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ABC finds man for Tori Spelling and is developing show for Food Network's Danny Boome

Looks like ABC has found its man to partner on the daytime talk show it is developing with Tori Spelling.

LEWIS Tapped to co-host and share the desk with Spelling is Jeff Lewis, according to people close to the project. Lewis is best known from the Bravo reality show "Flipping Out," which is about real estate. Lewis, who buys homes and then fixes them up for resale, has been on the show since its debut in 2007. 

In the test pilot show with Spelling last week, the two had good chemistry. The show, which is still in the development stage, wants to be a talk show version of "Will & Grace."

The program is being developed by ABC Media Productions, an arm that creates shows not only for ABC and its parent Disney, but also other non-Disney outlets as well. In other words, if ABC passes on it, that doesn't mean the show couldn't resurface elsewhere.

Also in development at ABC is a cooking/talk show featuring Danny Boome, who stars in "Rescue Chef" on Food Network. Think "The View" meets some cooking show that's not "The Galloping Gourmet" because that would be a really dated reference.

Finding a home in ABC's daytime lineup may be a challenge for both projects.  The network currently has four shows in daytime -- soap operas "General Hospital," "All My Children" and "One Life to Live," and  "The View." If ABC is going to launch another show, it will need to get a green light from its affiliates.

One opening though may be late afternoon, where many ABC stations will likely have a hole to fill next fall when Oprah Winfrey departs to cable.

Of course, ABC could also make the shows for syndication or try to sell them to cable if there is no network home. Or they could go nowhere, which is often what happens in the development process.

-- Joe Flint

Photo: Jeff Lewis. Credit: Karen Bystedt




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I love watching Flipping Out for Jeff Lewis' special brand of crazy, and I don't mind Tori and Dean from time to time for a different kind of celeb family drama, but a talk show with the two of them? Really??

If this is true, the exec. at ABC have more money than brains. What person in their RIGHT MIND FRAME would risk losing 30-60 minutes of their lives watching those two???? So much trash television out there. Are there no more creatives juices left in LA or NY. We pay such big bucks for Cable and get so much crap... I realize Tori is a hard working, driven person, she needs to be to support husband. Give another year or two and Jeff Lewis will not be on anyone's radar, not that he is now.

Come on, we're dealing with Brian Frons here. The man hasn't had a creative idea in 25 years and he certainly isn't gonna start having them now. The fact he's managed to put together the two LEAST appealing people possible and paired them to host a TV show together speaks volumes to how absolutely contemptuous he is toward the daytime audience, but also to how screwed up ABC in general is to think that anyone would want to see these two grossly unlikeable people Monday thru Friday on their TV screens. And they wonder why ABC's daytime ratings have been dropping so consistently for so long.

Once AMC is gone, there will no longer be a reason to watch ABC. "Delete" is the button I'll be selecting on my DVR!


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