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President Obama challenges 'Mythbusters' crew to test Archimedes legend

The crew of Discovery Channel's popular science program, "Mythbusters," frequently gets ideas from fans. But they are about to take on a challenge from a particularly famous viewer: President Obama.

On the episode set to air Dec. 8, the president will appear in a walk-on and challenge Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to test the legend of Archimedes. Supposedly, the ancient Greek mathematician destroyed an invading Roman fleet by using only mirrors that reflected the sun's rays. Savage and Hyneman will devise an experiment to test the legend and report back the results.

President Obama will announce his "Mythbusters" participation during a White House event Monday celebrating math and science competition winners from schools around the country. Savage and Hyneman will be in attendance.

-- Scott Collins (twitter: @scottcollinsLAT)

Photo: Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. Credit: Discovery Channel

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Wait... again?!? They've already busted that one... twice? Three times? Can the leader of the free world not think of a more creative myth to throw at them??? T_T

How are they supposed to test the theory? We all know it works and we can't go back in history to actually find out what happened. Not being a hater, but I have no idea what they are going to do.

I'm not sure but I think I remember Adam and Jamie testing that same myth in an old episode...

I believe they have already had an episode where they tested this, and ruled it busted, too many factors that cooled the area down, Jamie even stood in the way on their "Legend", i wonder if this means they will go to an even grander scale

Didn't they already test that one, and bust it?

Again? They've tested this myth. TWICE.

Ummm haven't they done this myth a few times already?

I thought they already did an episode like that?

They already tested and busted the "Solar Death Ray." Sure the Aria Hotel in Vegas pulled it off, but give them something new!

Uhm, they already have tested that myth.

Where has the president been? They've already done this.

I may be mistaken but didn't they already do the Archimedes death ray thing a while back.

Ridiculous - they've already busted this myth TWICE, including using help from MIT. What, exactly does BHO think will happen this time?

There's got to be something else about this...they've already done the Archimedes "death ray" mirror thing two or three times. If I remember correctly, they proved it can be done but the conditions have to be so perfect that it is not practical as a weapon.

They've done Archimedes is at least four episodes already!

wait I thought they already did this? Archamedes death ray?

Ummm... they busted that myth twice already. What gives?

Haven't they done this already?

Is this a challenge to ramp up the experiment and do it right? Would this be considered a fanisode?

They did this already:

How will they do it differently this time?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Mythbusters already test this myth? I think they even got the help of college students from MIT. Unless this is a revisit, I think the Prez is a little behind on his TV shows.

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