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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Trust versus love

SoA_Ep306_0915It looks like Jax's next visit to the hospital won't be to see Tara but the doctor who can best treat him for the gonorrhea I hope he's contracted from the pouty-lipped porn star. 

Clearly, some men have to destroy what's good for them because love makes them vulnerable and feel too out of control. Comparatively, brawling, stealing, murdering and mauling are easier for a guy who was born to and bred by SAMCRO.

But still. How could Jax dump such a babe-alicious brainiac, especially after she punched out her boss, stepped up to play surrogate baby mama, sold 'scrips and jeopardized her livelihood -- all of it for Jax and the M.C.

My guess is Jax will be back. I can only hope a triple diagnosis of gonorrhea, crabs and herpes and multiple doses of antibiotics, permethrin and herbs knock some sense into his scraggly blond bedhead.

Jax needs to wake up and smell the love. Not the sex. Dodo-brained jail bait is, ultimately, a liability.

Tara is not like Stahl. She isn't the type to let her partner take the fall. She's stand-by-your-man material -- more like Gemma, but that's getting a little Oedipal.

-- Susan Carpenter

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Thanks for this post. I officially hate Jax as a character. What a whiney idiot.

What kind of recap is this?

Susan-that has to be the most simplistic, and ridiculous characterization of Jax trying to distance himself from Tara. With all due respect, you & Stella sound like women who got cheated on & just want this show to be all roses and rainbows. I think you guys need to watch some "Friends" reruns.

THIS show is about Outlaw bikers, and Jax keeping Tara by his side is not a clear cut issue. Him trying to shove her out of his world is probably the single clearest sign of his love for her, than anything he could say or do. Are you even paying attention to the show Susan? While you're busy conjuring up STDs and making the focus solely about he & Tara,the guys kid is still kidnapped. He needs to figure out a way to get the kid back, keep his Mom from life imprisonment, and oh by the way figure out his own stint in the pen.

Him sleeping with Ima was not about getting a good time, it was doing what's best for her, instead of just doing what's easiest for him (following Clay's advice).

People are missing the point. Jax didn't want to involve Tara in the illegal activities of the club precisely because he loves her and respects her and deems her worthy of better because she is not a part of that world. The porn star is already involved in his world and a part of that lifestyle and by sleeping with her he was psychologically and symbolically and physically distancing himself from Tara. I thought it was a great episode.

This show ties up some loose ends and prepares the club for the trip to Belfast to rescue Abel. Don't be fooled by the Jax/Stahl deal as Jax will get her in the end or Gemma will. As for Tara, I agree he loves her and does not want to ruin her life and if it is meant to be; they will be together because Tara already accepted the lifestyle. (let's hope so as Clay and Gemma both think highly of Tara. Not sure why Tig doesn't trust enough to vote yay; his instincts so far have not be great, remember Donna......Let's hope for better flow in the next few episodes and please get the right Hale and wannabe white hater sleeping with the fishes!!

Ouch Olivia...way to insult. And many of us women have been cheated on - that doesn't make us any less of women - and is certainly no measure for sex appeal. Plus, there are those who simply THINK it's never happened to them. Who's the unrealistic one, really? But, you see many of us don't choose men we can beat into submission...

Honestly, the immature rejection that Jax is throwing out there is not all that unrealistic, and it should anger us. That's exactly the emotion the writer(s) wish to invoke. I just wish the last scene of his backside was more prolonged ;-}

Another good one! It continues to get better with time...

No, Jax actually sucks as a character, and the nonsensical same-day-as-the-breakup banging of the porn star is just the last straw for me. He's never pro-active, always re-active, and he's not even likable. You never get any cool Jacks-quotes or words of Jacks-wisdom because he is the worst, most boring main character on any show ever. I mean all the men on this show cheat and bang porn stars, but it usually makes sense when they do it. I realize that a lot of women think he's a nice-looking guy, and I agree that this sometimes makes up for a flat character, but IMO (and I felt this way before this last episode) Jax is totally gross and looks like he never bathes, even when he's right out the shower.

Olivia R. , I don't think you should be so touchy about Jax having STDs. If its a personal issue, I'm not sure an online forum is the best place to be if you're sensitive about the topic because just because of your sexual history.

And your generalization about women being cheated on... you should keep in mind that this is just a show. Who made you the comment police? Everyone here is entitled to their opinion just as much as you are and if it bothers you so much, maybe you should shut your eyes and ears and move to a padded cell. If not then learn to be civil and stop getting personal. No one wishes to tolerate your for message board diarrhea. There is a special place in hell for women who degrade other women for no reason and I hope you pack some lube for the afterlife, because they are gonna make sleep with a thorny bush every damn night and then you'll really miss the roses and the rainbows.

I understand that Jax wanted to protect Tara but he isn't her father so that isn't his decision to make. They are in love with each other and she wanted to be part of his life and the MC's life. She is a valuable asset to the show and was always there to patch up people after gun shot wounds. Jax blew it by nailing that skank. I was not thrilled with that move. I thought he would break up with her but eventually get back together but after sleeping with Ima (whose middle name should be whore) Jax doesn't deserve Tara.

@Stella-okay, none of them look like they bathe. You think Bobby looks clean? It's your opinion though, and I get that you don't like the character. The character works to me because if he was any badass...he wouldn't have the moral fiber they are trying to infuse him with.

As for Jax & Tara-that was getting boring. Its not feasible that they would have a perfect relationship--it was already getting a bit too saccharine for my taste. I understand why Jax wanted to break up with her -This time I guess he decided to do Ima to seal the deal..and in that world I buy it. Plus, it is easier for men to have sex with a woman they don't love. #scientificallyproven.

Him sexing up Ima in the backroom has no bearing on his real feelings for Tara.

LOL, Stella - Jax does look grimey. His hair is always nasty looking.

All bikers don't have the stereotypical bad hygiene habits. Many of them take pride in their appearance. This is 2010 afterall.

I think a badass has to have rules and moralsif he wants to be succesfull above all the other short-tempered maniacs. I would point to Avon Barksdale on The Wire as an example of a badass with a sense of decorum. It may not conform to the more commonly accepted versions of "right and wrong," but even a criminal enterprise has to have rules, priorities, set ways of doing things.

Also, this is SO not a show about, like, the down-and-real, hard, gritty lives of a motorcylce gang. It's a soap opera.

One thing that I think is awesomely real about Sons of Anarchy, though, is that the characters range from regular-looking to gross. Not like True Blood where, in order to become a vampire, you have to have won at least 3 beauty pagents or modeled for an underwear ad.

What do you all know about real motorcycle gangs? stick to analyzing the show and do not try to compare it to real life; because fiction is never real life and that's what makes it so good!
Also if you are going to criticize a character from a female point of view, realize your opinion is then limited to that point of view. If a male can make an effort to think themselves into a women's perspective then perhaps you should do try and do the same.
It would really make for a more interesting discussion as opposed to this type of argument where you go after the person and not their actual argument.

Especially you stella. You have never met a man who does not speak his emotions but rather places the responsibility of his actions on himself and himself alone? Some people talk about themselves and feel better and some do not...


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