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'Dancing With the Stars' won't change its voting system


Bristol Palin may change the way America dances, but she's not going to change the way we vote for dancers.

Contrary to media reports that "Dancing with the Stars" is going to revamp its voting procedures because Sarah Palin's daughter has managed to waltz her way into the finals, the executive producer said the show will go on as it always has.

"We have no plans at this time to change a process that has served us well for over 200 episodes," said Conrad Green in a statement to The Times.  "While no system is perfect, we have tried to balance the views of professional judges and our passionate viewers. We have checks and balances and security assessments in place to ensure the voting is as fair as possible."

Although Palin routinely has received low scores from the judges, America has saved her week after week from elimination.

Unlike “American Idol,” in which the judges do not score the contestants, “Dancing with the Stars” combines judge’s marks with public voting. Results from both are then averaged together and the contestant with the lowest number goes home. There is a maximum of five votes per phone line and e-mail address.

Because of Palin's surprising success, some viewers have cried foul, claiming that the 20-year-old's supporters are exploiting a defect in ABC.com's e-mail voting system. The suspicion has been that because the network does not require users to authenticate e-mail addresses, some have then fabricated additional e-mail addresses, thereby allowing them to cast extra votes. But as The Times reported on Thursday, ABC has security measures in place to block such attempts. When multiple e-mail addresses are detected from a single computer, they are thrown out.

“The biggest concern for me is: Does something affect one person and not the other?” Green said in an interview last week.  “Is there a problem with one person’s phone line? Is there a problem with one person’s e-mail system? If the same system applies to all of our couples, you can argue about the merits of that particular system, but all couples have an equal opportunity to encourage people to vote a number of times for them.”

Palin, actress Jennifer Grey, and actor Kyle Massey compete for the last time Monday. The winner of the coveted mirror-ball trophy will be announced Tuesday.

--- Maria Elena Fernandez

Video: Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas perform a waltz in the Nov. 15 episode. Credit: ABC


"Dancing with the Stars: It's all about Bristol, Bristol, Bristol"

An uproar over Palin--Bristol, that is

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I have been a "Dancing" fan for years, but suffice it to say if Bristol Palin wins, for any reason..considering she is the worst dancer of the 3 left standing..I will no longer watch this show and know many others who feel the same way.

the focus needs to be exceptional dancing and not popularity amongst political groups!

Bristol Palin has waltzed her way to finals on the wings of her mother's political muscle! No way Brandy or any other "STAR" could have the amount of call in voters! This is totally not fair and a misrepresentation of ALL DWTS has represented! I am truly appalled! This WILL come back to bite Sarah Palin!

I read an article online about the complexities of the voting system. It seems as if you would need to have a Ph.D. in mathematics to figure it out, let alone figure out how to cheat.

I keep coming back to the same point when people say Briston being in the finals is a Tea Party / ABC conspiracy. How many comments and posts have you read this past week trashing Bristol, her mom, and the Republican party? If there was a so-called Tea Party voting movement why didn't the left mobilize to fight it? And I have to ask myself whether or not all the people po'd by Bristol being on the show actually voted?

Personally I think Brandy got eliminated because people thought her scores would keep her safe. If people are truly using the system and only have the 5 votes perhaps they wanted to give them to someone who was in trouble in terms of scores?

The only way to have the best dancer win DWTS is to only ask celebrities with dance experience to be on the show. Period. As long as fans have a say in the show you will never have the guarantee that the best dancer wins.

Why is Bristol even on DWTS, She is not a STAR.

The Baltimore Sun reported comments from a Tea Party member who bragged she voted for Bristol 300 times. The article reports the Tea party blogs tell members how to game the system and cast multiple vaotes using e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. I suspect they are using Sarah's robo-caller to cast votes. The Tea party has hijacked DWTS. The real dancers have an icecube's chance in hell of winning. Why doesn't DWTS give Bristol the trophy tonight?

I've noticed Jamie Lee Curtis in the audience week after week rooting for Jennifer Grey. I think Jamie Lee should be on next season's show--perhaps, along with her mother, Janet Leigh. Wouldn't it be great to have a mother/daughter type rivalry on the show? Jamie Lee could dance with Mark Ballas and Janet Leigh could be paired with Mark's father Corky. What do you think????

I really think it's a pity that ABC will not review its voting policy. Executives can see that it has not worked THIS TIME AROUND. I also believe that despite what ABC says, views have dropped off. America has always been about what is fair - AND THIS IS JUST NOT!!
I long for the return when the BEST DANCER goes through to the finals AND WINS. I fear this will NOT BE THE CASE THIS TIME.

The judges scored Brandy in the bottom two (57 pts vs. Bristol's 53 pts).

Brandy's fans voted for her fewer times than Bristol's fans voted for her.

Brandy got eliminated.

There's nothing to see here folks, move along lol.

I really enjoy Dancing with the Stars. It is so refreshing this season to see a young girl without any dancing experience grow. The judges judged her in advance by saying that they were surprised and did not expect Bristol to do well. Brandy and Marc did not endear you to them. They were arrogant and presented an air that they deserved to win and were rude to the judges. The absolute darling of the season is Jennifer.

Let us all remember that ABC TV is owned by Disney and Disney is a HUGE supporter of the GOP. That ABC has a vested interest in the Palin success is an understatement.

