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'Dancing With the Stars': Blogosphere in a tizzy over Bristol Palin's advance to the finals

122653_9952_pre The "Dancing With the Stars" voters have come out in droves to keep Bristol "the Pistol" Palin in the competition. And now the blogosphere is speaking out about the controversial news that the improved, yet still low-scoring teen activist and political daughter beat out the likes of Kurt Warner, Rick Fox, Audrina Patridge and Brandy to make it to the Season 11 finals.

"Let the conspiracy theories begin!" said Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog

"After Tuesday night, it should be plainly obvious to anyone even barely paying attention to the 11th season that ABC and 'Dancing With the Stars' have -- for want of a better phrase -- a 'Bristol problem,'" wrote Verne Gay in Newsday.

Jimmy Kimmel called Brandy the latest victim of "Hurricane Bristol" and suggested "an organized Tea Party voting bloc" was behind Brandy's elimination when the ousted singer and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." 

Perhaps the most violent reaction came from a 67-year-old Wisconsin man, who had a standoff with authorities and was charged with second-degree reckless endangerment when he reportedly shot his television after Bristol Palin's performance, citing that "he didn’t think she was a good dancer."

And of course, there was no shortage of theories posted by commenters themselves. Here's a sampling of the Bristol buzz on the Internet Wednesday morning:


"BRISTOL, REALLY? Please people, vote next week and get real!" exclaimed oc_loladee.

"The ONLY reason Bristol is still there is due to viewers votes. SHE CANNOT DANCE and DEFINITELY doesn't deserve to be in the finals. This season's voting results had nothing to do with talent or skill because if it did Bristol should have been voted off the 1st week! It's a popularity contest that has gone HORRIBLY wrong at other peoples expense," said SB.

"Apparently many Americans prefer mediocrity. Thanks Tea Party!" wrote in Tiki.  

Still, others chalk it up to the nature of the game. 

"It is no shock that Brisotl is in the Finals... look at Kelly O (famous daughter, not the best dancer... made the finals)... the show is Not Just About Dancing! If it was, Kyle would be gone too (with his poor posture, and scattered footwork at times). It is part dancing, part a journey, part entertainment, and part voting simply for whom you want to win. I vote for Bristol because I like her performances... she's not being political at all," explained Keith.

"Haters. The girl embodies what the show is about. Non dancers learning to dance. I can't stand her mother, but I am completely taken with Bristol, she is real. And that is where her votes are coming from. They are coming from the people that realize that that is what they would look like up there," wrote in Stefanie.

And there are those who believe that Brandy was ousted by her own hand. "brandy's obsession to win was a bit of a turn off. THe other contestants seemed like they were there to have fun. I picked against brandy for that reason alone," said Carlos. 

-- Allyssa Lee


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Photo: Bristol Palin and dance partner Mark Ballas. Credit: Adam Larkey / ABC

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Palin needs to go away and let the true celebrities dance.

sun is shining..birds are chirping and Bristol is IN.
I'm so happy!
electrified by last night!
Bristol's character
scores very high points
in the hearts of the
Dance to remember
Dance to forget
sweet Bristol.

Bristol should eliminate herself from the contest. It would be good for her, her mother, the world and of course Brandy.

Bristol is winning because she has improved more than ANY other dancer this season. But mainly because she is not a whining stuck-up crybaby like Brandy was. If there is anything that American voters hate more is someone who thinks they deserve to win. Humbleness always rules the day.
Oh, and by the way...after America has spoken, the judges need to keep their fat mouths shut and accept that they were wrong!

Dancing with the Stars is a Joke. The Judges should have made Palin's scores much lower. What is the calculation and why don't we see the votes counted as they come in? I think the Judges and ABC are all behind this Palin thing. If Gray doesn't win, the show is a complete joke. I bet, Kyle leave next and then Palin will get the boot! Maybe she can do a guest stop on her Mom's reality show. Bristol is not a role model for anyone - She should be staying at home with her son and attending internet college classes!!

Brandy left the show because she got very few votes. No one really liked her from the start and her cavalier attitude about the death of that accident victim was the final straw in many viewers' eyes. However, I do believe it is time for Bristol to leave the show. Her performances are uninspiring and her partner practically has to drag her across the floor. It's a shame that a 20 year old woman is that badly out of shape and unable to put a little more life into her performances, but not everyone is a dancer, I suppose. Jennifer Grey for the win,with the charming Kyle a close second.

The same outcry was heard when Marie Osmond made it to the finals and Sarah Palin wasn't behind her. This show is about voting not necessarily talent. Those who are outraged about the results aren't voting.

