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President Obama challenges 'Mythbusters' crew to test Archimedes legend

The crew of Discovery Channel's popular science program, "Mythbusters," frequently gets ideas from fans. But they are about to take on a challenge from a particularly famous viewer: President Obama.

On the episode set to air Dec. 8, the president will appear in a walk-on and challenge Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to test the legend of Archimedes. Supposedly, the ancient Greek mathematician destroyed an invading Roman fleet by using only mirrors that reflected the sun's rays. Savage and Hyneman will devise an experiment to test the legend and report back the results.

President Obama will announce his "Mythbusters" participation during a White House event Monday celebrating math and science competition winners from schools around the country. Savage and Hyneman will be in attendance.

-- Scott Collins (twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Credit: Discovery Channel

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This one again? How many times have they tried to do this one?

hello adam hello jamie this challenge is very importent for you both to improve that mythbusters isn't like any program on tv .The program is very importent because if we look to see how many spectators watch this series the result about 500.000 and don't forgot 1 thing that the president of usa is the own of these fan .mythbusters teach a lot of things in physics chemistry......

good luck and i love you very much

Lame. Been done twice already and NOBODY in the White House thinks to tell the President? Either they're all idiots (plausible) or nobody has the sack to tell the President something he doesn't want to hear (confirmed).

Why can't the president suggest a more practical myth, such as the one about stimulating the economy with Keynesian govt spending?

What is the point of this? The stormchasers episode was boring and this seems like more pandering. And it's a third try rehash. Thanks.

Exactly how big a fan is the President? They've already done this and pointed out that best case scenario they may have started a few fires.

I suppose they could add a few more design elements and/or in his honor go FULL SIZE trial - maybe add some rough glass shards to help focus and target the beam of light?

Maybe the twist is that he's adding a few more elements and/or offering some alternate methods?

Didn't the MythBusters already do this myth?

they did that 3 times already! what the fudge???

Who cares if they are doing it again? It will still be interesting, and now they have the President involved. I think it will be fun. Besides, maybe they are going to do something different this time, maybe they figured out something that'll make it work...who knows?

By the way...you guys say its redundant to have this myth again, but it doesn't seem to bother you that 90% of these comments are the exact comment. "Didn't they do this one before?" "They did this one twice before" "why are they doing this one again?" Yes, we got it, they've done this one before. Get over it.

Mythbusters might have done it before, but maybe the President missed that episode. Maybe they should just send him the DVD. :-)

The first time they tried the myth: BUSTED!!
The second time: BUSTED!! AND WITH THE HELP OF M.I.T.
Hopefully, this is the final time they'll test this myth. But still, one hell of a myth to watch over and over again :)

That's not change, that is more of the same!

YES, YES, YES, YES. The Myth team has already done this, and YES they did bust it....TWICE !!!.....

If your going to challenge the team Mr. Prez..... Give something they HAVEN'T done yet.

Nirmala Gankanda from Sri Lanka.

Good challenge for Mythbusters. We are watching...

I have always beleived this could be done with computer controlled sun tracking mirrors. I have my doubts however that it could have been done with any effective,reasonable and practicle execution in the time of the ancients as told. I like this one and I think it can be done I look forward to seeing you try it again. Even if you have to get 10,000 volunteers to shine mirrors on the ship.

They bunked it 2x already. is the 3rd time really going to be the charm?

LOL@how many posters say - "Hasn't this already been done?"

Now stand from where Adam and Jamie are standing and go.. hmmm.. we can do this EASILY by pulling out some old props and reference our old video and get a free tour of the White House, meet the Pres in person, and get beaucoup media attention for our show... OR.. we can send him a video of our past efforts and find another viewer to ask...


Hm. If they've "busted" it, it just means they didn't get good enough light and/or a tight enough focus... Solar furnaces can smelt metal, I'm pretty sure they can burn wood and cloth.

Maybe President Obama doesn't really watch the show, doesn't know they already did this one to death and they were to polite to tell him.

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