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About (Late) Last Night: Conan O'Brien just won't drop the NBC thing [video]

November 10, 2010 |  6:43 am

Conan O'Brien is still working out the kinks. On Monday's premiere of "Conan," his new show on TBS, the host's monologue dealt almost entirely with self-referential jokes about his split with NBC and his new network's inferiority. Already the quips felt a bit tired, after months of similar material from O'Brien via Twitter, YouTube and his live show. But on Night 1, maybe it had to be done. On Tuesday, though, it was just excessive.

O'Brien's second TBS monologue was too much like the first. Usually reserved as a place for newsy humor, the show's opening was again devoted to "Conan" itself. This time, TBS took the brunt of it.

"The whitest man in show business is back," O'Brien began. "On the second blackest channel on TV."

"You know what's great?" he continued. "Now that we're on the air -- I think we can all agree this is good -- TBS can finally stop running promos for our show. Unfortunately, that leaves an 18-hour hole in their schedule." It's not that the jokes aren't funny, it's that they feel like stalling.

Conan even mentioned NBC again, meaning his monologue consisted half of jokes about his show, not counting a clip reel of first-episode reviews and a visual gag about his new studio. The other half dealt with the typical, if a little corny, topical subject matter. "What do you say, a little news?" O'Brien asked. "There's a lot going on out there."

Even Conan's guest teased him about his NBC obsession. Sitting down with Tom Hanks, a proud public ambassador of Team Coco, O'Brien blamed the actor for the proliferation of his new nickname. "I have little children who call me sometimes Coco instead of Daddy," O'Brien said, insisting Hanks was responsible. "Finally, he'll blame something on someone other than Jay," said Hanks. Hopefully that one hit home.

-- Joe Coscarelli

See Tom Hanks get soaked after the jump.