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Who you calling a bigot? Rick Sanchez gets payback from Jon Stewart [Updated]

October 4, 2010 |  8:07 am

Getprev Revenge is sweet, but publicly mocking your enemies is sweeter. At Saturday night's "The Night of Too Many Stars" charity event for autism, Jon Stewart got the crowd laughing at CNN newscaster Rick Sanchez, who had called the "Daily Show" host a "bigot" and implied that Jews ran the media during a radio show earlier in the week. (CNN fired Sanchez on Friday, following his remarks.)

During his opening monologue at Manhattan's Beacon Theatre, Stewart asked attendees to make a donation toward autism education: "If you dented a car, $50. If you cheated on something to get ahead, $500. And if you went on radio and said Jews run the media, in that case, you better hold onto your money."

Ever the generous host, Stewart also suggested that if Sanchez were right about Jewish people running the media, “all he has to do is apologize to us, and we’ll hire him back."

Surprise guest David Letterman also joined in the fun, claiming that he was in town “helping Rick Sanchez clean out his office.” Even Tom Brokaw took a shot at the ex-"Rick's List" host, joking that he and Stewart had a lot in common: "In junior high, I didn't want to sit next to Rick Sanchez either."

Viewers can catch the slam-a-thon when "The Night of Too Many Stars" appears on Comedy Central on Oct. 21. [Updated at 9:45 a.m.: An earlier version of this post inadvertently listed the date as October 1st.]

-- Melissa Maerz

Photo: Host Jon Stewart speaks onstage at Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education" at the Beacon Theatre on Oct. 2, 2010, in New York City. Credit: Jason Kempin / Getty Images


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