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CBS' 'Early Show' shakeup

Rodriguez The early bird doesn't always get the worm.

CBS' "Early Show" is playing musical chairs yet again by replacing its on-air team. Making their exit are Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith and Dave Price.

Moving in are Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, co-anchors of the Saturday edition of the "Early Show" since 2008, who are scheduled to take over as co-anchors of the weekday show starting Jan. 3. 

Also joining the team will be Jeff Glor, who has been anchoring the network's Saturday newscast, and Marysol Castro of ABC's "Good Morning America" weekend edition, who will serve as a weather anchor.

Smith will become the primary substitute anchor for Katie Couric's evening newscast, "Face the Nation" and "Sunday Morning."

New roles for Rodriguez and Price are to be determined.

What do you think of the new team, Show Trackers? Will it be enough to break the show out of third place?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Maggie Rodriguez. Credit: Getty Images

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I will miss Harry Smith, Dave Price and even Maggie Rodriquez, They have an engaging chemistry between them that is informative and entertaining. I have not enjoyed any of the "new comers". They are aloof, brash, unconcerned with what they are reporting; much more concerned with themselves. I will be leaving CBS Early Show for sure.

I really enjoyed watching Dave and Harry in the morning. As for Maggie, I could care less. Maggie's reporting was geared towards her politicial and racial preferences.

Think CBS is making a huge mistake. We really like Maggie and Harry and rarely watch the weekend edition because of Chris. Looks like we will no longer be watching the weekday edition either

CBS is makeing a mistake. I quote the TODAY show after Katie went to the evenings at CBS. Don't watch Katie anymore and I'll move to another morning show after Harry and Dave are gone. I hope Maggie is happy already since they booted her early. CBS does not mean "Can't Be Stupid" because they are making stupid moves booting those 3 after the big stupid move of buying Katie from NBC.

I never watch the Today Show or GMA, but to get rid of Harry and Maggie I will be watching one of those shows.....Thanks for nothing !!!

What a dumb decision to change the crew of the Early Show. Maggie and Dave are entertaining. Harry can go, he does the worst interviews. He never seems to let anyone finish what their saying. Ericka has the worst annoying voice, and can't seem to stand up without having her legs twisted up like pretzels. Oh, I just don't think I will be waking up to the Early Show any longer.
Why change something that doesn't need changing!!!! Stupid!!!!!

Mistake! I also will not be watching any longer. I really enjoy the show just as it is.

Have watched the Early Show for years, will probably change to GMA now. Why ruin a good thing?

No wonder CBS is last in ratings. I can't believe you replaced Harry Smith, Maggie Rodrigues and Dave Price. Shame on you. I know I will now be watching another network's morning show...great job, once again.

I think replacing Harry, Dave, & Maggie is the stupidest move CBS could have made. I hate the new lineup, it is boring. I have switched to NBC and ABC due to this. HORRIBLE.

I love Maggie Rodregius, she is so good and cute. Please find a good spot for her. She is one of the best newcasters I have ever seen. I actually thought she may take over Katie Courics spot on the evening news, I was hoping anyways. Im sorry to see all them go. I really like Dave Price to. What is with this change. I know it is the ratings but come on. Take three of the best off at the same time. I guess you will find out what loyal people you have.

I absolutely hate this. Harry and Dave made that show. I will definitely be changing channels now.

Deb McKinney, Illinois

I came to CBS with Dave Price and love Harry. I can't stand John Elliott's constant stupid comments about nothing important. I need to get up, know what the weather will be, get a glimpse of the news and move on. I will move on. I need Harry and Dave and even Maggie in the morning. I'll find some other channel because I think the executives at CBS are stupid.

Recently I noticed that Maggie had not been on the show; then I was watching last week when it was Dave's last day. I was disappointed when Julie did not return after her maternity leave, but I had gotten use to Erika. Harry, Maggie and Dave each brought something different to the show; I am a 50+ person and each one had something that appealed to me. Others comment about Maggie's sway to her personal side and heritage during the elections and at other times in various reports. As a minority myself (non-hispanic) I appreciated her being informative about her heritage. No one can add the humor that Dave provided always; and Harry was like an old friend. I am truly disappointed and unsure as to what I will watch

You made a BIG Mistake changing the staff on the Early Show...I really did enjoy watching Dave, Harry and Maggie...so sorry you did not ask for public opinion before not after....will be watching another channel.

This is the show that I wake up to every weekday, and when I turned it on the other morning and these other people were on, it was devastating. The young stupid attitudes and (how many young ones do you need to ruin a perfectly good show!) I haven't watched GMA in a long time, but I'm back with them now, I guess (since there is nothing else to watch now. Thanks for the let down! Maybe someone should fire you all!

I loved Harry, Dave and Maggie! I may switch networks now.

Harry Smith was the only reason I tuned in. I Don't like Today anymore with Meridith. Don't like GMA with Stephanopolis and the other one. The only thing the morning shows had going for them was Harry. He was knowledgeable, charming and funny. His age actually worked for him.

I have watched the Early Show for years. Without Harry and Dave I will move on to another network. So long CBS......

The shake up comes as a suprize but not a disappointment. The Early show as well as most so called news shows are getting to be boring. There is no news that hasn't been repeated several times already and please stop asking a person who has just lost a love one or lost their home, etc., "how do feel about that?" duh.. It's like watching late night with some news thrown in as a break or comercial. I don't believe new people will raise ratings if you don't change the format

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