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CBS cancels Patricia Arquette crime drama 'Medium'


Did Allison Dubois see this one coming?

After seven seasons, two networks and more than 125 episodes, CBS has finally pulled the plug on "Medium," the crime drama about suburban mom Dubois (Patricia Arquette) who helps solve mysteries with her psychic gifts.

On a Facebook message posted Thursday, series creator Glenn Gordon Caron wrote: "It's true. Allison Dubois will dream her last dream on 'Medium,' Friday, January 21st."

He added an ominous-sounding plug for the finale: "In what we believe will be a series defining episode, Allison and her family will stare destiny in the eye. And destiny will not blink."

A CBS spokesman confirmed that Caron's posts were accurate but declined to elaborate.

The news hardly came as a shock. Entertainment Weekly reported earlier this week that Arquette had said the show was canceled, although the network had not confirmed that.

"Medium" has had a fairly tumultuous scheduling and production history, with five different time slots on two networks. NBC premiered the series, where it was initially a strong performer on Mondays. But ratings began slipping during Season 2. When NBC axed the show in May 2009, CBS immediately picked it up for its Friday night lineup, where last year it averaged 9.1 million viewers at 9 p.m., according to the Nielsen Co. But this year, at 8 p.m., ratings have sunk to 7.3 million viewers.

-- Scott Collins


Photo: Patricia Arquette in "Medium." Credit: Danny Feld / CBS/CBS Television Studios

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We are sorry that Medium has been cancelled - It is excellently written and acted. We never missed a show and enjoyed watching the kids grow and the stories evolve.

Why do all the good shows get axed? Medium become another victim of different network shifting and time schedule juggling. This is how viewers get lost and ratings go down. As for the entire staff of Medium, you will be missed. Look forward to seeing you in another series. You have many fans that will be waiting. Best of luck.


I agree! One of the best written and best acted shows on television becomes another casualty of the rotten televison industry with slowing viewership in a crappy time slot. Who's fault is that CBS? Things that make you go, "Duh?"

I agree with Bill. Medium is my favorite show on TV. I watched EVERY episode when on NBC and was so glad CBS had piced it up. I am VERY disappointed in the (ALL) networks for not polling viewers before canceling shows. We should be the ones to vote. If I am not home or available when it airs we always record it to view as soon as I can. I had to work tonight (11/19) and my husband made she it was recorded so I could watch it when I got home. Shame on CBS. We will miss it terribly. All any network wants to broadcast anymore is reality TV. Who wants to watch that? We like to use or brains.

HBO can your network please pick up the show. Thank you

Sooo sorry to hear this....I'm gonna cry ...
I was hopping after Allison , her daughters would continue to solve the crimes...
Now hopping another network would hear us .......

I agree with the comments. There are very few shows both my wife and I like. We use our PVR to not miss an episode but if I had to watch it live the time slot would have made it difficult. With the technology boom it would be so easy to poll a wider viewing audience to see how popular a show really is. So what now, another CSI Buffalo???

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that another really good show bites the dust. It seems that any show that requires intelligence to comprehend never lasts. I suppose most people just want to "veg out" and watch no-brainers so they don't have to think after a long day. That's what it seems like considering the popularity of sit-coms and "reality" TV. Most of TV is just trash. Medium was my favorite show and I had something to look forward to watching for a change. Most TV shows aren't really all that interesting. Back to boring, boring, boring. What a shame. Some of us actually like to think, or even use an open mind! With such potential, you would think that TV stations would show things of more interest to people. How many times have we all said, "There's nothing to watch" after viewing the guide of 200 or so stations.

"Medium" was a teriffic show! I looked forward to it every week. It was intelligent and I loved the cast, especially Jake Weber. What a shame!! There are so many terrible shows on CBS that could have been axed instead. Where are they getting these ratings?? Nobody has ever polled me, and I am an avid TV watcher. There are many, many viewers who do not have a Neilson box on their TV!!! The brainless shows that networks keep running doesn't say much about the collective intellect of the Neilson public! Find another way to poll for ratings so more people can tell you what they like. Medium was a great show, but obviously too intelligent for the average Neilson viewer!!

I have enjoyed Medium for many years and never missed an episode. I enjoyed the cast and stories, and I am very disappointed in CBS for letting this one go. I do not watch many weekly shows much anymore, because it seems that so many get axed. Why don't you ask your viewers before taking a show off the air? This is a big disappointment and I will continue to watch fewer weekly shows in the future.

So upset that this show is gone ..... I actually had tears in my eyes did not know it was going to be cancelled..... I work Friday nights and don't get to watch it air so I DVR the show. I was shocked when then I saw the ending.... thought it was just another one of Al's bad dream..... now I feel like I'm in a bad dream !!!!!!


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