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Are gay fans embracing 'Sesame Street'?

Bert and Ernie are not gay. Not that there's anything wrong with being a homosexual hand puppet! It's just that Sesame Workshop always has contended that they're just friends. So it was kind of surprising when a tweet that showed up last summer on "Sesame Street's" Twitter feed seemed to imply that Bert might be "a little more 'mo' " than people thought (Bert's words, referring to a mohawk). Now, with "Sesame Street" welcoming openly gay guest stars such as Wanda Sykes and spoofing shows like "True Blood" that appeal to gay viewers, some are wondering: Is the show getting more gay friendly? We discuss the answer: "Some 'Sesame Street' viewers sense a gay-friendly vibe."

-- Melissa Maerz

Credit: Ernie and Bert on "Sesame Street." Credit: Eduardo Patino

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For heaven's sake - stop trying to force homosexuality as a "normal" lifestyle onto society. If I were a parent I'd be furious that my children's innocence was being taken from them in the name of adult's skewed version of rights.


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