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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Belfast brawling

SoA_ep308_PG-0970The Irish theme in Tuesday night's episode was stronger than a boozer's breath at closing time. Starting with the re-recorded, folk-tinged theme song and carrying through to left-side-of-the-road riding and the barely discernible accents of Sons' island brothers, Belfast is a lush and welcome contrast to the dry and dusty Charming. 

Yes. SAMCRO has finally touched down over the pond, where it immediately got down to business living out a one-percenter fantasy: ramming police cars, beating up cops, threatening their families. And getting away with it.

There's a baby to find, after all. An illegitimate child to meet. A score to settle.

Gemma's eyes could very well have been glowing red under her aviators as she met Maureen and was introduced to Jax's half-sis, Trini. Jax has no idea he and she share the same Da, so there's some  incestuous intrigue to their flirtation.

Meanwhile, back in Charming, we find out what Lila wanted to tell Opie before he sped away on his bike and hopped on the cargo plane for Ireland. She's with child. Just like Tara. Only Lila is less conflicted about what to do. Shamelessly giving her name as Sarah Palin, Lila has secured her appointment with an off-the-books abortion clinic -- an action that won't only terminate her pregnancy but also "Sons' " viewership by social conservatives. At least until next Tuesday.

Tara is inspired to follow suit, but I doubt she'll go through with it. Sure, she was wronged by Jax, but abortion is a pretty extreme form of vengeance and is difficult to do when a woman still desperately loves her man. 

Abel could use a sibling. That is, if Jax is ever able to get him back. It's finally clear what Jax will need to do to accomplish that. He  needs to off Jimmy O, and probably will, but Father Ashby is one nefarious dude. I'm not so sure that murder will result in a returned baby.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: FX

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I'm more curious to know where the writers are going with the hidden secrets that always have Gemma stepping bewtween Maureen and Jax, that have hidden motherly undertones. Gemma has made several pointed references to Jax as "MY boy", "MY son".

It will be a little more difficult to get Abel back, now that he is being adopted by another couple.

My bet is that Gemma will intercede just as Jax and Trinity are about to jump into bed--or maybe just after! Then, Gemma will realize that her beef is not with Maggie, but rather with her dead first husband.

And the good Father most definitely has more up his cloistered robe than just getting rid of Jimmy, not that offing Jimmy will be such an easy task.

While I find it hard to believe that an Aryan supremacist would have trouble killing a Jew for money, it's harder to believe he would give the money back! But my vote for least favorite character of the night goes to the proby who failed his first test and ran for the hills.

Darby had trouble killing the "Jew" because they made it clear he had history with him before he took on his aryan supremacist ways. And I'm sure that dude claiming the attack as a Mayan hit and leaving an AK47 behind will lead somewhere. C'mon pay attention people...

This season is horrible. Every week is like we are in idle. We learn nothing new. They have not progressed the storyline at all. This last week's episode was particularly frustrating. It accomplished nothing other than putting them in Ireland. WOW we needed an hour and half for that? I thought that Jax was Maureen's son and not Gemma's because of the blonde hair, and when Gemma said if Jax goes to Belfast he will learn stuff. But all in all I really am frustrated this season about dragging out the storyline. I never thought they would drag getting Abel back the entire season. And Father Ashby's reasoning for keeping Abel away from Jax is a joke! He is trying to keep him safe? What father would believe that? He'll give him back only after Jimmy is killed. Hmmm sounds more like extortion and kidnapping. "I'll only give you back your son if you do X for me." HORRIBLE. It does not make sense for Jax just to accept that. He did not even try to argue with Ashby that he could protect Abel. Next week's episode needs to start furthering this storyline along or it will lose a viewer.

LOL how do you expect a storyline with so many arcs to move faster? Your an idiot... Jax is in no position to be bartering with the IRA... get your head outta your ass. He is on their turf now, if he wants to get his son back he's going to have to follow suit. Even if you stop watching SOA it doesn't matter, the show is gaining fans QUICK.

Everything is being built up for next weeks episode "Turas". Ka-Boom!

I love this show AND I also love Sarah Palin. I'm still gonna watch the show. But I do have a recommendation. To be fair - if Tara gets an abortion, she should use the name Michelle Obama or Hilary Clinton (oh sorry, she's past child bearing years). I believe those women actually believe in abortions.

I think using the name Angelina Jolie would have been a better choice all around.

Duh Jennie, therein lies the irony and the humor. There will be no PC correctness here. And Palin's a ditz.

Not catching your drift Cole. Gemma is a very protective mother, and we say those things...I think it's just natural for her.

Let's hope Jax and his little Sis don't procreate. That could be an entirely different type of surprise on their next return to Ireland. Ugh.

Love to hate the Priest - very convincing.

I disagree with you Tony, I think the show is getting better as it matures.

Why does this have to be political we are talking about the Sons. No political BS on this site. By the way just because someone is prochoice does not mean you are for abortions it means you support having a choice and not being told what to do by Govt., teabaggers, etc..., or even God!!!This goes out to Jennie. By the way great show all around!!!

Tara's abortion isn't about vengeance..zzzzzzzzzz


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