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'Dancing With the Stars': Blogosphere in a tizzy over Bristol Palin's advance to the finals

122653_9952_pre The "Dancing With the Stars" voters have come out in droves to keep Bristol "the Pistol" Palin in the competition. And now the blogosphere is speaking out about the controversial news that the improved, yet still low-scoring teen activist and political daughter beat out the likes of Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge and Brandy to make it to the Season 11 finals.

"Let the conspiracy theories begin!" said Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog

"After Tuesday night, it should be plainly obvious to anyone even barely paying attention to the 11th season that ABC and 'Dancing With the Stars' have -- for want of a better phrase -- a 'Bristol problem,'" wrote Verne Gay in Newsday.

Jimmy Kimmel called Brandy the latest victim of "Hurricane Bristol" and suggested "an organized Tea Party voting bloc" was behind Brandy's elimination when the ousted singer and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

Perhaps the most violent reaction came from a 67-year-old Wisconsin man, who had a standoff with authorities and was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment when he reportedly shot his television after Bristol Palin's performance, citing that "he didn’t think she was a good dancer."

And of course, there was no shortage of theories posted by commenters themselves. Here's a sampling of the Bristol buzz on the Internet Wednesday morning:


"BRISTOL, REALLY? Please people, vote next week and get real!" exclaimed oc_loladee.

"The ONLY reason Bristol is still there is due to viewers votes. SHE CANNOT DANCE and DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to be in the finals. This season's voting results had nothing to do with talent or skill because if it did Bristol should have been voted off the 1st week! It's a popularity contest that has gone HORRIBLY wrong at other peoples expense," said SB.

"Apparently many Americans prefer mediocrity. Thanks Tea Party!" wrote in Tiki.  

Still, others chalk it up to the nature of the game. 

"It is no shock that Brisotl is in the Finals... look at Kelly O (famous daughter, not the best dancer... made the finals)... the show is Not Just About Dancing! If it was, Kyle would be gone too (with his poor posture, and scattered footwork at times). It is part dancing, part a journey, part entertainment, and part voting simply for whom you want to win. I vote for Bristol because I like her performances... she's not being political at all," explained Keith.

"Haters. The girl embodies what the show is about. Non dancers learning to dance. I can't stand her mother, but I am completely taken with Bristol, she is real. And that is where her votes are coming from. They are coming from the people that realize that that is what they would look like up there," wrote in Stefanie.

And there are those who believe that Brandy was ousted by her own hand. "brandy's obsession to win was a bit of a turn off. THe other contestants seemed like they were there to have fun. I picked against brandy for that reason alone," said Carlos. 

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Bristol Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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Anyone remember the original concept of this show?

Stars with no prior dance experience which leads to good television involving people who can't dance?!....Brandy is a singer/performer which means ...Of course she can dance!!!!....Jennifer was in a movie called "Dirty Dancing"!!!

The shows basis is about watching celebrities who can't dance/ have never danced before, dance with professionals and grow as the weeks go on. Isn't that exactly what Bristol and Cory are doing? I don't know about you all, but I enjoy rooting for the under dogs...celebrities/ sports stars who have never danced before.....


I have been a long time viewer of DWTS but I won't be watching the final, much as I love Jennifer and Kyle. Shame on the producers for choosing her to begin with. Bristol may be a very sweet girl but she had no credentials to be on the show. She's not a celebrity, she's Sarah Palin's daughter and that's why she was picked. The ratings ploy may have worked but it made the show a farce. She and the shows' producers should be ashamed that she's still there when better dancers were sent home.

i cant beleive that Palin made it over Brandy. I think Dancing With The Stars should rethink how the voteing is done to reach a decision about the winner. i think it is terrible how a person like Bristol can win just because of her Mother. What is happening with the World today. I think if this is the way things are done on the show i will never watch the show again.

Are you saying that Bristol is not a whiner? She whined and said that Mak didn't like her and treated her coldly. She whined and said people were claiming she was being kept on because of her mother's tea party connections. If anybody else on the show had any complaints, they kept them to themselves and didn't go running to the "lamestream media" with it. She's told Us Weekly that she deserves to win because she "guarantees" she's the most improved. Everybody else has gotten better and better too. How can she be so presumptuous to believe she's the best? I guess the nut doesn't fall far from the tree!!

