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'Dancing With the Stars' results recap: Out Fox(ed)

122500_5444_pre The Republicans gained a lot of seats in the House on election day. And in a ballroom upset, they were able to hold on to one more in the Rectagon on Tuesday night as well. The "DWTS" voters came out in droves to cast their ballots and saved low-scoring Bristol Palin from elimination once again. The teen advocate said she was OK with going home. She wanted to go home. Mark Ballas was OK with he and Bristol going home. They were ready to do the big send-off to Alaska. But the people have spoken, and apparently Bristol’s like the barnacle that can’t be shaken, no matter how little paddle points the judges throw her way. In a late-breaking twist, Bristol and Mark were kept in the ballroom office and deemed safe for another week of competition.

And, ultimately, it was not fellow bottom-dweller Kyle Massey and his ab-tastic Situation, but (gasp) Rick Fox and Cheryl Burke who got the boot during this seventh "Dancing With the Stars" week. And this, after the Jolly Green Giant got his highest scores ever on Monday night. The numbers just don't add up. Did that Boston Celtic green that Rick wore during his quickstep alienate his loyal Lakers fan base? Maybe the voters wanted to hurry and give Rick back to his girlfriend Eliza Dushku so they can do some more, um, practice ballroom at home. At least Rick could leave the stage with one 10 paddle under his belt. And the ex-Laker took the news like the NBA champ that he is, but still, it wasn’t easy being green (he also didn’t make good on Lakers Coach Phil Jackson’s mandate to beat Kurt Warner). Rick looked a bit shell-shocked by this abrupt departure, like he wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to the glitz and glamour (and guyliner).

And neither was I. Because really, sending off a guy who clearly wanted to stay over someone who had plainly said she was ready to go home was a bit difficult to swallow. It’s hard to root for someone who half-heartedly engages in the competition and already had said outright that she wants to call it quits.

But we should move on, I guess. As part of the extra-long election results program, we got a "Step in Time" performance from the cast of "Mary Poppins" as part of the Macy's Stars of Dance, which was an entertaining show of Cockney-accented chimney sweeps tapping it out on the floor. Those kids were dressed far too warmly for such a balmy Hollywood night, though. And then Mary Poppins took off in the air across the ballroom on her magic umbrella, a grand gesture that fit right into the fantastical "DWTS" universe. It would have fit in more had her umbrella been bedazzled, but the British are more reserved, I guess.

Special Dance Awards were given out through the course of the evening. Marie Osmond beat out the likes of Kelly Monaco's wardrobe malfunction and Kate Gosselin's attitude to win the "Most Dramatic" award, which she accepted during her show in Las Vegas and dedicated to partner Jonathan Roberts, for not catching her when she fainted. (Most funny was that she collapsed right as Len was yammering on about "the gaiety and the fun of the samba"). "DanceCenter" host Kenny Mayne edged out Master P, Billy Ray Cyrus and Kate Gosselin to accept the two-left-feet award for Best Worst Dancer, just in time to make a plug for the Breeders Cup. Finally, a shorn Louis Van Amstel stepped past Maks, Derek, Mark and Tony to receive the Golden Ponytail award as the male pro dancer with the Biggest Dance Transformation.

Taylor Swift -- she who sold a million albums in a week -- came back to the "DWTS" stage and sang two songs. The first was "Speak Now" from her latest album, accompanied by Chelsie, Dmitry, Lacey and Tony, who played the role of teens having the time of their lives at a country dance. Taylor sounded better for her second song "White Horse," sung to a montage of heartwarming moments from the series’ history, which cast a gauze of poignancy and meaning on the entire affair. And then got a little odd and awkward after Tom fawned all over the singer, pulled a Marie Osmond and (fake-) fainted, and had Taylor take on his hosting duties.

Rod Stewart also came back to the "DWTS" stage to perform, tempering the "Da Ya Think I’m Sexy" swagger for a dapper suit and a rendition of "I Get A Kick Out of You" from his new album of American songbook classics, accompanied by Damian Whitewood and Peta Murgatroyd on the dance floor.

Although there wasn’t a glittery gavel given out for Best Judgment, we were treated to a small sampling of the judges’ greatest hits. Carrie Ann was shown doing her helicopter dance move and telling a plethora of contestants that they moved her to tears. Len said things like "a gypsy around the campfire cooking your sausages" and "it was like watching a stripper," and Bruno shook his moneymaker and spouted his share of double entendre bon mots.

Best line of the evening came from juicy cheeseburger and all around joy Niecy Nash, who joined the well-wishes of John O’Hurley, Sarah Palin, John Legend and Buzz Armstrong Aldrin in congratulating "Dancing With the Stars" on its 200th show: "Two hundred episodes makes you an old hag, but when you put sequins on anything, it looks good."

