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'Dancing With the Stars' results recap: The final cut

122653_0372_pre Doggone it, the results sure have been surprising this season. When Season 11 started so many weeks ago, who would have thought that Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin would be the last stars standing in this competition?

Bristol “the Pistol” Palin, ladies and gentlemen! Make no mistake about it: This teen activist cannot — nay, will not — be ignored. Nor will she step down from the ballroom fandango! With guylinered Mark Ballas by her side, Bristol has weathered the myriad “Dancing With the Stars” storms thrown her way and made it through to the final round.

Which meant, alas, that singer Brandy and her pro partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, were out in this ninth week of competition. Brandy, who just moments earlier in a segment, said ardently (maybe desperately), “I have to go to the finals. In the most humblest way, that’s where I feel we belong.”

It was clear that Brandy was not ready to leave. She wanted to be in the finals. No, she needed to be in the finals, and the tears of frustration and disappointment were evident at the end of the program. Good on Maks for being loving and supportive and positive about the show and his partner. “People vote, and their voices count, and I love that the show represents that,” the hunky Ukrainian said. “I don’t regret a second about being on this season.”

Oh, Brandy. Had this been another season no doubt your scores and dancing ability would have gotten you through to that final week. But this, clearly, is no ordinary season. How else to explain the strident staying power of the Pistol? At this rate, should we call the competition now? Because the way the votes have been going down week after week, Bristol Palin is primed and ready to win it all.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Let’s look back to the ousted singer’s happier moments, shall we? Like the encore dance, Brandy and Maks’ perfect-30 sultry Argentine tango, which Len said, “absolutely lit up the ballroom last night.” The routine was replete with lamppost and café table and chair from the night before, but the pluming smoke machine was noticeably absent (perhaps it had Tuesdays off?).

Then there was a segment where the final contestants looked back and in retrospect talked about their hardships and rewards of being on the show. Bristol found a confidence she didn’t know she had. Kyle learned to find discipline and push through the mental blocks. Brandy said it was rewarding, humbling and frustrating, all at the same time. Jennifer learned that once she accepted her physical limitations that she could go that much farther.

Lovely Annie Lennox performed two numbers. The first was “Universal Child” from her just-released album “A Christmas Cornucopia,” accompanied by two contemporary dancers – the first of whom unrolled onto the floor in a sheath of red fabric. You could tell Annie’s a friend of “DWTS” and of the arts, because she allowed the dancers to perform throughout the entire number. The second was a fun rendition of “Little Bird,” flanked by four fledgling dancers. 

After weeks and weeks of voting, the Macy’s Design a Dance finally came to fruition. Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke were chosen to do a high-octane jive to Billy Joel’s “Still Rock 'n'Roll to Me,” and made fun use of a bright red convertible with the license plate “DWTS 11” as they reenacted a date at a drive-in movie theater.

Latin pop crooner Enrique Iglesias brought the entire crowd to their feet — judges included — and turned the Rectagon into fiesta central for his hit “I Like It.” And he was accompanied by our pros Dmitry Chaplin, Louis Van Amstel, Damian Whitewood, Kym Johnson, Cheryl Burke and Peta Murgatroyd, who’s making a good play to become a regular next season.

The party atmosphere, however, was abruptly brought to an end when Brandy was called out of the competition.

What do you think, ballroom fans? Do you like how this season has shaped up? Are you excited to see the remaining dancers’ freestyle routines? Will Brandy actually perform her freestyle next Tuesday, like Bruno had requested? Can anyone stop the Bristol train from barreling its way all the way to the coveted Mirrorball station?

—Allyssa Lee


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I never liked the show to begin with the treatment of Black women on that show was always very bad.

Lets face it DWTS has always treated Black women poorly and they always will.

Awww, c'mon folks...the producers of the show knew what the divisive Palin machine would do for the show. Controversy works. Fan clubs work, esp. when one becomes mindless pawns of conformity. Honest reasoning doesn't exist in this arena of group thinking. The mantra: our guy or gal, no matter what the reality. Is Palin going to win? You betcha! Choices for the shows future direction: the exquisitely beautiful movements of Jennifer...the vivacious, fun and energetic Kyle or any cabal with agendas totally unrelated to "Dancing with the Stars".

Last Monday on Dancing with the Stars, the phones lines were all screwed up!!!! When I dialed in to vote for Brandy, the recording on the other end said thanks for voting for Bristole......So I went to my computer to vote. The same thing happened when my daughter dialed in to vote. Whats up with that? Sounds like cheating to me, what does it sound like to you?

DWTS is competition, not a political show. Sorry, but all Bristol did is walk and run, during her performance, she is not a dancer nor even improve, I will never watch DWTS again

This is really sad that Dancing with the Stars have also turned out to be about politics, I never missed a show, but now I will never watch it again,

I thought this was a talent contest, not a popularity contest. Bristol has done a very good job, but she is clearly not the dancer that Brandy is. If she wins out over Jennifer Gray, I will never watch this program again.

It is time to for two types of scores. Let the people name the one they want. But, they do not get the trophy. Then the judges scores. They should be the couple that win the trophy and get all the glory!! Bristol Palin has no showmanship, no stage presence and absolutely NNNNOOOOO TALENT. The people got it right when Hassellhoff was voted off first. Palin should have been the second one to leave. She should be ashamed of herself. Bring Brandy back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to say that it is not right to bring politic into a reality show no matter what America voted it is now time to give the voting right to the judges from the begining of the seson to the end if it gone to go like this. Brandy and Maks clearly would have taken that ball home because that Argintina Walze was so real in the eyes of Ms. Brandy. And it was the first time I realy got to see her in any dancing competion. So to me America got it wrong The way this went down the FCC should have step in to do something about the way this went down ; it was totally wrong judgemnt.

Sarah Palin should be ashamed of herself. All she is doing is making a huge fool of her daughter. If Bristol does win do they think that Bristol will actually be asked to go on the "Dancing With The Stars" tour. I doubt it. She should also be aware of Bristol and Willow's internet activities. I would never allow my children to make the horrible remarks they have been making against the Gay and Lisbeon community.

can you believe the travesty of lhis week's vote? absolutely ridiculous. this show used to be my favorite, but if they keep voting bristol on, i won't be watching anymore. i thought this was supposed to be a dance contest, but it most certainly isn't as evidenced by the very mediocre dancing of bristol. in a way i feel sorry for her because if she has just one ounce of intelligence, she must realize that she should have gone home a long time ago. poor little chubby bristol.

Bristol is not that good a dancer yes she has improved but come on Brandy & Maks were much better dancers. I believe she has more public votes because of her mother & maybe they should stop letting the viewers have so much of the vote. Bristol has been in last place on the leader boards for many weeks!

Please Bristol, do the honorable thing and step aside in favor of Brandy. You did not "Win" anything but shame and abuse. You are not a dancer, never will be a dancer, you were used as a spectacle by the cynical producers of this show. HAVE YOU NO SHAME? FINALLY BRISTOL, HAVE YOU NO SHAME? STEP DOWN AND LET A QUALIFIED PERSON TAKE YOUR PLACE.

Bristol,do the right and honorable thing and step aside. This obvious travesty has used you as a ploy for causing controversy and garnering publicity for this show. Anyone with any sense knows it was a put-up job that you were advanced over a much more qualified dancer, Brandy, just for ratings. Carrie Ann had been very snippy towards Brandy the last 2 weeks and now I understand why, it was to pave the way for her to be eliminated. Bristol, you should not be a part of this injustice. Be a big person and disqualify yourself.

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