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Fox's 'Running Wilde' may have run out of time


As Fox's "Running Wilde" completes production on its 13-episode order Monday, star Will Arnett took to his Twitter to express his feelings about the state of limbo his single-camera comedy is in.

"Last day shooting #RunningWilde with @mitchhurwitz directing. Thanks to all who watched. Bittersweetness, I am firmly in your grasp," Arnett tweeted.

Although Fox has not canceled the low-rated freshman series, the future does not bode well for the comedy, which has not gained traction with viewers. While the series was scheduled to conclude production Monday, Fox did not give it a full-season order, which means the end of the road is probably near.

The sixth episode of the series airs Tuesday in its regular 9:30 p.m. slot. Fox will air all 13 episodes.

Arnett clarified his original tweet by letting his followers know "we're simply in limbo" and added, "Someone suggested anarchy if it is,I can't remember if I disagree."

--Maria Elena Fernandez

Photo: Will Arnett as Steve and Keri Russell as Emmy in "Running Wilde." Credit: Myles Aronowitz/FOX


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there is no chemistry between the 2 main actors and the show is simply not funny

FOX definetely should keep this Hurwitz/Arnett venture on the air for at least the full season. I mean, I have quite a bit o'love for this show. Plus, with all of this reality show and regurgitated sitcom formula crap on network tv, why can we not let some people with genuine talent and originality onto our tv screens for a change?

Will Arnett is brilliant. So is David Cross. I hope they give the show time to get some back story out of the way. Seinfeld wasn't that great in the first season, either, and you could throw Cheers on the list of underperforming freshman shows that went on to some fame.

I love both main actor, ESP felicity! But the show was really bad. I watched the pilot, it was terrible. Cancel it!

Even Howard Stern couldn't save this show. Not sure if he really wanted to anyway.

Running Wilde is so much fun...great humor, terrific characters and great settings. Love this show and wish nielsen co. would count all of us who watch and think this is such a terrific show...it's light and beautiful to watch and SO funny. I hope Fox gives it a chance and keeps it going. It just gets better and better.

I wanted to love this show from the start (because I think Will Arnett is great) but it totally fell flat. However, I must say I really enjoyed last night's episode, "Best Man." Being that the TV ratings game is not forgiving, it would be a bummer if it's just that the show is just taking a while to find its groove.

I would be very interested to know what FOX has against this show. They don't even promote it. If you watch the commercials you would think that the only thing that was on Tuesday nights was GLEE. And RAISING HOPE??? I mean really!! They think that more people are willing to watch a show featuring a strange and not at all good looking family with a baby than brilliantly written comedy about a clueless rich guy and his friends who are at least have pleasing features? I think we need to send whoever is in charge of scheduling at FOX to rehab because they are obviously on something. All kidding aside, I think the problem might be it's time slot. It really needed to be on either directly after GLEE or on Wednesday's at 8PM. Will & Mike, I'm keeping a good thought for you guys over there.

Fox has a bad habit of canceling shows too early. Family Guy and Arrested Development (Arnett's last show on Fox) were both canceled only to be realized too late by Fox that they had huge cult followings. They managed to pull Family Guy back together, but couldn't get the all star cast of Arrested Development back together. I would hate to see Fox cancel a show without giving someone has talented and popular as Will Arnett the time to develop it.


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