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President Obama challenges 'Mythbusters' crew to test Archimedes legend

The crew of Discovery Channel's popular science program, "Mythbusters," frequently gets ideas from fans. But they are about to take on a challenge from a particularly famous viewer: President Obama.

On the episode set to air Dec. 8, the president will appear in a walk-on and challenge Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to test the legend of Archimedes. Supposedly, the ancient Greek mathematician destroyed an invading Roman fleet by using only mirrors that reflected the sun's rays. Savage and Hyneman will devise an experiment to test the legend and report back the results.

President Obama will announce his "Mythbusters" participation during a White House event Monday celebrating math and science competition winners from schools around the country. Savage and Hyneman will be in attendance.

-- Scott Collins (twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Credit: Discovery Channel

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Not sure where this "story" came from, but that episode of "Mythbusters" is an old one. I've seen it several times. Perhaps the LA Times needs to do some research before they write stories.

Didnt they allready test that myth? I do remember some setup involving alot of mirrors and a small rowboat..

Isn't this the second revisit of this myth?

Why does this guy have to ruin everything? Get away from the camera and back behind the desk and do some work!

This myth has already been done on a fan special episode. The mythbusters invited viewers to help with this myth. It was busted so Adam burnt down ether 'roman ship' with a Molotov cocktail.

Didn't they try this earlier?

Haven't they already done that myth a couple times?

I thought you had done that myth once before... The Archimedes Death Ray if I remember it right... When it was busted then, why revisit this one?

Did they not already test a mirror, boat sinking weapon on the show?

I could be wrong but didn't they already test that myth?

Not that I don't like Mythbusters, even old episodes, but hasn't Archimedes mirror already been tested...Twice?
Once by the Mythbusters themselves, then by other people.
Anyway, I'm still looking forward to seeing Obama with the Mythbusters :D

Hmmm... sounds familiar, they already done that twice, right? the Archimedes "death ray"


Ummmm, Didn't they already test this one? And didn't it end in a moderate amount of fail?

They've already done this and busted it why would they do it again?

that sounds great but havent you already had that experiment before?

Maybe one of the science fair kids had a way to make it work.

That's strange. They did this same myth a long time ago. Maybe they have a new take on it. They do revisit myths, this just seems like an odd one to revisit.

I notice the air-date for this idiocy is after the elections. This is to prevent the exalted, all-powerful saviour of the earth from looking like a complete boob. (okay..., more of a boob.)
I suppose the guys could have gotten some follow-up ideas from fans for the "death-ray" and are using the Obamanation to promote it. A third examination of a myth is reasonable and could be warranted, re: the JATO rocket car has been proposed for a re-visit since the second try blew up.

They've already done this one! And had viewers try it as well!

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