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'Dancing With the Stars': Blogosphere in a tizzy over Bristol Palin's advance to the finals

122653_9952_pre The "Dancing With the Stars" voters have come out in droves to keep Bristol "the Pistol" Palin in the competition. And now the blogosphere is speaking out about the controversial news that the improved, yet still low-scoring teen activist and political daughter beat out the likes of Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge and Brandy to make it to the Season 11 finals.

"Let the conspiracy theories begin!" said Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog

"After Tuesday night, it should be plainly obvious to anyone even barely paying attention to the 11th season that ABC and 'Dancing With the Stars' have -- for want of a better phrase -- a 'Bristol problem,'" wrote Verne Gay in Newsday.

Jimmy Kimmel called Brandy the latest victim of "Hurricane Bristol" and suggested "an organized Tea Party voting bloc" was behind Brandy's elimination when the ousted singer and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

Perhaps the most violent reaction came from a 67-year-old Wisconsin man, who had a standoff with authorities and was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment when he reportedly shot his television after Bristol Palin's performance, citing that "he didn’t think she was a good dancer."

And of course, there was no shortage of theories posted by commenters themselves. Here's a sampling of the Bristol buzz on the Internet Wednesday morning:


"BRISTOL, REALLY? Please people, vote next week and get real!" exclaimed oc_loladee.

"The ONLY reason Bristol is still there is due to viewers votes. SHE CANNOT DANCE and DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to be in the finals. This season's voting results had nothing to do with talent or skill because if it did Bristol should have been voted off the 1st week! It's a popularity contest that has gone HORRIBLY wrong at other peoples expense," said SB.

"Apparently many Americans prefer mediocrity. Thanks Tea Party!" wrote in Tiki.  

Still, others chalk it up to the nature of the game. 

"It is no shock that Brisotl is in the Finals... look at Kelly O (famous daughter, not the best dancer... made the finals)... the show is Not Just About Dancing! If it was, Kyle would be gone too (with his poor posture, and scattered footwork at times). It is part dancing, part a journey, part entertainment, and part voting simply for whom you want to win. I vote for Bristol because I like her performances... she's not being political at all," explained Keith.

"Haters. The girl embodies what the show is about. Non dancers learning to dance. I can't stand her mother, but I am completely taken with Bristol, she is real. And that is where her votes are coming from. They are coming from the people that realize that that is what they would look like up there," wrote in Stefanie.

And there are those who believe that Brandy was ousted by her own hand. "brandy's obsession to win was a bit of a turn off. THe other contestants seemed like they were there to have fun. I picked against brandy for that reason alone," said Carlos. 

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Bristol Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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I too tried to vote for Brandy and the line was always busy for her. HOwever, when I finally got through, the taped message said that I had used my 5 votes and couldn't vote any more. I had never gotten through, so how had I used up my votes? The show is rigged for Bristol to win and people should not watch it anymore because they politicized it this season. Why can't we simply watch the show for entertainment and leave politics out of out? They lost me as a fan forever! Bristol is simply not good! She did improve from the 1st show, but she also lacks stage presence.Bristol was not a star in the first place and should have never been invited to be on the show. She is the only person ever to be on the show who didn't have a entertainment career of some sorts (acting, singing, sports, politician, reality star). I can see if they had chosen her mother (politician). Bristol was chosen purely for political reasons and we cannot allow them to use the American people ever again due to their greed to increase their ratings. There ratings were already huge to begin with!

look folks! The simple truth is, that if you are going to have the public vote, this type of "unfairness" is certain to happen! Just look at polling surveys in state and federal elections. People vote for a myriad of reasons, some sound and some rather unrelated to the performance of the candidate. I am afraid ABC has themselves in a catch 22 situation... If they cancel public voting, no one will watch, and if they don't, this will almost certainly happen again with a similar drop in audience! love the show but this is a major flaw!

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DWTS has gone to the DOGS. A non celebrity thinks she is celebrity because of who mummy is but Bristol you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You CAN'T DANCE. BRISTOL how the hell are you still on the show when you are doing nothing except walking and Mark has to be carrying you across the floor all the time. It makes no sense. BRISTOL you need to show people you are not so selfish and LEAVE the show cause you keep making a fool of yourself and a PITY PROJECT. You keep getting votes because of mummy dearest and we all know that you did not get more votes than BRANDY. The votes were rigged and if the producers had any sense of morality they would send you packing but they can't cause they already took mummy's money.

I was floored when Brandy was eleminated. Bristol palin is stiff, robotic and has no dancing skills. She has no business in the finals and should have been booted off weeks ago. This is supposed to be about dancing and not a popularity contest. To say that Brandy showed too much emotions about winning, is a stupid statement. Why enter the contest if you don't want to win. I can't stand the Palins, they are everywhere and getting into things they have no business getting into. The finals should have been between Grey and Brandy I will not watch the finals. I might never watch this show again. Something has to be done about the voting, which is suspect.

I loved dwts but when other great dancers are being booted and one that can't dance,has no personality....she looks like a zombie out there, when others are dancing great....has anybody looked at the voters online results?????they can vote up to 60 times on one email address????? I thought this was a dancing compatition NOT a populatity contest! how dare Bristol for going on knowing that she JUST CANT DANCE. HEY EVERYBODY OUT THERE LETS ALL CREATE 10 EMAIL ADDRESSES EACH AND LETS SEE WHAT WILL HAPPENS....NOBODY CHECKS ON THAT WE CAN VOTE WHAT..60 TIMES? FOR ONE COUPLE! SORRY but Broistol just can't move the way GREAT TALENTED DANCERS DO GET HERT OUT OF THERE!!!!! Goodbuy DWTS!

