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'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Old ladies rise up

SOAEpisode5season3Old ladies are supposed to do what they're told, but it's hard to blame the Sons' matriarchs for doing what works for them for a change, even if it isn't in the best interests of the M.C.

Gemma and her Belfast counterpart Mo aren't club members. Only their men. So when Gemma decides she's "too old to run" and Mo defends her tip-off about Abel's whereabouts as an act that will stop her head from being "squeezed off with razor wire," I was impressed. That takes some big ones.

And Tara. SAMCRO doesn't exactly seem like a protected-sex crowd, so it was only mildly surprising to learn she's been planted with Jax's seed. I just hope Jax takes the news as well as Gemma's and Mo's old men.

But what's Tara going to do about riding pillion? Having been a pregnant motorcyclist, I'd guess it's just as uncomfortable to nestle a baby bump against your man's back as it is to rest it on the tank.

Maybe Tara won't get that chance since it's looking like SAMCRO's heading over the pond and she'll be held back to peform surgeries.

-- Susan Carpenter

Photo: FX

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The Belfast gang adds a cool twist. Also, I have enjoyed Paula Malcomson since her days on Deadwood. Why that show ended quickly is a mystery to me. I hope she stays on SOA.

I have always admired Ally Walker - but she needs to stop with the Botox or whatever she's doing to her lips. She's a pretty woman and needs to lighten up on that. It becomes uncomfortable to watch...

Keep it up FX!

This succs!!... My damn satellite provider dish isn't carrying FX anymore! Im extremely dissapointed that i get to miss my favorite show sons of anarchy, i guess i will have to miss out on some episodes before i can find another provider


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