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About (Late) Last Night: Jennifer Grey celebrates 'Dancing With the Stars' win with Jimmy Kimmel

"Dancing With the Stars" winner Jennifer Grey joined Jimmy Kimmel via video -- live from Hollywood -- after defeating actor Kyle Massey, who placed second, and tabloid darling Bristol Palin on Tuesday night's finale. No one can accuse ABC of not pushing cross-promotion hard enough.

"I've never seen the movie 'Dirty Dancing,' and yet I had total confidence in you," Kimmel said. Grey is no stranger to the stage, though her famous footwork film was released in 1987. Still, Kimmel said he had money on her to win since day one.

"Congratulations, number one for winning 'Dancing With the Stars,' number two for not getting shot by Sarah Palin," Kimmel said. "You must be happy about both." No one mentioned Bristol, just her mother. "So happy about both," Grey said. "Equally."

Grey's partner, three-time "Stars" winner Derek Hough was commended by Kimmel, who relayed William Shatner's kind words, calling Hough a mix between Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, a "national treasure." Much of America, or at least the cellphone-voting public, seemed to agree.

Kimmel, though, could not resist coming back to jokes about the Palins. The host told Grey that Sarah Palin tweeted, "I smell something fishy. Shame on you ABC." (She wrote no such thing.) "Fascinating," said Grey, laughing uncomfortably. "I actually made that up," Kimmel admitted, and Grey looked legitimately relieved.

And so it ends: Bristol with the bronze, Grey with the title and ABC as the real winner. Now, a toast to the deluge of "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" jokes and Grey's necessarily interminable patience. And of course to Sarah Palin, for actually being a pretty good sport.

-- Joe Coscarelli

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How could Jennifer Grey NOT Win? Her Dad is Joel Grey, a professional Dancer (and a Damned Good One at that) and everyone knew and Loved her Dance partner (Patrick Swayze) in Dirty Dancing, so the BABY just had to Win and everyone knew it from Day One. Kudos for Jennifer Grey.

Another black mark for Disney!! Let's see - Channel 7 ABC is affiliated with Disney. Kyle Massey participates (I cannot say "acts") in Disney shows and Jennifer Grey, besides being an experienced dancer, has acted in many Disney tv shows. Of course she had to keep whining about how much pain she was in etc. - I suppose that was to cover up for any mistakes she might make. I will never watch this show again and I can tell you that many people that I talk to feel the same way.
I thought DWTS was for stars who don't normally dance i.e. Rick Fox, Curt Warner, Emmett Smith etc.
The Disney company is like an octupus with its tentacles reaching into every facet of our lives. Walt Disney, I am sure, is rolling over in his grave. Shame on you Disney and ABC.

I knew the scores the judges were going to give Bristol and told them to my daughter, before the judges revealed them. This was after Tom Bergeron explained how the judging and audience scores were calculated.
I think the judges knew what they needed to give each contestant to make sure Jennifer won. Clearly, she was the best dancer, but they should re-name it the Best Star Dancer and change the rules if that's how they want it. In other seasons, the "best" dancer has not won, but no such outrage.
This is just indicative of Palin Derangement Syndrome.


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