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'Dexter' recap: Whatever it is, it’s big

Dexter_507_0252 Although I initially was a fan of Julia Stiles when she appeared in this season of "Dexter" (I thought she portrayed "wild with fear" well), I haven't been especially enraptured with her the last few episodes. Maybe after the days of Lila I am overly suspicious of women in Dexter's life. Or perhaps I got a little tired of the stiff pattern of "I want to do murder with you" followed by "You can't; you still have a clean slate!" (although after Sunday night’s episode, that might change, as Dexter finally starts viewing Lumen as some sort of partner after they double-team a bad guy). Or maybe I just miss John Lithgow, all-time best guest star. I definitely miss John Lithgow.

Fortunately, although the Dexter/Lumen story line isn't currently gripping me, I thought the other plots in Sunday night's episode were especially compelling -- the show is exciting when Dexter must compete with the police department to get his man, and that's what's happening now. After a truck containing the barrels of Boyd Fowler's dead bodies crashes, the police are on the hunt for the murderer. The truck is registered to Jordan Chase, the same "Take it!" motivational speaker whose tapes Boyd listened to.  Dexter and Lumen and the detectives are all on the hunt for Cole Harmon, Jordan's chief of security, until Dexter throws them off the trail by alerting the police to Boyd's existence, a move that does not go unnoticed by Jordan and Cole.

In the meantime, the detectives are ready to bust the Fuentes brothers in a stakeout, but it goes horribly awry, ending with a dramatic shootout at the club, which Maria takes the flak for -- but at least she looked sexy in her going-out clothes. Plus, Quinn (who wore an especially heinous sweater this episode) has second thoughts about having Dexter trailed, until his crooked private eye, Stan Liddy, (played deliciously by Peter Weller, stealing all the scenes he's in, not unlike Lithgow) shames him for having second thoughts on account of Deb, who he is trying to pressure to move in with him for some reason. (Liddy has discovered the existence of Lumen, and thus so has Quinn).

As if that's not all enough, Dexter and Lumen realize there's something more to her rape and torture than she realized: Cole, Jordan, Boyd, Dan the Dentist and a few others have all known each other since they were teen-agers -- what are they exactly, some sort of death cult? Or the worst fraternity in history?

Speaking of which, although Stiles hasn't been gripping me as Lumen, I am excited to see more of Jonny Lee Miller as oily Jordan (I hope I get the chance to ask him if he had a good time recording those "Take it!" motivational tapes). "Trainspotting's" Sick Boy has grown into a potentially very Sick Man.

-- Claire Zulkey

Photo: Chris Vance as Cole Harmon and Jonny Lee Miller as Jordan Chase in "Dexter." Photo: Randy Tepper / Showtime

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Agreed re: Julia Stiles/Lumen - she was a one/maybe two episode character. Now she's just annoying. Now she is going to help Dexter roll out the plastic? I don't buy it. And furthermore - her character is boring. What is interesting is that Maria made some very risky decisions regarding the club stakeout for the Fuentes brothers - it was a forgone conclusion that the bait would be taken out. And that it would end badly. Why did she take that risk? Agreed also on that HORRIBLE sweater on Quinn - who is also taking some risks with severe consequences with the edgy Stan Liddy - I predict some mixup with poor Stan sometime soon where Quinn ends up offing him accidentally/on purpose. (or even better - Deb offs him!)

Dexter is my favourite show and I never miss a season or episode, but I see a huge plot hole everyone seems to have missed. Just before Dexter and Lumen killed Dan the Dentist in last weeks episode, he was able to call his other compatriots and warn them that Lumen is alive, my question is, if Dexter is so smart, why didnt he take that phone and trace the numbers to help them find the other compatriots.

@ Nadir- I was thinking the same thing!
So glad to see Jonny Lee Miller in this season! However, Lumen is just annoying. I really don't understand the casting decision for that role, either. I really love how there are 3 major things going on: the dexter/lumen partnership and revenge plot, the santa muerte killings/fuentes brothers and Quinn's hired private eye, Stan Liddy.
I have been watching this show religiously since the very beginning and can't wait to see what happens.

One more thing... I really wish the makeup artists would take it easy on Dexter's face. The insane dark orange shade of his skin is killing me!

Way back in the first episode of season one Laguerta was an idiot. That was why she couldn't see Debra's value. As time moved on and the character was humanized, and the writers strayed from the source material, dumb Laguerta became the much more savvy Maria. As I watched last night I was thinking about how she had changed. Then she ignored Debra's protests and took a huge risk, with no regard or apparent understanding even for why it was so risky, and refused to take any responsibility for it. There was the Maria Laguerta we used to know.

Quinn's use of Liddy is gonna bite him in the rear but not before causing some big problems for Dexter.

I am not crazy about Stiles turn so far either but I have enjoyed the juxtaposition of Dexter's caring for her and his caring for Harrison. In both cases, he has to fill Harry's role. We shall see how well that goes.


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