We have a clash of agendas: ABC has their motives, ratings being not the least of them and the Palin Factor ups the ante significantly. The producers on any show LOVE controversy......it always means ratings, so they say. The American public just want to have a say and not always about the topic at hand: is all this voting really about dancing? Really? Has our nation suddenly become a lean, mean dancing machine? Ummmmmmm Not.

The big loser in this whole embarassment is the pure dance enthusist, who likes a good competition and likes to see WINNERS actually WIN because of GOOD DANCING.

At play we have a tried and true, sadly American, tradition. The elevation of the lowest common denominator just so long as it proves to be a train wreck worth gawking at.

Ok so Bristol is not the best dancer, and I guess Jennifer is the best, I already know that, so why should I watch the show? This is America, I vote and I know it counts. I can vote and I guess that is why I participate, if Bristol is winning because people voted for her. I dont have to lecture anyone about importance of voting, so stop whining go ahead and vote.

Its not longer of importance to me what ABC does or do not do about the voting system. I am a fan who has witness that bad dancing is rewarding. I wish I was Bristol or that my last name were Palin. The Palins are the future of America most deserving family.

Its just Bristol that gets all of the media attention on DWTS. Tell me are there any other contestants on the show besides Bristol?

Get a life people. This is just a dancing show. People aren't losing their jobs, going hungry or dying from a terminal illness. We are so morally corrupt in this nation that a simple dance show can put us in a fit of rage and the end result is hatred, anger and total disrespect. Boycotting the show or rioting in the streets over a dance show? Come on. Bristol is not a super professional dancer. The others have a lot of dancing experience and with their super stardom they should of been able to get enough votes. Bristol is just an average American girl, who really has come along way and is not a bad dancer. She is doing rather well. Yes, Brandy was a much better dancer and between Bristol and Brandy they both have super personalities. Brandy and Bristol are the only two with that are down to earth. Attention getter, cry baby Jennifer Grey, is there only because of sympathy. In a previous Dancing with the Stars episode, dancer Kelly Osborn with super MOM stardom (Sharon Osbourne) won. She was definitely not the best dancer either. In fact on several dances she flat out trip over herself. OVER HERSELF, people, that is bad. Donny Osmond is also another star that won and he was not the best dancer. All and all this has become ugly because liberal have so much hatred for anyone that is a Christian or Conservative. Soon you liberals will have the world all to yourselves to deal with the anti-christ and the wrath of The God Almighty. The world will be rid of the Christian, when Christians leave this earth in the rapture. Worse days are still ahead. Take Heed.

This show is full of S**t. I will never watch this show again.

I just feel bad for Bristol that she has to put up with that woman that calls herself her "Mother". I'll not be voting for Bristol because of who her "Mother" is. Jennifer Grey has been the obvious winner from the beginning. She's the only STAR I even recognize in the group that's left.

This season DWTS has been said to be a conspiracy by the TP and the show is losing its credibility. The only way to prove that it is not a conspiracy is to support their claims by showing us the facts. If ABC were sincere in stopping the media and viewers for making this claim I challenge the producers to provide the public with this season votes to put this conspiracy to rest. I don't want to hear that a contestant receive 3.5 more votes or 1.5 less votes. I don't want to hear vote for your favorite. I don't want this season to be compared to any other season or to AI. What I want is to see is concrete proof to support the claims that the votes are not rigged and its not a TP conspiracy. The only way that DWTS will be credible is proving the theory is wrong is supporting facts that are documented showing the total overall votes that all the contestants receive on season 11 DWTS. I have my own theory but I do not have any facts to support it. I just have my gut feeling.My theory is Jennifer Grey received the least votes and the producers chose to give Brandy the shaft for not being more embarrass b/c Jennifer had receive 2 perfect scores. I challenge ABC and the producers of DWTS to prove me wrong until then it is irrelevant what they are saying and what they actually want the viewers to believe.

I think that this way of voting is a disgrace as people are not voting for how well these people are dancing but how well they are liked. This is not a popularity contest but a dancing contest. What a shame that Brandy was knocked off and Bristol remained. Though Bristol has come along way since she began, she still does not come close to the kind of dancer that brandy is. All I know is that many people are talking about this result last week and all of them including myself who loves to watch Dancing with the Stars will no longer watch any more if Bristol wins this competition. Not a fair voting at all. I personally think that the votes should be only the professional judges as they are the ones that will be fair with their voting.
My opinon is that this feels like this a fix deal because of Sarah Palin and she is the one that will be the looser at the end. I know for a fact that if you call at least 3 times for the same person you can do it, as I myself tried just to see how many times I could vote for the same person. Not fair, you should only be able to vote once .
This show ,that I am so crazy about, is beginning to be a real turn off. It will be very sad for me and others if Bristol wins this week. Bristol herself should realize that this has to be fixed as she must know in her heart and in her head that she does not come close to how Brandy dances.
Hope that the producers wake up and do something to change this voting system as they may find themselves out the door, with very very low ratings.

As ive last week i wont be watching dwts because it was pure bs. It the same reason i dont like the show, the judges have thier favosites and they do a very harsh job of downsizing the other great dancers. Most times i try to watch dwts im sorely disappointed. I wonder if is getting a monetary payoff from nther sources. Im just saying...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

@JimHudson: Just wanted to reply to you...Yes, many people have been bragging about emailing hundreds of times. But what they don't know is their votes haven't counted. The security system throws out those votes out when they're detected via IP.

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