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ABC's Diane Sawyer gets sitdown with soon-to-be House speaker John Boehner

Dianesawyer Well, that didn't take long. ABC News has announced that "World News" anchor Diane Sawyer will interview John Boehner, who's destined to become the speaker of the House after Tuesday's election.

Excerpts from the interview will air during Thursday's "World News."

"In a wide-ranging interview, Sawyer will talk to Boehner about the results of the election, how the party will move to tackle key issues and how the Tea Party will impact the Republican majority," according to the ABC release.

Tuesday's election marked the biggest midterm gain for any party since 1938.

-- Scott Collins (Twitter: @scottcollins)

Photo: Diane Sawyer; Credit: Peter Kramer/AP


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The guy is crazy! crying as he spurs hate. what does he have to say,but more lies about the President.Diane and the Coropate media? What a waste..Yikes!

Diane Sawyer's interview with John Boehner on Nov. 4th was at best amateur, obnoxious and void of substantive questions. In fact, ABC news is now nothing more than a smattering of random sound bites. My family will no longer be a viewer.


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