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'The Biggest Loser' recap: The most tempting temptation ever

October 13, 2010 |  8:46 am

It's on.

We've got temptations, gameplay, strategies, trash talking, a red line, a shifting yellow line, bull's-eyes: The honeymoon is over. The one payoff that we didn't get -- so disappointing -- was a Bob-and-Jillian freakout when they learned how many calories the players consumed during the most tempting temptation ever.

Each season, I ask: "When will these players learn that the temptations are never, ever, ever worth it?" The answer to that question is, "Never." Granted, this week's temptation was a doozie -- Adam consumed more than 1,300 calories in the Great Cupcake Hunt and in exchange won a golden ticket for a 1-pound advantage at the weigh-in. Better yet, the advantage will grow by a pound from week to week until he uses it. Used wisely, and combined with diet and exercise, that could help deliver our hometown boy to the finale and a shot at a $250,000 payday, making it the most lucrative prize ever in "Biggest Loser" history. But it also has made him a huge threat and target. And everyone is gunning for him.

Only time will tell if Adam's strategy is brilliant -- or not.

Jesse and Elizabeth -- and most likely Rick too -- immediately came to their senses and regretted  participating in the cupcake challenge. Jesse and Rick managed to get away with it, posting big-enough weight-loss numbers. But Elizabeth once again fell below the yellow line -- and perilously close to the bottom. Luckily for her, Sophia's weight loss was worse, and she immediately fell below the red line and was sent home. If Elizabeth doesn't make a quick turnaround, she could be next. Unless the Frado-led alliance keeps her around as a safety card. ...

Normally, I really dislike the alliance stuff -- even though I recognize its value and would probably engage in it myself if I were in the same situation. But I'm liking this one. Probably because Frado seems to be leading it with honor and seems genuinely to want everyone to work toward their highest potential. ("London!!") But every benevolent dictator has a dark sidekick. Is that Brendan? Or is Brendan just as honorable, in his uniquely mouthy way?

Some random thoughts on the night:

-- Ada is such a damaged, damaged woman. And only Jillian would try to "heal" someone by tormenting him or her to the breaking point. Do you think Jillian was too cruel? Or is this just Jillian working her magic, shocking Ada into realizing her worth, value and emotional and physical strength? One thing is for sure: Ada can drop weight.

-- Only Bob can make broccoli sound like the most delicious treat on earth.

-- Speaking of Bob, loved his break with tradition as he brought the players who fell below the yellow line to his house for a vegan dinner. Just one complaint: I want those recipes!

-- Loved the behind-the-scenes insight into the weigh-in shoot, the chatting between scenes, moving of cameras, etc. More of that, please! (That has got to be so stressful for the contestants, both those who have weighed in and who have yet to weigh in -- their fate is hanging in the balance while everyone monkeys around with the set.)

Note to Sophia and Burgundy: You both seem to have learned so much at the ranch and are now indeed paying it forward to your community. Looking forward to seeing "less" of you two at the finale!

And now I want to fast forward to next week: The players who were eliminated in the first challenge of the season are BACK! 

TiVo: NBC announced a "Thankgiving week treat" -- a "Biggest Loser: Where Are They Now?" special for Nov. 24 from 9 to 11 p.m. If anything will keep you from overindulging at the Turkey Table this year, this is it.

-- Rene Lynch / renelynch

Photo: The players line up for this week's pre-elimination challenge. Credit: NBC Universal