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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: The morning after

SoA_Ep307_PG-0147 Episode 7 opens with a view Jax no doubt saw up close and personal during his sleazy porn-star tryst, with a glimpse of pale and perky butt cheeks taking up the entire screen. It was a brilliant and startling starter for an episode that is easily the best of the season so far.

For full dramatic effect, Tara, of course, had to walk in on Jax in post-coital repose, which set in motion a string of porn-star bitch slaps and some of the most colorful clubhouse boys talk ever written, as Jax and Opie bantered about "high-traffic zones" and the future of their respective appendages.


Where there's sex on "SOA," violence is never far behind. The wet spots barely had a chance to dry before Jax and the rest of SAMCRO were off to mess with one of the lesser Mexican MCs, planting a bullet in the head of one member as payback for a cleaver in the head of another.


Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Gemma phones Maureen in Belfast to let her know SAMCRO is coming. What she gets in return is some thank you: Maureen, it turns out, had a kid with Gemma's ex, John Teller -- father of Jax. Should be interesting when the two half-sibs meet.

And when Gemma sees Mo. My prediction: catfight. Gemma's tips are gonna hurt.

Tara won't be going, but her life isn't exactly boring. Helping Gemma escape with a faked drug reaction? Then convincing the hospital administrator to corroborate her lie?

Jax is a dang fool. I'm glad he's heading to Ireland, where the Belfast chapter seems to be prepping to give him a good whupping.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: A scene from "Sons of Anarchy." Credit: FX




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As a big fan of "Sons," I was disappointed in last night's episode. It featured this season's most predictable plotting, and biggest plot holes. Seriously, the clubs executed the Sgt. at Arms of Calaveras for killing a Grim Bastard, but not the President? Salazar was allowed to walk only because the writers needed something to amp up the danger towards the season finale -- no doubt some sort of danger towards Tara that will make Jax care about her again.

Meanwhile, the show is starting to take on a "mission of the week" feel, with this week's mission being "Help Gemma Escape." It's become frustrating. The show seems to follow one set-up episode with another, as if the writers are stalling. Next week's installment, advertised as 90-minutes long, should bring back some of the swagger this season has been sorely missing since Abel was kidnapped.

They killed the Calaveras LT because hes the one who actually killed the Grim Bastard. Stripping the President of his cut was much more disgraceful. SAMCRO and GB only wanted the person who killed the Fat Man.

Bad idea to leave Tig behind to lure the cops away--he already has legal troubles. Would have been better to let Bobby take the rap. SAMCRO is going into a fight in Belfast and would have more need of Tig than Bobby. And only on TV would they take Gemma along on this mission!

i love katey sagal, but sometimes i think, because of who's she married too, that gemma get's more air time than she would have otherwise---also, i've never seen one tear come out of her eye balls--maggie smith blows her away in any crying match.

Ya'll are entitled to your opinions...but as a SONS fan from season 1 episode one...I feel that it keeps delivering exactly what I am looking for. ENTERTAINMENT unlike any other show on TV...I think SOA is 500 cuts above your mainstream TV....
Kurt Sutter is a brilliant man. Katey Sagal is the ONLY actor who can play Gemma with such smooth toughness. And we like the facetime that she gets..( You can always change the channel if ya don't dig what you see). And what has Maggie Smith ( British actress) have in common with SONS of Anarchy???

SOA may certainly be "500 cuts above your mainstream TV" but that doesn't mean we should be blind devotees that can't criticize it without being told to 'turn the channel if you don't like it'. Especially with this ridiculous 3rd season that keeps getting sillier and sillier.

I love the show, but really come on FX do you need so many commercials, I mean really 6 minutes of show to 4 or 5 minutes of commercials, I usually can't wait to see the episode so I watch it on Tuesday nights (which is 11 p.m. were I live), while I am recording it. So I guess I just have be patient and watch is on Wednesday. Love the show, but ease up on the commercials would you.


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