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'The Biggest Loser' recap: Finally, makeover week

November 24, 2010 | 10:53 am

Ada My face is still red and puffy from all the crying.

Makeover week is always the most emotionally charged show of the season, and one of the most anticipated, save the finale. Even Bob Harper loves it. But when the show started -- BAM! -- right out of the gate with the reveals, my first reaction was disappointment. We were told in advance that this would be makeover week -- so we missed out on enjoying that little surprise. And I admit I prefer the slow buildup of makeovers past. This felt a tad bit rushed to me. What did you think?

In the end, however, this may end up being my favorite episode of this season so far: It turned out that the makeovers were just one of the highlights of the night. So much more was to come.

Before we get to all of that, though, I say we nominate Ada Ada Terminator as the single best makeover in "Biggest Loser" history.

It may not have been the most jaw-dropping makeover ever (Tara's and Mike's makeovers, if I recall correctly, were more of the showstopping variety.) But Ada was a knockout in her casual outfit: animal-print hat, posh pink sweater, and short skirt, and you could tell she felt it, possibly for the first time in her life. Now that is a makeover. Jillian captured it perfectly: The other women looked good -- but Lisa and Elizabeth are well aware that they are pretty, and probably have been told so all their lives. Unfortunately, life hasn't been as kind to Ada, who grew up in a harsh environment in which she was constantly belittled about her weight and looks, and doesn't seem to have had much opportunity to be ... girlie.

But we finally got to see her gorgeous cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes highlighting something other than prison garb -- I mean workout gear -- and she looked BEE-YOO-TIFUL on the runway! She glowed and was a natural in front of the camera. And that brilliant smile ...

That was a makeover from the inside out. Let's put that one in the history books.

Other makeover highlights:

Brendan looked, as he wanted to, "wicked hot." He's lost so much weight that now he can pass now for just an average husky guy. And how cute are Patrick's kids? ("I love you to the moon and back.") And Lisa's cutie patootie son yelling "Go, Mom!" as she sashayed down the runway. (I am not sure Lisa's casual outfit flattered her the way it should have, but her hair and makeup looked great.)

The challenge this week was a doozy -- and underscored that Season 10 really is all about paying it forward.

The players were brought to Angel's Flight in downtown Los Angeles, and the first person to traverse the steep steps alongside the railway 20 times would win a new Ford Edge. Ada Ada Terminator was in first place ... and then she just stopped. Turns out she was waiting for Brendan, who was in second place, and the two conspired to let Patrick take the win: The father of two has been unemployed since January, and was driving a jalopy. Although both Ada and Brendan wanted the new car, they knew Patrick needed it.

I just had to reach for the Kleenex to type that.

Heading into the weigh-in, we got a recap on the scheming going into the finale: Brendan, Frado and Patrick have an alliance that they hope will get them into the final four, and they were counting on Elizabeth for help. But they were not counting on any of the three men falling below the yellow line themselves.

That's just what happened. For the first time this season, Frado fell below the yellow line (and Elizabeth was above it, finally). And that left everything in question. Would Brendan and Patrick seize the opportunity to turn on Frado? Would Mark and Ada try to swing the vote and eliminate him?

It came down to Mark's vote. And Mark, ever the competitor, voted to keep Frado around.

For the competition.

Were you surprised? Do you think Mark will ever regret that? Or do you think that he was just playing it cool? (I'm not sure there were the votes to eliminate Frado, anyway.)
And so we said good-bye to Lisa, but it didn't feel all that sad because Lisa has really wanted to go home all along. (Or at least felt conflicted.) Congrats on your weight loss, Lisa, and your plans to become a personal trainer, and your best role yet: "I'm an actual player in my kids' lives. I'm not a spectator."

So nice to see Shanna again, and learn that she has a clean bill of health. Can we pull some strings and get Shanna back on the ranch and make room for Blthye too?

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Ada, in her dressier outfit. Credit: NBC