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Is Courtney Love the new Diddy or the new Tyra? Discuss!

Simmons4-courtney-love Say what you will about Courtney Love, but she's not afraid to ask the tough questions. For instance, during a recent episode of "Running Russell Simmons," she showed two photos to the hip-hop mogul's interns.  “Here’s a picture of me on the ground drunk," she said, "and here’s a picture of me on the cover of Vogue. What do you think happened between these two things?”

Ostensibly, Love was on the show to pitch Simmons a new reality show called "Rock Chicks." But judging by Love's description of the program, it was often hard to tell what the premise would be -- or for that matter, what Love was talking about. “I’m sort of the Tyra of these girls,” she says at one point. (So, this is an "America's Next Top Model" for riot grrls?) "I want a crew in front of me, so that I can be like Diddy and come in and come out," she says a minute or two later. (Um, a "Making of the Band" for punks?) Love even suggests that Joan Jett and Deborah Harry might be judges, though Simmons warns her that they're too old. (Sigh.)

But the best part is when the C-Love Train runs off the rails, veering between such subjects as  white-trash names, the importance of decorum, and such strange, wonderful, untranslatable bits of wisdom like this, which is Love's attempt to explain her "mood boards": “There’s a lot of girl, there’s a lot of me in here. Here’s a wedding cake on fire, sort of bride left at the altar. I don’t want neons in here. This is, like, the makeup look. How about these paintings from this girl Gretchen who is in a wheelchair. This is a thing that I made when I was 8. These are all girls that play guitar and/or bass. There’s a little trailer, just for the hell of it. Marie Antoinette without a head.”

"You see how you change subjects?" Simmons says, nearly exasperated. "It's nutty!"

Which gives us an idea for a better Courtney Love reality show. Forget "Running Russell Simmons" -- what about "Courtney Love Runs Her Mouth Off"? At this rate, we could watch her monologue for hours. 

-- Melissa Maerz

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There was her chance and she blew it. Some have called her rapidly changing subjects in one long monologue some sort of brilliance. Try some sort of psychotic brain eruption from years of drug abuse. It's giving the monkey the floor, so to speak. An oddity. A side-show amusement. Yet some still take her seriously. Foremost of whom would be herself.

There are clips of Courtney changing subjects and no making any sense when she was a child. This has nothing to do with drugs. And there are reports of her school online: apparently, Courtney was pretty intelligent for her age, but chaotic. Add drugs and you get the Courtney we've known for years.

Perhaps her chaotic speech and nonsense were caused by drugs, but in vitro when used by her mother. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. Like mother, like daughter. Thankfully Courtney's own daughter seems to be ok.

Sorry, but it's a BIG NO! She is a total NUTBAG and way too big of a liability risk!

Maybe you could watch her monologue for hours, but I get annoyed the minute she opens her mouth. She just tries so hard to still be relavant in this day and age. She's burned out and OLD looking. Unlike Joan Jett. But even she has the grace to slow down and let the younger ones do their own thing. So Courtney wants to be like Diddy and come in and come out? I bet that's so she can sit in her rocking chair to catch her breath.


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