I think people voting for Bristol have degraded the whole show. Yes she has improved but she is a terrible dancer. I would like to know what the rules really are for the scoring. Obviously all the Tea Partiers have gotten on board. What a shame to see Brandy bumped off.

I'm more shocked that people keep Jenifer Grey in the competition, she is so annoying with her injury here her injury there, like "poor me" "poor me" every week, to try to get you to think that its such a struggle for her, but yet she comes out and dances like a pro... because she is a pro she has been dancing her whole life!!!! she has been preforming for over 25 years. This is not the type of journey I wanna see. Kyle has worse technique then Bristol, she is a better dancer then him any day, he is just a great performer, kyle cant dance but could preform, Bristol cant preform but could dance, with this being said shouldn't people be all up and arms against Kyle for making it this far as well?

most improved whatsin your coolaid herirt? she isnt even tryin her last dance monday was ever bit a trainwreck as her first people are makin a statement and I hate that has nothing to do with the dancin

I voted for Bristol and Kyle not for political reasons, but because both embody what the show is supposed to be about. It is about taking someone with no dancing experience and turning them into a dancer. It isn't any fun watching people who already know how to dance. As far as Brandy being ousted...well I don't like her partner Maksim.He argues with the judges and then there was one week where it was shown that he was smacking his partner Brandy on the ass to get her to do what he wanted--complete turn off.

Come on people she is not a great dancer and only is where she is becauce of her mom who i am tired of seeing on the show also. Its all political like always nothing new if she wins the show will suffer.

Sorry to all, but i am really happy that Brandy is gone.

I must admit, she is a very good dancer. one of the bests actualy. It is the attitude that i didn’t like! she wanted people to take pity of her… telling us that she is the only one deserving because she had ups and downs… blablabla… well they ALL deserve a shot!

She is gone now and that brings me to think that voters didn’t like her attitude either.

As for Bristol, maybe she is getting political votes, maybe not! I do think that she is the weaker dancer, but she represents the girl next door, the one working in an office. lots of people could relate to her and admire how she is going way out of her confort zone.

The best dancer is Jennifer, she is working her a** off!

I am so disappointed and disgusted that Bristol Palin has advanced - she should have been eliminated 6 shows ago and I firmly believe this a political vote. I think the show should obviously not put any political figures on this show. What a joke. All you ever see her do in practice is whine. At least Kelly Osborne worked her butt off. I see no improvement in Bristol from beginning to end. As far as I am concerned the show ended last night.

I am so sad that a show a family can watch together has allowed Bristol to participate as she is not a star. She is a unwed mom who cannot dance and now is in the running to win. What has our world turned into.

DWTS lost more than Brandi. It's lost future stars & fans. It was the worst show ever. It wasn't about the best dancers. Maybe I was misinformed. The finals should mean the best of the best in dancing. What started out with a great lineup sunk to an altime low. How can Bristol even show her face?

I have one question????? Why is Bristol still there?? She is a sweet girl but not a dancer!!

Brandy was a far better dancer, she should have been in the top three

It was obvious that Palin was not the best dancer... but this is all about politics, so I voted for Bristol. There were millions of people just like me that viewed this as a proxy vote for Sarah Palin.

Mr. Obama was not the best candidate for president, but he won anyway. Call it pay-back if you want, I simply don't care. I hope Bristol goes all the way for the big win!

Look people the show is supposed to be about dancing talent not popularity,for one thing Bristol has NO talent.Obviously this twit is advancing from popularity not talent.Why don't you idiots start voting for the talent like it should be,this girl is a twit just like her mother.Get real people vote for talent or don't vote at all.Dancing with the stars need to change the rules & let the judges do the eliminations based on talent & desire to win

That is the last time I will watch dancing with the stars. From what I could see, Bristol won because she is a Palin.

I think it is ridiculous that ppl r blaming Tea Partiers for Palin's position. I am a TP and I only voted for her in Wk 1 so she wouldn't be gone the first week. Since then, I am just as shocked as everyone else that she has made it thusfar. Point ur blame at urself or ur neighbors who dont vote to keep their favorites.
Grow up!!!

I'm glad to see Brandy gone. She wasn't consistently good at dancing and her attitude was so bad.

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