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'America's Next Top Model': Chris says, 'I just came on the wrong cycle'

November 11, 2010 |  5:23 pm

TM1509b_MG_1486b When the feisty, bouncy Chris White was eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model' Wednesday night, the outcry from her fans was immediate. "I'm in tears over this week's 'ANTM,' " wrote one Twitter user, and his sentiments were echoed around the blogosphere. Chris' clever comments and effervescent, down-to-earth personality made her a fan favorite, but it also convinced some of her competitors that she wasn't serious about the challenges. Fellow model Chelsey sniped that Chris' look was too commercial and her dedication to the show was less than absolute. Which is why out of all the ladies of cycle 15, Chris would undoubtedly make the most entertaining dinner companion. It's also why she got eliminated.

The judges' loved Chris' personality all cycle but this week chose the blander, frostier Jane over Chris' girl-next-door looks. It was a bit of an upset and also somewhat unfair. On any other season of "Top Model," Chris' bouyant energy and commitment to her shoots would have gotten her that Covergirl contract. It may have just been Chris' bad luck to land on a high-fashion-centered season. "I may have won if I came on an earlier cycle. I believe that I have the look someone is looking for," Chris said over the phone. "I just came on the wrong cycle."

But Chris also got one of the warmest send-offs of any contestant, with Tyra praising her potential as an actress and Andre Leon Talley proclaiming her the next Wanda Sykes. Chris chatted on the phone with Showtracker about being sick of male models, why her sister Terra was eliminated unfairly, and extending her career as a high school drama nerd. 

Tyra advised you at the end to take acting classes and ALT thought you could be the next Wanda Sykes. What did you think about that?

I was happy to hear it. It was cool that they realized that you know that she may have something. That’s my heart right there, acting. It would be acting first, modeling second. It felt great for them to recognize that. I had been acting since I was little, and I stopped when I was 18. Now I'm thinking I'll take it up again. It’s always been easy for me, and acting has always been a big thing in my life. In high school I did a couple little parts and I did plays.

Like what?

I did "Dracula" when I was a freshman. I actually played Van Helsing. I’m taller than the average girl, and I have a deeper voice so when I was trying out they said "We’re going to make you into a man." It was a dominant role, and it was really fun. 

This cycle you worked with a lot of male models. How did you feel about that?

I got tired of seeing them. They were all over the place. I was like, "Don’t you have a home? Don’t you have a girlfriend?" I have a boyfriend at home, and with 14 girls in the house and no boys around, there’s bound to be some drama. I would rather they had stayed at home. Some girls really loved it, and some girls didn't care for it. You can put me in the last camp.

In the beginning of the competition, you and your sister really came as a set, but Terra got eliminated after the makeover shoot. How was that?

I didn’t think her elimination was fair. I want to win, but that was my sister; it was never a competition between me and her. We’re family. I never felt like her leaving was my time to shine. We were always shining together. When they eliminated her, I felt like I lost my strength. But she wanted me to keep going as far as I could.

I was pretty hurt when she left.  To me, it seemed unfair. You knew they were going to send her home. They must have thought it beforehand.  Why not just tell her? And then they sent her home after a bad makeover.  Her hair was her pride and joy, and they made a mistake and cut too much off. They messed up her makeover actually. I mean, they made it look pretty and styled it, but it was still pretty bad.  Not only are they sending you home, you cut her hair too.

Throughout the competition, people thought you were too commercial for the high fashion cycle. How did you feel, hearing that? 

I knew it. There are 14 girls. They’re going to talk about me. They’re going to talk about everybody. They’re going to say what they want to prove a point. Chris doesn’t need to be here because blank, Ann doesn't need to be here because this. That’s fine. They’re just narrowing it down. I didn't take it personally.  I might be commercial, but it’s not a bad thing. 


In your entrance interview, you mentioned that you and your mom watch "ANTM" together. What did she think of the season?

Oh, God, my mom calls me every episode. It actually wasn't her favorite cycle, but obviously she watches it because her kids were on it. You would think she was sitting right here on the couch next to me.This wasn't cool, that looks hard, that seems silly. It was a lot of drama. But she loved seeing us. 

 And who do you think should take it?

Of course it has to be one of the two girls who talk the most smack about me, Kayla and Chelsey. I’d go for them. 



Photo: Chris preps for a photo shoot.

Credit: Ivano Grasso / The CW.