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'Dancing With the Stars': Blogosphere in a tizzy over Bristol Palin's advance to the finals

122653_9952_pre The "Dancing With the Stars" voters have come out in droves to keep Bristol "the Pistol" Palin in the competition. And now the blogosphere is speaking out about the controversial news that the improved, yet still low-scoring teen activist and political daughter beat out the likes of Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge and Brandy to make it to the Season 11 finals.

"Let the conspiracy theories begin!" said Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog

"After Tuesday night, it should be plainly obvious to anyone even barely paying attention to the 11th season that ABC and 'Dancing With the Stars' have -- for want of a better phrase -- a 'Bristol problem,'" wrote Verne Gay in Newsday.

Jimmy Kimmel called Brandy the latest victim of "Hurricane Bristol" and suggested "an organized Tea Party voting bloc" was behind Brandy's elimination when the ousted singer and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

Perhaps the most violent reaction came from a 67-year-old Wisconsin man, who had a standoff with authorities and was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment when he reportedly shot his television after Bristol Palin's performance, citing that "he didn’t think she was a good dancer."

And of course, there was no shortage of theories posted by commenters themselves. Here's a sampling of the Bristol buzz on the Internet Wednesday morning:


"BRISTOL, REALLY? Please people, vote next week and get real!" exclaimed oc_loladee.

"The ONLY reason Bristol is still there is due to viewers votes. SHE CANNOT DANCE and DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to be in the finals. This season's voting results had nothing to do with talent or skill because if it did Bristol should have been voted off the 1st week! It's a popularity contest that has gone HORRIBLY wrong at other peoples expense," said SB.

"Apparently many Americans prefer mediocrity. Thanks Tea Party!" wrote in Tiki.  

Still, others chalk it up to the nature of the game. 

"It is no shock that Brisotl is in the Finals... look at Kelly O (famous daughter, not the best dancer... made the finals)... the show is Not Just About Dancing! If it was, Kyle would be gone too (with his poor posture, and scattered footwork at times). It is part dancing, part a journey, part entertainment, and part voting simply for whom you want to win. I vote for Bristol because I like her performances... she's not being political at all," explained Keith.

"Haters. The girl embodies what the show is about. Non dancers learning to dance. I can't stand her mother, but I am completely taken with Bristol, she is real. And that is where her votes are coming from. They are coming from the people that realize that that is what they would look like up there," wrote in Stefanie.

And there are those who believe that Brandy was ousted by her own hand. "brandy's obsession to win was a bit of a turn off. THe other contestants seemed like they were there to have fun. I picked against brandy for that reason alone," said Carlos. 

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Bristol Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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I thought it was called "Dancing with the Stars?" the only thing Sarah Palin has starred in is the back seat of a jalopy in Wasilla. It is so obviously a fixed competition with all the "teabaggers"....I guess she would qualify for that....voting because of her idiot mother. All sane people need to vote against this trollop.

Is about who can dance the best and is clear Bristol can't... Brandy was obsess about wining!!!! you tell me who is'it!! eveyone that has ever been on dansing with the stats want to win.... y is that a bad thing? we all need to be obsess about been the best. now if you think Bristol is the best you'r all nuts. You let me that if I would have been pregnet at 16 or 17 I would have been a teen actives???? what is this world coming to????????????

Consider her payback for giving us Nancy Pelosi.

I am done with Dancing with the Stars. Bristol is not as bad as Kate Gosselin, but she should have gone two weeks ago. I like her, but really people spare us and her the embarrasement. This is not the first upset with Dancing so think it is time for the show to go...

For those who did not vote, please vote. Bristol did not deserve more than 7 or 8's in her last dance. Her footwork is good, but is not feeling the music.

Bristol should be in church, not dancing...She wants everyone to be celebate (even though she wasn't) oh, it's just that Mom and all the tea bummers actually dictate what we should do, what we should watch, whom to vote for...and they call everyone else Nazi's....perhaps they should look in the mirrior!

I believe this is the beginning of the end for DWTS. The opinion that she has improved is a fact but she clearly is not better than the last three contestants that were eliminated.

Dancing with the Stars has "jumped the shark" when Bristol wins.

If people are so unhappy then change the venue so that people can not vote and just let the judges vote. If you do that then no one would watch it. I think she is definitely the most improved and deserves to be there. I remember the people complaining when the young Osborne and Marie Osmond were voted into the final. Everybody needs to relax, grow up and enjoy the show.....

