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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Trust versus love

October 13, 2010 |  7:40 am

SoA_Ep306_0915It looks like Jax's next visit to the hospital won't be to see Tara but the doctor who can best treat him for the gonorrhea I hope he's contracted from the pouty-lipped porn star. 

Clearly, some men have to destroy what's good for them because love makes them vulnerable and feel too out of control. Comparatively, brawling, stealing, murdering and mauling are easier for a guy who was born to and bred by SAMCRO.

But still. How could Jax dump such a babe-alicious brainiac, especially after she punched out her boss, stepped up to play surrogate baby mama, sold 'scrips and jeopardized her livelihood -- all of it for Jax and the M.C.

My guess is Jax will be back. I can only hope a triple diagnosis of gonorrhea, crabs and herpes and multiple doses of antibiotics, permethrin and herbs knock some sense into his scraggly blond bedhead.

Jax needs to wake up and smell the love. Not the sex. Dodo-brained jail bait is, ultimately, a liability.

Tara is not like Stahl. She isn't the type to let her partner take the fall. She's stand-by-your-man material -- more like Gemma, but that's getting a little Oedipal.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: FX