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MSNBC suspends Joe Scarborough for making unauthorized political contributions

Getprev Like Keith Olbermann before him, Joe Scarborough has been suspended from MSNBC for making unauthorized political contributions. On Friday, MSNBC announced that the host of "Morning Joe" would be forced to take an unpaid two-day hiatus from the network for making eight donations of $500 each to local candidates in Florida between 2004 and 2008.

When MSNBC president Phil Griffin suspended Olbermann earlier this month, many critics pointed out that Scarborough had also made contributions. But in a statement, Griffin claimed that Scarborough initially "did not recall" that he'd done so, and only informed Griffin of the donations on Friday morning.

"Since he did not seek or receive prior approval for these contributions, Joe understands that I will be suspending him for violating our policy," Griffin said. "He will be immediately suspended for two days without pay and will return to the air on Wednesday, November 24th. As Joe recognizes, it is critical that we enforce our standards and policies."

Scarborough promptly responded to the suspension in a statement. "It was recently brought to my attention that I made political contributions over the past several years that are not consistent with MSNBC's guidelines," he said. "I recognize that I have a responsibility to honor the guidelines and conditions of my employment, and I regret that I failed to do so in this matter. I apologize to MSNBC and to anyone who has been negatively affected by my actions."

Scarborough said he gave these contributions to his brother and three family friends. "I gained nothing personally, politically, or professionally from these donations," he said. "To be blunt, I had no interest in their campaigns other than being kind to longtime friends.Because the contributions involved local, non-competitive races -- and were given for personal rather than political reasons -- I mistakenly believed I did not need approval from MSNBC. I also apologize for that oversight."

"I am proud to work for the NBC News family," Scarborough said. "There is nothing more important than maintaining the integrity of its highly respected brand."

--Melissa Maerz

Photo: Joe Scarborough, with his "Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski. Credit: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

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Two days?!?!? That's a suspension??? Sounds like a vacation.

MSNBC is a joke !

Suspension should mean something. Like triple damages when you go to court. But Scarborough (and Olberman) are valuable, so you only give them a slap on the wrist.

MSNBC is so childish. No wonder they're lagging far behind Fox. Hopefully Comcast will clean house when it takes over.

MSNBC didn't learn it's lesson with Olbermann? This is stupider.

Great journalism. Didn't even tell us the recipients' names.

I'm okay with Joe, even if he is a Republican. He actually is fair and balanced, so MSNBC is a good place for him.

For Scarborough and Olbermann, being fired from MSNBC would do about as much damage to their careers as being fired from NPR did to Juan Williams' career. In fact, it would be a promotion, for, like Williams, they would almost be certain to have offers from rival networks who would be happy to take them at an increased salary, owing to the free publicity attending such silly spectacles.

So, to sum this episode of nothingness up: (yawn)

Maybe since no one watches MSNBC, they can reorganize as a PBS affiliate, and then get taxpayer money from the CPB to help pay their bills. Don't laugh - it's how liberals think to game the system and then screw the taxpayer.

MSNBC continues to be silly. Apparently they had to suspend a moderate to have equality with a Progressive. Neither should have been suspended. MSNBC is just hard up because their ratings are so poor. They are desparate to increase them with publicity stunts like Olberman and now Scarborough.

I think its really a short vacation to a resort provided by the politicians they gave money to.

I bet the only reason Scarborough got suspended was because Olbermann's lawyers went through the records and caught MSNBC with their pants down in respect to Scarborough. Scarborough couldn't remember a political contribution to his own brother?!? Baloney!!! He should be suspended for the contributions and then fired for lying about it . . . If he's not lying, put him on a polygraph . . .

Give the show to Mika. Scarborough is a dunderhead.

@Verbalocity "Maybe since no one watches MSNBC, they can reorganize as a PBS affiliate, and then get taxpayer money from the CPB to help pay their bills. Don't laugh - it's how liberals think to game the system and then screw the taxpayer."

Apparently this is how the uneducated and uninformed right thinks. Media doesn't work like this. By charter, PBS affiliates must be non-profit local stations in local communities. PBS itself is a non-profit entity. Other cable networks owned by multi-billion dollar conglomerates such as MSNBC cannot qualify for taxpayer money by simply reorganizing and are not local channels.

Instead of just spouting off rhetoric and buzz words which is the creed of the right, try actually learning how things you criticize operate. Actually, try reality on for a change, it may help you.

Yeah, all we terrible liberals do is sit around all day and try to figure out how to game the system to steal money from people like you. That's my passion. I think you need to stop watching reruns of the Carly and Meg commercials left on your DVR.

Boo Hoo libtards ! What you really want is blood, you vampires. lol

Wow. Two whole days. That ought to bring Scarborough to his senses.

I will be happy to give up 2 days of Joe Scarborough's big mouth. He always talks over poor Mika (MEEKA) Brzynski, never lets her get a word in, can't keep his opinions to himself even when they are stupid. It will be refreshing change now that Mika won't have to look at him adoringly while he spouts off. As to MSNBC I really like it except for bigmouth Joe S.


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