views,and have some great debates. MSNBC has its own agenda. Too bad.

If you want to keep something secret, either have the government make it classified or release it to MSNBC. Actually, fewer people would see it on MSNBC.

Olbermann spent the weekend sniffing Obama's throne while the Teleprompter-n-Chief was out of town. He's now fully re-energized to spew his left-wingnut hate and propaganda for MSDNC.

Keith today, Keith tomorrow, Keith forever!

Who cares about this "Ted Baxter" of NBC NOISE. Only libtards who stopped developing intellectually after Freshman year buy the nonsense of this fake noise channel.

Bad move, MSNBC. Olbermann's one of the reasons why Fox News surpasses you in the ratings. The man is a buffoon, not a journalist.

I am so glad to have you back Kith.

Happy that MSNBC listened to our entreaties and brought Keith back...

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