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MSNBC will bring Keith Olbermann back from suspension on Tuesday

MSNBC has decided to return "Countdown" host Keith Olbermann to work on Tuesday, meaning that his much-discussed suspension for making unauthorized political donations will have lasted all of two work days.

In a statement released late Sunday, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said: "After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night's program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night."

Since Olbermann's indefinite suspension was announced Friday, many critics have questioned the decision, including Rachel Maddow, Olbermann's colleague on the prime-time lineup.

-Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Keith Olbermann; Credit: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press


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What's the difference. He is obviously not a journalist and msnbc, like Fox, are no longer objective "news" stations.
We all know that the various media want to be king makers and king breakers.

I think Olberman was fishing to get a better gig at Fox. Too bad for him MSNBC took him back.

I look forward to seeing Kieth back on!!

I am actually rather surprised they didn't promote him and give him a raise.
Such a one sided network.

Take that FOX NEWS!

Yawn....who even cares????

Buwahahaha somebody had to climb down and it wasn't Keith HAHAHAHA

Thank goodness this bastion of journalism will be returned to the airwaves - knowledge to the masses be resume. I just noticed that Olbermann's latest book has sold about 2,000 copies and rates about 1800th on Amazon.

oh well, so much for objectivity at msnbc...

So, basically, they gave the buffoon a long weekend. He probably spent it watching Groucho Marx movies. You know, to hone his act.

Oh brother! Why did they even bother! Who got paid off?

Will they re-name the show to "Meltdown"?

Great decision MSNBC...........

And the point of that was ... ? What a joke. They might as well give up any pretense of objectivity anyway at MSNBC. Not that there is anything wrong with that these days ... real journalism disappeared quite a while ago on the air waves. People watch MSNBC (and FOX) exactly BECAUSE they want those biases represented and reinforced.

Keith I think should be able to make donations to who ever he like just like GE does to there Republican friend so they can keep there tax breaks for billionaires. I know even though Fox news says MSNBC liberal thre really not.

When things come down to money there Republicans trying to act like there not, but come onlook at there reporting they didn't stand behind Obama they made him look Bad after elected.

Keith is a great man that should be able to donate to who ever he likes as long as it isn't MSNBC's money on there behalf.

This is more than comical ... I think the picture above says it all ... MSNBC, no wonder nobody watches your network ... is Olbermann really the best you can do? ... and Maddow complained ... oh, what two (2) great journalist batting from the same ball park; it's pitiful ... just sayin'

Rachel Madcow and Jerk Olbermann should shut up and go away. They are two biggest ass clowns on the air.

So the point of the suspension was to generate publicity for MSNBC. It had nothing to do with journalistic integrity or the alleged policies of the network.

This news will make both of his viewers very happy.

Now I can get my Olbermann fix again. Smart move MSNBC, we need him to combat that fake news channel ... FOX
Okay Keith, let's get back to work. billo the clown and glenn the nut need to be put in there place.

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