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'Glee': No tribute episode post-Super Bowl? Smart move.

204Gs2ep204_Sc35_MY-3066 After months of rumors about which artist “Glee” would pay tribute to in its post-Super Bowl episode — Michael Jackson? Bruce Springsteen? — it looks like the show is going in a different direction. Movieline reports that the “Glee” producers are “strongly reconsidering” the tribute idea in favor of a “regular” episode. This seems in line with co-creator Brad Falchuk's comments to PopWrap last month that “there's no Springsteen tribute” coming up.

This is a smart move. This season's tribute episode to Britney Spears was one of the weakest episodes. In fact, most of the show's “event” episodes this season have failed to live up to their hype. They seem so intent on servicing the stunt or gimmick that they completely miss the mark with the characters and storytelling. A “regular” episode for the post-Super Bowl slot is a welcome idea, especially since the best episode so far this season was the stunt-free, special guest star-free “Duets.” The episode simply focused on the main cast of kids and played to the actors' strengths:  Lea Michele and Chris Colfer's star quality, newcomer Chord Overstreet's charm, Dianna Agron's ability to give Quinn depth. And the songs were delightful. “Duets” was a highlight in an otherwise uneven season.

But this being “Glee” and the Super Bowl, I'm sure it'll be far from an ordinary episode of “Glee.” Perhaps a special guest star will be featured? Maybe we'll finally meet Rachel's dads? Or maybe the episode will have some big, romantic moments, especially now that Darren Criss is reportedly in talks to become a series regular, according to Deadline. But does “Glee” have the patience to save a big romantic moment for Kurt until the Super Bowl in February? And let's not forget that Rachel and Finn still haven't revealed the truth about their first times to each other. Sounds like the perfect post-Super Bowl confessional moment leading up to their first time together.

Readers, do you agree that this season's “event” episodes have failed to impress? What would you like to see in “Glee's” post-Super Bowl episode? Are you glad they've nixed the tribute episode idea?

— Vlada Gelman (follow my TV musings on Twitter at @stayingin)

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Photo: Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Quinn (Dianna Agron) in “Duets.” Credit: Michael Yarish / Fox.

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Dianna Agron give Depth to Quinn? When did that happen?

Anyway the tribute episodes are weak.

I hope it focuses on Rachel being anything but a girlfriend.

And hopefully by then the Kurt storyline will be about finished no one wants an after school special after the Super Bowl.

This is the first article I've read about his season that I agree with totally. I did not care for "Brittany/Britney" and I think "Duets" has been the best episode for all the reasons you stated. I am so glad there isn't going to be another tribute episode this year. They only cover Will's character and every other storyline stops dead in those episodes. So I will be pretty happy if Glee does a regular episode after the Super Bowl.

I have mixed feelings about this. Obviously, to regular "Glee" fans, the tribute eps have been weak. But it cannot be denied they have brought in "additional" audience. A regular ep would be a "waste" of the post-Super Bowl slot (I'm thinking of "House" in '08) So there definitely has to be some kind of sensational component to it, and it has to be self-contained.

Grey's Anatomy just set the bar for what a post-Super Bowl ep needs to be: an event that doesn't require a lot of backstory to jump right in (which I think was the "Alias" ep's mistake). "Glee" would be wise to follow along that path. If it's not going to be a tribute, it should at least be a spectacle. :)

Vlada I couldn't agree more. Speaking of event episodes, I was so disappointed with the Rocky Horror Glee. I mean really it was REALLY bad. HELLO !! I mean Mercedes as Frank-N-Furter??????? SHE ABSOLUTELY SUCKED. It's not her fault but to be so lame as to cast a girl in the role of a Drag Queen is just ridiculous. I was hoping it was going to be John Stamos as Frank-N-Furter. I love that Kurt will have a love interest and even better if it's with the Blaine character who is handsome, confident and comfortable with who he is. Let it be a model relationship. Please Glee don't let the masculine dreamy Blaine break Kurt's heart. Let this be a stable relationship that continues through the show.

did anyone read that the britney episode was the highest rated? everyone has likes and dislikes; that's how i view this article...written by one's own view. the shows this season have not been as great as season one in my opinion, but the britney show, the season opener with charice, the addition of "sam" and now "blaine" were all great choices this season. i didn't care for grilled cheesus or rocky horror...just didn't get them. just enjoy it and stop criticizing.

Ok if you agree with me ..say you agree with me lol, what Pepsi should do is during the commercials of the superbowl, reshow all of michael jackson pepsi comericials, epeccially the mini movie during the bad era, pepsi would make a bunch load of money and

@Frank-Clearly when you were not paying attention because Dianna Agron has given more than depth to Quinn. She has turned a one dimensional character into a multi dimensional character. Sadly, she is far ahead of the writers so they do not accompany her additions which is unfortunate. Otherwise Quinn would be fantastic and even more different than she is already from the other OTT caricatures.

BTW, I agree completely with everything you have said, Vlada.

Javier is on to something. THAT would get me to tune in. Pepsi, please take note. One cannot judge a "Brittany Spears" episode against a potential Michael Jackson episode. Michael Jackson was a musical genius with a long, prodigious career and many millions of fans around the world from. Fans from all corners of the globe as well as ages ranging from 70 down to 7. Hardly the same.

So glad they ditched the tribute idea, so sick of those episodes. Though I'd rather the superbowl episode be the turning point for some epic discoveries like that Sam really is gay and into Kurt, or that Tina misses Artie and tries to woe him back from Brittany or have Mr.Shue stop being creepy... hey, now that would be Epic!!

I'll be very disappointed and so will millions of fans if you don't do a tribute to Michael jackson...Everyone (well almost) is a fan and you're ratings will go sky-high if you do something for Michael...Please re-consider...Thanks, from me and millions of fans.....
Rebecca LaPointe


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