These shows are rigged. People are just dumb!!

First of all, Bristol Palin should never have been on the show. It's called "Dancing With The Stars" and she doesn't qualify. She's not an actress, a singer, a model or an athlete. OK, I know Buzz Aldrin wasn't any of those, either, but he is a very famous person.
Palin is billed as a "teen activist" which doesn't cut it. That being said, she has improved a bit over the course of the show, I'll give her that, but there's no way she should be in the final three. She should have been gone by Week 5 or 6.

bristol needs to go home and be a mom, she does not deserve to be there, please if she wins turn the trophy over to jennier or kyle, they are the ones that derserve it, she needs to open up her eyes and realize shes not getting the votes because of her dancing, its because of her mom. there have to be a different way of judgeing, not letting the public vote, or have the public vote with honesty on danceing and not who they are. like thats going to happen. its not fair the way people of voting a lot of good dancers are off the show because of this. bristol go home

I haven't seen Bristol dance, but I can't help wondering when the American people started hating excellence. "The American dream" is supposed to be that anyone with talent can work hard and succeed. Nowadays, if you have talent and work hard, everyone scorns you as an elitist. They always root for the underdog who hasn't worked nearly as hard. Ask anyone on the Duke basketball team if you don't believe me.

Hey everyone, do we take this show serious? This is just entertainment...

The REAL winners are the sponsors and the phone company from all that texting...

U go BRISTOL...!

What a farce!!!
Here we go again, "The Dancing Pig" moves to the next level. This is a shame, she should have been eliminated weeks ago. Her ability on the dance floor is limited, at best. I feel sorry for the others that were eliminated because of this crap. Of course, she does not have the class to disqualify herself.
What a shame.

trulyCyn does not have a sense of right or wrong. Is this typical Republicant? This DWS and Bristolmania are suck! She can't even dance but she still there. Shame!

OK, Guys,
This is official! I will not watch Dancing With the Stars anymore (at least not this season) because it has become too political. We all know that Brandy was unfairly eliminated because she does not have a powerful political force voting for her like Bristol. If there had been any question about who was the better dancer then perhaps I wouldn't be so concerned. The judges should have done the right thing and allowed their votes to make the final decision. Join me in my boycott against this program and send the show's producers a message!

I feel bad for Brandy. It is sort of unfair to go through all the work, be scored based on your performance and only lose if you don't have the popular votes. Also it is extremely unfair to have a professional dancer Jennifer Grey in the competion. Bistol on the other hand was prepared and groomed for the winner spot. Total unfair and politically motivated. The show is very upsetting and shows how far we have come from having politicans with experience and heart for public service. What a sham!!!!

Michelle B. seems to think cheating is fine, if you accuse the other person of doing it first.

It's a *dance* competition, people. Perverting it into some kind of skewed lifestyle popularity contest debases it. If the dancing is good, that's all that matters.

Meanwhile, right wing sites are posting how-to instructions on how to cheat at internet voting, with comments on how it will " . . . make liberals' heads explode."

How very Christian.

Cheating isn't right. Never has been, never will be. It cheapens Ms. Palin's efforts.

I would post a comment here, but there isn't any point. It will be moderated and censored by a hack who apparently puts all the posts up on a dartboard and throws darts to determine which posts he/she will censor. I posted several posts that contained no profanity, threats, insults or aggression of any kind, only to find they were omitted on the message boards. Yet as I go through past bookmarked pages, I find profanity, racist tirades and epithets, and all kinds of despicable and offensive posts remaining. Do you actually have a webmaster at all? Do they have anyone working under them? Because someone needs to be fired. Seriously.

Bye-bye "Dancing With The Stars." After a full season of the judges inflating Ms. Palen's scores while other much more talented and deserving participants have left, I have lost total interest. Hopefully, others will agree. This charade has run its course.

Just like election for George when I voted for Kerry and it came up that I voted for Bush, I called in 5 times to vote for Brandy and it said I did not vote. It was all staged for Bristol to win, Brandy did not stand a chance. I live in FL and when Republicans want someone to win anything they will lie, cheat or steal to get it. I am a registered Republican and ashamed to admit it. I VOTED FOR BRANDY AND IT DID NOT LET ME VOTE EVEN ONE TIME. I HAVE VOTED FOR ALLTHE OTHER CONTESTANTS EVERY WEEK, EVERY YEAR AND IT LET ME, NOT THIS TIME! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?????

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