The remaining stars all spoke about coping with stress. Kyle showed some sound-bite wisdom and said competitors dealt with stress while champions conquered it. Rick Fox had some of the most entertaining lines, saying that he’d rather be on the free-throw line at Game 7 of the NBA finals than have to face the rigors of performing on the dance floor.

Though maybe he spoke too soon, because now he doesn’t have to.

What do you think of Tuesday night's surprise elimination, ballroom fans? Can anything stop Bristol the Pistol? And what do you think of next week’s Instant Dance idea: bedazzlingly brilliant, or would you rather have instant pudding?

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Rick Fox and dance partner Cheryl Burke.

Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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It is obvious people are not voting on dancing ability. Bristol Palin should have been gone. She missed steps last week and they still voted her back. She cried last night and said she missed her son and wanted to go home. Let her!! She's not that good.Rick and Cheryl got robbed!

That's always the problem when America is left to make decisions on things they know nothing about. They vote on popularity and not skill/talent. Although I don't know why Rick wasn't more popular. He's gorgeous; and Cheryl is one of the best female instructors.

Ahem. Excuse me, miss. That was Buzz "Aldrin." A real star walker among fake glitter stars.

1)Bristol the Pistol lives for another day. Next week will be her last.
2)Brooke Burke is doing a terrific job and is nice eye candy for the guys.
3)Tom Bergeron is the best.

First off, ABC would have been better off moving this to Wed night as they have done in the past, instead of the constant interruptions for election results (especially since I am currently stuck in Shreveport & the local ABC affiliate has anchors that have difficulty stringing coherent sentences together, but I digress...) I was disappointed the quality of the soundtrack used for the 'Mary Poppins' number since the tapping was so out of sync w/the actual performance. Very frustrating to hear audience reaction to the montage played during Taylor Swift's 2nd song but not able to see what they were responding to for ourselves. Finally, now that viewers & voters have seen & heard for themselves that Bristol wants to go home, perhaps they will take the hint next week & give her a parting gift!

i thought for sure that bristol would be eliminated. she was far worse than rick fox. bristol will probably go next time. i think the final 2 will be brandy and jennifer gray. the winner will probably be..........Brandy.

"It’s hard to root for someone who half-heartedly engages in the competition and already had said outright that she wants to call it quits."

I think she should have gone home, but you cannot say she does not work hard. No whining, no 20-minute breaks, just steady rehearsal. And she does have musicality and a fair amount of grace for a non-celebrity dancing live in front of 22 million people.

Of course Palin wants to quit the show. Look at her mother's behavior. Sarah Palin took an oath to be Governor. Then she jumps on John McCain's campaign. When it got to be too much stress.....resigned her position as Governor, which she was lucky to get in the first place.
Now there's a quitter for you.

The Tea Party strikes again....go Bristol!!!!!

Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, America's Got Talent... None of these shows give the actual vote tallies. Why not? Perhaps because the votes don't always go with what the producers want, or have planned. But keep voting, because each of the 6 to 10 votes you are allowed to text gives that much more money to AT&T. The bottom line is the money, not the votes of the viewers.

Why should the current stars rehearse and hone their skills for next week? The American public places no value on the skills or efforts of the stars. Bristol does NOT deserve to stay. The American voters are voting solely on her mommies popularity. It is time for her to go home, actually it was time weeks ago so that the qualified dancers would still be there. Audrina and Rick did not deserve to be kicked off.

Without having read all the comments here as I almost always do before I post, I have to say that last night's elimination stunk up the place. I'm convinced that the only way Bristol Palin is still in this competition is that her mother's "people" have been stuffing the ballot box. Bristol is NOT a better dancer than Rick Fox, and absolutely not better than the previous shocking elimination, Audrina Patridge.

I understood how Cloris Leachman stuck around so long a season or two ago: at least she's funny. I mean, as a dancer, she clearly did not have it, but from a purely entertainment standpoint, she's a hoot. Bristol is only marginally a better dancer than Leachman, but Bristol is not an entertainer.

The producers manipulate the way the eliminations are presented on the air for purposes of "suspense" -- ratings -- but they can't manipulate actual vote count. Probably no one outside the production has access to any actual hard numbers. All the audience ever sees is results. But Bristol Palin's ridiculous vote totals have obviously little to nothing to do with her dance ability, because she barely gets by on the dance floor, and almost everything to do with her mother.

My favorite from the beginning was Jennifer Grey, and she still is. I also have a sentimental soft spot for Florence Henderson, but I knew she wouldn't stick around very long. I decided that if Grey gets eliminated before the winner is chosen, I'll stop watching because I'll know that the best dancer won't win.

There are probably a lot of people out there who vote like I do: I look at who's second-from-bottom (because Bristol's reliably at the bottom), and then I give that person all or most of my votes, even though there are dancers who are better. This week, for example, I gave the bulk of my votes to Kyle, since he was right above Bristol. I threw about a third of my votes to Kurt, since he also has been in the bottom two of prior results shows, and about 1/6 of my votes to Rick. I have 13 email accounts (plus the telephone) that I'm using to vote, and this week a person got 6 votes per account. (By the way, John de Salvio, all those votes are free. Only texted votes cost $, and I don't text.)

