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'Survivor' recap: Blind leading the blind

99280_D13758 Oh. Em. Geeeeee. The Espada tribe members just can’t make it work at all, can they?

Everybody wants to be a leader, talks too much and doesn’t really listen. So, of course, the team found itself right back at tribal council this week.

Even though I’m sure some of it was editing, it was painful watching Espada bumble around in the blindfold challenge. La Flor straight up whooped Espada, yet when the older tribe is back at its camp, its members feel they did well? Lord help 'em.

Looks like Jimmy T. isn’t the only one with “delusions of grandeur,” as Marty said.

Let’s back up a bit. Espada voted out the sane one coach Jimmy Johnson, and everyone looks absolutely miserable when they’re back at camp after tribal council. Well, everyone except Jimmy T., who’s singing aloud, seemingly unaware that he’s the new player digging his own grave. Later he once again goes on and on about wanting to step up and prove himself, but still finds his words falling on deaf ears.

That’s mainly because Espada is having a hard time finding food. Crazy weather messed up their beach and fishing area, and the players wind up spooning salty goo out of sea urchins for sustenance. Here Jimmy T. calls out Marty (ruh roh), questioning whether he's a “team player” for going for a few of his own sea urchins while the others gather them in Jimmy T.’s net. If Marty wasn’t already tired of him, that pushed him over the edge.

Over on the La Flor side, NaOnka and Brenda work together to find their tribe’s immunity idol. Why does everyone keep helping others find the idol? If Brenda (and Espada’s Jill, for that matter) were as smart as she thinks she is, she would’ve looked on her own for the idol after figuring out the clues on her own. Na would’ve likely gone even crazier than she already is, if that’s possible, and pretty much carved her own tombstone with more paranoid antics.

But no, Brenda helps Na find it, and Na puts on yet another show as Kelly B. and Alina look for the idol on their own, unnecessarily going off and making more “I don’t like you!” declarations.

The tribes get blindfolds with their tree mail clues about the next challenge, and Espada promptly begins practicing listening to directions from their new leader, Tyrone. Too bad none of that helped in the actual challenge. Although the young’ns in La Flor did use the Medallion of Power this week so they had two fewer items to find and collect, they still wiped the floor with them.

Jimmy T. (“Just give me a chance to prove myself!”) said he couldn’t hear Tyrone’s calls but looked as if he was just ignoring him. However, he wasn’t the only player who looked like a chicken with its head cut off out there. Brenda, on the other hand, calmly directed La Flor to a victory, for which they won a large fishing kit, tarp and a cooking set. (Oh, and sad face for Chase, who found another clue to the idol that was already found. I will say Brenda’s coming off much more likable after handling that situation.)

Espada has to vote out someone again, and Marty is ready to pull more strings and control his aloof tribe. He’s certainly found a way to somewhat control his hair, although sooner or later he’ll look like the Heat Miser. All logic points to Dan getting the boot, given that his knee is still acting up (he sat out yet another challenge because of it), but it wouldn’t be “Survivor” if someone else weren't setting themselves up to go home. As everyone continues to pat themselves on the back for a horrible showing at the challenge, Jimmy T. is still trying to make himself leader of the pack, only wearing out his welcome in the process.

Overall, Espada’s beginning to bore me, save for a few players. And I think I’ll like La Flor even more when Na’s gone. But let’s just see what happens next week, as it appears the tribes are joining together already? Say whaaat?

-- Anthony Williams

Photo: Espada's Tyrone, Yve, Jane, Jillian, Marty and Holly survey their beach area. Credit: Monty Brinton / CBS


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What can I say...it's like dumb and dumber?

Was JT dropped on his head at some point in his life?
Holly's a ding-a-ling too.
Tyrone seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
Marty is playing the rest of them like fools.

I hope just-say-no-Naonka is forced to use her idol soon and is sent packing. Would wouldn't want to visit South Central Los Angeles after watching her? lol

But, thankfully it looks as if the tribes are in for some realignment...

Worst cast ever. Not only do I not care who gets eliminated each week, I wish they'd all go home. Jane, the woman who started fire with glasses for Espada, is the only likable contestant.

This season has horrible written all over it. The older tribe is the pits. All those women sat around sad faced that Jimmy was gone but they all voted him off against their better judgment. They could have/should have voted as a group and voted out Marty or Jimmy T neither of them know how to catch fish and none of them are particularly good leaders. You would think that a bunch of 40 year olds would have figured out long ago that a leader leads by example, he/she is the one that people instinctively follow because he/she gets things done (i.e. Jimmy Johnson) not someone who whines and pouts that no one will let him lead or somebody not smart enough to figure out that you don't start worrying about who's going to go to the end with you until at least the merge. Also, maybe it's just me but I can't stand seasons where the women sit around like a bunch of dumb broads and do whatever the men tell them. The younger team is not very appealing either, although I think Brenda is being smart and laying low for the moment, but as annoying as they are at least the girls are "thinking" for themselves.


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