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A 'Glee' sneak peek: Will 'Hey Soul Sister' be Darren Criss' next hit?

On last night's “Glee,” Kurt (Chris Colfer) finally made the move to Dalton Academy, where his crush/mentor Blaine (Darren Criss) sings with the school's all-boys glee club, the Warblers. They'll be headed to sectionals in next week's episode, “Special Education,” and below is a sneak peek preview from that show. In it, Kurt has joined the Warblers, where he'll be competing against his old friends in New Directions, but they don't seem too upset about that as they sit in the audience. Well, maybe except for Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), who looks oddly vacant. Rachel (Lea Michele) even reminds Kurt to smile as she watches the performance.

Blaine once again takes lead on the cover of Train's “Hey Soul Sister,” which makes us wonder if he's the only Warbler allowed solos. Kurt seems to be even more in the background now than when he was competing with Rachel for solos. Putting that aside, “Hey Soul Sister” is pleasant enough but doesn't pack quite the same punch as the love-at-first-song quality of the “Teenage Dream” performance. (But Criss' cover of “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid” at the Grove in Los Angeles? A+)

Readers, what do you think of “Hey Soul Sister”? Wish Kurt was given more to do?

— Vlada Gelman (follow my TV musings on Twitter at @stayingin)

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More Rachel Berry......

WOW -Darren Criss is just exploding into this incandescent star right before our eyes ( TRULY a Starkid....) just the awesome joy he brings to this makes your heart skip a beat.

yea, the only downside i can think of is that the warblers seem to focus on just that one kid (which doesn't bother me in the slightest its just bad for the group. Darren criss is awesome :P) i wish kurt had something more to do but you can't expect him to be lead right away when he just transferred.

Really good performance, love that guy. But you can just tell that Kurt is unhappy. I mean, it isn't even subtle. He definitely missing being part of New Directions. It'd be stupid if he didn't, because for the past year+ they have been like family to him. Which is why it is nice they are supporting him.

I love Blaine and Kurt.
coz Blaine lets Kurt blow his mind :P
very cuuuuuuutttttttteeee...
Rachel's "SMILE" thingy to Kurt is also sweet! I love you too, Rachel. <3

Good vocal, except that's a very soft and delicate background considering the fifteen or so singers performing it- I agree with the others who posted already that they focus too much on one person. Also, (like New Directions) they severely lack dance moves, so New Directions has a shot. [The season would end if New Directions were cut at this point, so of course they have a shot!] Kurt kind of sticks out here, though; he lacks the swagger that the other guys (including Blaine) have. Definitely a better fit for New Directions. But if he switches back to New Directions post-Sectionals? This makes it ridiculously easy for one to fulfill a dream to make it to regionals and beyond- just keep transferring to the school that wins. Jesse St. James did that last season.
Rachel clearly hasn't found out about the Finn-Santana debacle yet at this point, as the two girls are sitting next to each other and Rachel isn't pissed. I guess we can expect that immediately before they perform, which is probably why Quinn and Sam sing "(I've Had) The Time of My Life."
Anyway... I like the original "Hey Soul Sister" better than the original "Teenage Dream," but the Criss/Warblers version of "Teenage Dream" wins for me.
Also, I love how the video title at the beginning screws up and calls them the Garblers. Maybe that will be a team next season!

I agree with Sophie (above)- The "smile" from Rachel to Kurt is so cute.

Blaine's facial expressions when he sings "I'm so gangster, I'm so thug" are amazingly hilarious and actually easy to miss- probably because the camera is focused on Kurt almost the entire time despite the fact that Kurt is no more important in this performance than anyone else, much less Blaine.

Wonderful. Can't wait for Tuesday. I downloaded Darrin and Chris singing Baby It's Cold Outside on I-tunes. Adorable and I love the meaning behind the meaning of the lyrics.

If anyone has read Train's interviews regarding this song, the composers originally wanted this song to have a ukelele as it's accompaniment...notice how the Warbler's intro sounded like a ukelele? As far as the song not being as flashy as "Teenage Dream", well I think it's just to respect the song's alternative music roots. To make it into something so commercial would do the song a grave injustice.

The song was great, Kurt is adorable as usual and I am interested to find out why Puck looks angry and Mr. Shue looks so sad. Everyone else is smiling.

Not too fond of this clip. I like Darren Criss but I'm annoyed that he's the only one singing for the Warblers again. Kurt looks so uncomfortable, too, though I love watching Rachel trying to get him to smile. Since Chris Colfer is on 4 of the 12 tracks on the Christmas album, I predict he'll transfer back during the next episode.

Which 4 songs does Chris sing? I already bought "Baby It's Cold Outside" and love it.

DARREN CRISS is probably the best thing that has ever happened to Glee! he's a talented and strong individual, and he's won my heart. GOOD LUCK FROM ALL OF US STARKIDS! <333
our little moon shoes potter has grown up!

What do you mean, "Kurt seems to be even more in the background now than when he was competing with Rachel for solos"? The Warblers have just one leader (Blaine) and the rest is just background!

I was really glad to see Rachel happy for Kurt, reminding him to smile during his performance... and was quite puzzled by Mr Shue's expression: was he scared? disgusted?? Who knows.

Can't wait to see the full episode. Cheers!

Kurt looks like He's about to cry, It is breaking my heart. I feel like something happened before they went on, or maybe he's trying to throw it so that new directions win.
I bet he is miserable there, and everything is all happiness and ponies in glory land...

I hope Kurt comes back to New Directions, I just can't see them with out Kurt.

And also last week when Puck offered to be a secret service dude for Kurt warmed my heart. Puck is totally in the closet for Kurt! (sorry that was my fangirl speaking).



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