I didn't send a lot of votes Rick's way (and didn't vote at all for Brandy, who I actually thought was the best dancer this week), because I count on two things to save them: their higher percentage of the judges' scores, and the inevitable votes they'll get from the many people who just vote their favorites. The second-to-bottom person, however (less than a percentage point above Bristol in the judges' scores), needs a TON of viewer votes to counter her inevitably high viewer vote total. There are many, many people out there giving her 100% of their votes, undiluted by votes for other worthy contestants. You can't spread your votes around too much: if you're going to save someone who isn't in the top 2, you've got to give that person all, or nearly all, of your votes.

Anyway... if other people who want Bristol to go are doing what I do, that may explain why it was Rick and not bottom-twoer Kyle that got kicked off.

I’ve been watching DWTS since the first season and it ALWAYS amazes me when I read comments like some of the ones here.
People, p-l-e-a-s-e remember the premise of this show. It is supposed to be about people who have very little or no dance background or experience and the person who gets the MOST votes wins! It ia NOT a show were people get voted off–in other words people don’t vote for the person they want to go. It’ the person who gets the LEAST number of votes–even if just by one vote. Please, just because people you want to stay have gone, don’t say crap like the show is rigged or that you are no longer going to watch! That’s called being a sore loser! There have been many times that contestants have left too soon for me or some that stayed longer than the should have in my opinion. But that’s the way the show is set up. If it were all about the judge’s votes, then you’d have an argument but that isn’t the case. The people with the most votes will stay. Some people will vote according to who actualy danced the best but a lot vote based on who they like for other reasons. Also, in my opinion, I think there have been many times that someone left that was excellent because people didn’t vote because they assumed that person would be getting enough votes. If enough people feel that way, that person ends up leaving because the votes weren’t there. (I hope that made sense!)
I for one do like it when there are people who are truly inexperienced dancers and who are making a sincere effort to progress. That’s what the show is supposed to be about too–showing progress and the audience votes. That’s what makes the show so interesting to me because you just never know who is going to go! I will admit that I did vote for Bristol but did not use all of my votes for her.I have to define though that when I say “all my votes”, I have more than one phone line and I do have several email accounts. Let’s think about that for a moment; the fact that they allow you to vote multiple times from different phone lines and different email addresses shows that they want to give viewers the opportunity to vote as many times as possible for either one person or for multiple people. I am NOT a Sarah Palin supporter but do appreciate Bristol and her efforts. I will not be voting for her next week–one reason because she said she wants to go home and secondly because it is getting down to the wire and there are others who do deserve to be there. However, I do NOT like Jennifer Grey and wouldn’t mind seeing her leave! I can only imagine what kind of outcry that would cause!

Why is it that people have such a problem when people don't agree with them? Wanting to stop watching a show like this because the audience is allowed to vote on whatever criteria they choose to, and they don't vote they way you would! That is so childish! Some people watch this show because they are really watching it as a true dance competition and don't realize that it is not! A true dance competition would NOT allow viewers to vote--it would be all about the judges. There are others of us who do watch it for entertainment, do vote but in doing so will for a time vote based on people that you really like and feel really want to be there but then near the end, want the person who has danced the best and has the personality to go along with it to win. Example, if the final 2 were Brandy & Jennifer Grey, I'd want Brandy to win. I just don't like Jennifer Grey even though she is dancing well. If it were between Jennifer and Kyle, of course Jennifer is the better dancer although Kyle did make the most progress between the 2--he started from nothing. But in this case, I'd have to give it to Jennifer although I would just refrain from voting that week!

So please everyone, just relax and enjoy the show for what it’s worth–ENTERTAINMENT! Don’t get so serious about it! Use you votes and let the chips fall where they may.

One other comment, no Bristol is NOT a star but like it or not, she is a celebrity. Even if for a short time. You may not like that but it’s true. There are others who have not been “Stars” either but I think not only do that have trouble getting true “Stars” but they word “Stars” used in the name of the show shouldn’t be taken literally. There have been very few true “stars” on this show–most have been celebrities and there is a difference. It took until the 3rd week before I even knew who Audrina was! To me, she is a celebrity because she has a TV show–she is NOT a star. To me, one of the criteria for “star” is longevity. Not a celebrity who is popular for the moment. Florence Henderson, star? YES! The Osmonds, stars? YES! Jane Seymour, a star? Yes! Melissa Rycroft, star? NO, celebrity.Brook Burke, star? NO, celebrity. Drew Lachey, star? NO, celebrity? Get it?

If Bristol Palin wins this season, the show will be missing many faithful watchers of DWTS in the future. She should've been off many weeks ago. DWTS must change the way they pick winners after this season or people won't want to watch it anymore including me!


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