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Charlie Sheen returns to work as the ratings for 'Two and a Half Men' soar

Getprev-1 A week after media reports that Charlie Sheen was found half-naked in his trashed New York hotel suite, the actor is back at work on "Two and a Half Men," a source close to the show has confirmed. Which means his network and studio bosses must be feeling a little jiggy inside.

For a week, the actor's personal troubles have been front and center in the national news cycle,  but that didn't deter fans from watching him essentially play himself on TV Monday night. Registering 13. 6 million viewers, "Two and a Half Men" was up 7% among viewers ages 18 to 49, leaving Sheen's rainmaker status intact.

CBS and Warner Bros. Television, which produces the 8-year-old sitcom, have maintained a strict no-comment policy about Sheen and his troubles since he was accused last December of threatening his wife with a knife. Sheen's publicist issued a statement last week that the actor had an adverse reaction to medication in New York. But  Radar Online said Monday that, after Sheen returned to Los Angeles, the actor, who has struggled with addiction issues for years, went on another bender over the weekend.

CBS and Warner Bros. Television remain mum on the matter. The show generated an estimated $155.1 million in ad revenue for CBS last season, according to Kantar Media. Indeed, as long as TV's highest-paid actor is at the top of the charts, it seems Sheen's bosses and most of Hollywood are going to continue to look the other way.

-- Maria Elena Fernandez


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Poor Charlie. What a FOOL!!
I for one won't be "watching" any longer.
Get help, man...before it's too late!
The Gim Reaper has his eye on ya!

I think Charlie Sheen is an over-the-top egotistical, self-centered, narcisstic person. Why they pay him $2 million an episode to act as himself beats me. After watching the show for many years, I'm fed up with his antics and will never watch his show again. He is a spoiled boy who will never grow up, and I for one am no longer going to feed his pocket.

Charlie Harper is so cool. Don't hate on him. He should e making more than 2 million per episode. Two and a half men is undoubtly the best sitcom that has ever ben aired on tv. Charlie Sheen's might be going through a rough time in his person life but its none of anyones business.
I hope this show (Two and a half men) never stops.


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