DWTS is such a joke to let this happen. We live in america its about the best not about the under dog. Why is she on the show? Who's stupid idea was it to put here there. ABC I WILL NEVER EVER WATCH SHOW AGAIN.

Didn't Brandy say she has a little girl? I heard her refer once on the show about "my daughter." She's a mom out of wedlock. Don't rag on Bristol for that in comparison to Brandy.

Palin won because of voter fraud-- there's bloggers out there telling folks how to vote multiple times; one stating he'd voted "hundreds of times" for her...and then laughably claimed it wasn't political, haha!

Bristol is the complete example of what DWTS is all about. She is there to achieve the art of dancing! She has no musical/dancing background but shows the determination and humble abode to proceed week after week, through all the ridicule of those who only want entertainment not to see someone succeed! Yes, I voted for her, because she shows the honest side of DWTS!
Stick to your guns, Bistol the PISTOL!

Bloggers are bragging about how they gamed the voting system, using made up email addresses and voting, one claims, 300 times in 3 hours. Apparently the real appeal of this show is to those who have 3 hours to sit and send in votes that violate the rules of the show. These same folks are obviously the ones who want Bristol Palin to win, even if she can't dance. This show has lost its point. I won't watch again.

what a joke Bristol can't dance!what has she done? besides Levi Johnston and boost teenage pregancies she should go home and play mommie to her kid!!posted

I remember being out of town and not voting the season Cheetah Girl, Sabrina was voted off. CLEARLY the best dancer, but not enough votes to keep her in the competition. I vowed to never miss voting again. This season I had 5 favorites.... including Bristol. 3 of my favs are headed into the finals. Not one vote ever went to Brandi. I am sure lots of people felt the same way. Her attitude from the very start was a turn off.

I saw where someone commented earlier that she was voted out because she was black and Bristol is white.... explain KYLE. He is awesome!! I LOVE his whole attitude and charisma.... something Brandi lacks. Color has nothing to do with it... she just doesn't strike me as a very nice person.

I hope Jennifer wins, but I do love Kyle and Bristol both. So I am happy whomever wins.

Bristol had no dance experience at all and came along way..I think that this is what it is all about... Brandy and Jennifer should not of even been on dancing with the stars anyway because they had a lot of experience I think that America got it right..Leave Bristol alone she has done a great job and I hope that she WINS.....

I have lost all interest and faith in DWTS after Brandy was voted off (with 2 perfect scores the night before) and Bristol was kept on. A major change in the voting system needs to be made!! Yes, Brandy was a victim of the voting system. Bring her back next year for another "go."

Bristol Palin is a young Kate Gosslin. She should have gone just
like Kate did. That BAT costume she came out in for the Paso
was ridiculous. She had shorts on underneath that my Grandmother
would wear. She's fat, outta shape and nothing more than a teen
mother that got hot and bothered in the back seat of Levi's car.
DWTS has become the biggest joke. So many of the dancers that
were eliminated were so much more adept at dancing than she could
ever dream to be. Make it a TOTALLY judge's vote based win or lose.
What do any of us know about whether or not the dancers are using
the correct footwork. No way Brandi should have been eliminated
before Bristol. One thing that I think hurt Brandi was Max's
attitude. I wanted to puke everytime he got up there after dancing.
His ego really hurt Brandi and I certainly wouldn't want to be
partnered with him on the next show. All and all, it is what it
is and this show has become entirely political and that's not why
I signed on to watch it. I've dropped Big Brother and Survivor
and it looks like DWTS will be the next reality show to go for me.
So sad.

Wouldn't it be a shock if Bristol Palin did the honorable thing and bowed out in favor of Brandy? It will never happen but I can dream, can't I? As for Brandy, who cares if she seemed a bit whiny? I can't help but wonder if the whole thing was fixed so that Jennifer Gray (who is also a whiny brat)ends up winning. Brandy is obviously the best dancer this season, far outclassing pudgy little Kyle and fat cow Bristol... "Teen Activist" what a joke!

I find it very interesting that many people have commented they could not vote for Brandy last Monday. If her line was so overwhelmed, there should be a second look at the voting system.... if indeed it is an honest voting system, which I strongly doubt. Bristol, step aside and acknowledge that you won unfairly and let Brandy take her obvious place in the finals.

No one has the belief that DWTS is not truthful after the last results show. Bristol should have never been allowed on the show, but once that was done, she should have been voted off weeks ago. It is a shame that her family talked about Levy wanting to be in the spotlight and look where she is. Please cancel the show after this season or only have true stars on next season. I doubt that I will watch again as others have stated in their comments. This girl was put in the public eye by her mother and having to admit that Bristol was having a baby and was an unmarried teen. No one believes that the mother's special needs child is really the mother's. They need to return to Alaska and moose country and not try to stay in the spotlight. No more embrassing news on this family. We had enough during the 2008 election.

Bristol should win. The losers are a bunch of cry babies. They need to get out the vote. If they cannot, they lose, lose, lose. Morons.

I'm not a DWTS fan per se and rarely watch, but this I know. DWTS is not the only reality show - American Idol, America's Got Talent, etc. - where the public votes, and the contestants are chosen for a reason -- they are the public FAVORITE rather than the best at what is being done. Realize this and you'll be happier watching...if that's what you want to do.

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