Hey people, the US is alive and well, race will always come into play. What a shame that Brandy has to pay for the Tea Party wanting a winner at any cost.
We need to BOYCUT the following presentation of the so called "Dancing for the Stars".

i'm a big fan of dancing of the stars and Bristol might not be the best dancer but she gives it all and that's what God wants us as Christians to do and I pray that He gives her the power to go all the way.you go girl!!!!!!!

Rush Limbaugh going on & on about how the "libs" are soooo pi$$ed off that Bristol got in the finals. What a moron! Has the fat pompous idiot never heard of "Vote for the Worst"? They have been instrumental in rigging other tv contests to knock off some of the best folks in favor of the mediocre & the just plain sucky.
DWTS is a show for amateurs to learn to dance, and the best of the lot is supposed to win. Not the "one who tried hardest", nor the "single mommy" candidate. Brandy was clearly better; not only that, consistently better. Moreover, I think some americans just hate confident people who have talent. Seriously. Bristol no doubt got some votes cuz she makes most americans feel safe & secure: she is below average in talent; mediocre in looks, and generally screwed up bigtime by having a child out of wedlock at a most inconvenient time to her mommy. Sounds like she fits right in with most of america.....What a shame for Brandy.

I'm sorry but never in the history of DWTS have I seen such an obvious let down/upset. Nothing personal against Bristol but she cannot dance at all. She does not deserve to be in the finals. I dont really have a favorite this year but based on the dancers I've seen too many went home before they should have and she's still there. I understand starting with no dancing ability and getting better. But even her better isn't good and Kelly O danced way better than Bristol so that's no comparison. All i can say is this is a first for DWTS just awful really.

I'm a senior, doesn't belong to neither party.
Frankly I'm tired of hearing Sara paulin's mouth on the news. She is sticking her nose every issue where she doesn't belong. Truely I'm allergic to her HIGH PITCH voice.

I like to know why was the phone line was so busy Monday night, any other time I vote I got thourgh, and why is it so hard for a black lady to get chosen and all the white ones get to go ahead for Ball, you have very good dancer I Hope
DWS get drop, I am so tired of the Palin and her Tea Party

Not only is this no longer a dance contest, but this latest elimination is such an outrage that everyone I know is not even going to watch the finals and DWS will likely lose future audiences. It's a joke. This is suppose to be a dance contest, not a popularity contest. Bristol Palin was consistent--the lowest scorer throughout the entire contest. And she will win it too. Tea Party and Palin enthousiasts have taught us that mediocrity is the goal! And it doesn't help to see the judges fawn over Palin in the audience. Puleeze! It was sickening.

It's time to get this logroller off the air... she can't dance, has no personality and her mom's influence is an embarrassment for the show. It like an adult version of Tiara's and Toddlers. I understand the people vote but it's supposed to be a DANCE contest not a popularity contest. The show has been infected by the Palin Tea Party virus. Before you condemn the nasty things being written about the no-talent self-proclaimed abstinence advocate (what a joke!), think how the people that got yanked from the show because of her mom's legion of SS armies. I'll not watch another segment of a once great show....

Listen Up!!! Who is actually responsible for COUNTING these So-Called "Viewers Votes" what Proof do we have that Brandy did not receive enough Votes! All we have is Hear-Say!!!! Uhm... Sounds like the Same Hear-Say that we had to Take Their Word For It!! That... BUSH BEAT GORE IN THE RE-COUNT!!!! BUSH beat GORE... BRISTOL BEAT BRANDY... I DID NOT BUY IT THEN!!! AND I'M NOT BUYING IT NOW!!!!

Bristol Palin should have been out in the first round and the only reason she's still in is because of her mother and her involvement as an activist. This should not be based upon a popularity contest. This is a Dancing Contest. It's a travesty! What is the voting procedure? Because it seems horribly flawed!

Dancing with the stars is becoming a joke due to the right wing conspiracy! I don't care how much Bristol Palin improved, it's not the point of improving, it's the point of being the best one, and sorry but she was the worst one yesterday as every other week, no matter what.
I won't even bother to watch the finale since Bristol Palin is going to win, no matter what.
I think that Dancing with the stars made a mistake by mixing politics and show business. It makes results totally screwed up! Brandy was amazing yesterday as well as every other week, and she was the one to deserve to be in the finale.
Well, that will be one less show to watch on TV!

If the judging continues the way it is now, with so much emphasis on votes from the public, why would any "real star" want to compete if they are going to get voted off because of a dancers affiliation with political ties. True talent isnt rewarded here, why go through all the strenuous routines week after week only not to be recognized! I dont care if they feature a 'dancing lesbian elephant' on the next season cause I aint 'awatching'!

What a farce. Bristol improved as time went by..but there is no way she is better than the other three couples. Sponser's are only interested in collecting the phone charges that people pay to them to vote.

Voting should only be made by eligible judges in the dance profession.

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