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CBS' 'Early Show' shakeup

Rodriguez The early bird doesn't always get the worm.

CBS' "Early Show" is playing musical chairs yet again by replacing its on-air team. Making their exit are Maggie Rodriguez, Harry Smith and Dave Price.

Moving in are Chris Wragge and Erica Hill, co-anchors of the Saturday edition of the "Early Show" since 2008, who are scheduled to take over as co-anchors of the weekday show starting Jan. 3. 

Also joining the team will be Jeff Glor, who has been anchoring the network's Saturday newscast, and Marysol Castro of ABC's "Good Morning America" weekend edition, who will serve as a weather anchor.

Smith will become the primary substitute anchor for Katie Couric's evening newscast, "Face the Nation" and "Sunday Morning."

New roles for Rodriguez and Price are to be determined.

What do you think of the new team, Show Trackers? Will it be enough to break the show out of third place?

-- Yvonne Villarreal

Photo: Maggie Rodriguez. Credit: Getty Images

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Just goes to show how useless having a "lead-in" is these days. CBS has the highest rated prime time programming, and they have David Letterman -- who's ratings have dropped a bit but are still strong. But regardless of what they watched the night before, come morning, everyone switches to Today or GMA.

I do not see these changes bringing me to CBS or any of the other network morning shows, as Katie Couric didn’t bring me to the evening news edition.
If network morning news wants to change something, start with the getting rid of all the fluff, useless gadget and fashion segments and tell me some news. (That extra hour on NBC is just painful)

I think your doing a huge mistake. I personally like all of the people on the morning show right now. And for you to make this change I probably wont be watching anymore. Dave Price, Harry Smith and Maggie Rodriguez are very delightful to watch in the morning. They brighten my day.!

Disappointed Viewer

How long will the Hispanic community put up with these firings? It started with Juan Williams...

They should just stop trying to beat GMA and Today and be the best show they can be. I realize competition is built into the system, but they are never going to steal viewers by trying to be more of the same.

I will be watching something else in the AM for sure!!! I tuned in when Dave left Fox, fell in love with Harry and have been watching ever since.....I like Erica but not as much as Harry and Chris is too "pretty". Dumb move CBS....

Terrible Terrible decision. Definitely won't be tuning in to the Early Show anymore. Nobody can surpass Dave's wit, Harry's charm, and Maggie's grace. I urge all those who are disappointed in this decision to leave feedback on CBS's website about what a mistake this is. This twentysomething LOVES the so-called "oldtimers". By the way, I would NEVER consider these three to be in that category.

I stopped watching the Early Show because of Harry Smith's condescending reporting style and the obvious bias reflected in most of Maggie Rodriguez's reporting during the presidential elections. Maybe this team will be better...but I've fallen in love with George and Robin on ABC. I won't be switching.

I'm not being calloused, but who really give a damn except for the network execs? The CBS morning show has been a failure in ratings for years, and cable news (name your flavor) is more interesting.

I watch & thoroughly enjoy that Early Show Team every morning. What a great blend of personalities. For me they are like old friends, trustworthy & comfortable. I truly don't think I'll be watching anymore once they're gone. I like Erica Hill, but, have never warmed to Chris Wragge. It won't be the same. I'm very disappointed in CBS. We'll I'm off to find a new morning show!

I think the change is a real mistake especially where Dave Price is concerned.
He is not only a good weatherman, but can join in with everyone else on the program quite easily. Harry does very well now when he substitutes on the evening news and I'm sure will continue to do so. I don't know about Maggie as I have never seen her on any other type of program - sure she will do okay.

CBS has become "The Chris Wragge Network" lately. Can stand to watch him rush through segments. He has little connection with anyone he interviews only concerned with hitting the next segment or commercial. Whatta speed-reader.

Maggie was cuter when she had longer hair. Short hair doesnt work on tv..sorry

to cbs;you all are idiots getting rid of harry,lots of luck

I can't see why you would change a good thing. I really enjoy this combo. I can't believe that you would replace Dave Price after all the things he does to bring viewers to the show. I also will not be the same without Harry Smith. You people do some of the craziest stuff that makes no sense.

I wake up to Harry Smith and Maggie Rodrigues every morning and just adore Dave Price...What is wrong with your heads..I will not watch the Early Show when this happens and I am sure millions of others won't either...Maggie is a Sweetheart and such a good mother and you feel like she is your best friend..Harry is brilliant and another good person that everyone feels is one of the family..Big mistake with this move..Your ratings will definitely go to the bottom of the bucket..

I think it is HORRIBLE!!!! I am not a Today show fan. I always watch CBS
morning and LOVE Harry and Dave!! What is the problem. Why mess with a
GOOD thing!!!!!

Similar to what happened to our local CBS morning news...everyone gone but good old Kent. I switched when Suzanne Rico left and never went back.

have you never heard, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The three of them are what made the show and now you're "trying" to make it better? What a joke. I'd rather do without the morning shows altogether than put up with your inept decision. Everyone can't be number one, get over it. You had a winning combination and you royally blew it, big time.

Big mistake on replacing Harry, Maggie and Dave. They are the only reason I tune in to the Early Show. Their interaction is the best part of the show. I will be switching to another morning program once they are gone. I do not understand why the networks feel they need younger hosts. They missed the boat here! Extremely Disappointed

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