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No Gorillaz for 'Glee,' says lead singer Damon Albarn

Albarn Not everyone is a fan of “Glee.” Coldplay eventually came around, but Gorillaz, the band behind tunes such as “Feel Good Inc.,” “Dare” and “Clint Eastwood,” won't be doing the same, lead singer Damon Albarn told the Associated Press recently.

“We wouldn't let that happen,” said Albarn of allowing the show to use the band's music. “And not that they've asked us because they haven't, and now they definitely won't.”

So why is Albarn so against the Fox hit? Albarn calls the song covers featured on the show “a very poor substitute for the real thing.” He also brushes off the show's recent accomplishment of surpassing the Beatles for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a non-solo act.

“Those songs won't last like the Beatles' by any stretch of their imagination,” he told the AP. “They'll be forgotten in a few years' time.”

Readers, do you agree with Albarn? Is there a Gorillaz song you would have liked to hear on “Glee”?

— Vlada Gelman (follow my TV musings on Twitter at @stayingin)

Photo: Damon Albarn in London on Sept. 7. Credit: Luke MacGregor / Reuters.


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Personally, I don't like Glee much at all. But I love Gorillaz. I'm so happy they won't use Gorillaz's songs, because Glee would just ruin it....

I like his work, but since he was never approached to do it in the first place, why is he even going on about it? Did he just have a burning need to announce to the world that he is a scrupulous artist who will not take part in something he was never approached about anyway because he thinks it is beneath him? Um, good for him... I guess? His music wouldn't fit with the show anyway. I just want to take this opportunity to say I will never give the graduation speech at MIT. Of course they haven't asked me to, but i am letting you all know anyway.

Damon Albarn has an overly inflated ego which wouldn't fit inside of the Rose Bowl, however I'm stoked to see him put up a stand against against the televised Up-With-People revival known as Glee.

GO G0rillaz!

I follow Glee but it's true, they're not making classics. Nor originals, even.

Unless I can witness Will Shuster rapping "Clint Eastwood", I will die a sad panda.

If an artist don't want to give the rights to Glee to cover their songs that's alright, but saying to the press that you won't when they haven't even asked? That's just being a fame whore and trying to take advantage of the popularity of the show.

We should not rest until we make Gleerillaz a reality. Just imagine it: Finn and Rachel performing "19-2000" or Mercedes wailing up a storm on "Dare". WE MUST SEE THIS HAPPEN.

I love GLEE and Gorillaz, but I never thought they would mix well to begin with.

Good move for the Gorillaz.

If I had to watch some punk kid try to rhyme Del the Funky Homosapien or De La Soul's verses, I might go insane.

There is plenty of music out there for Glee to use that would work 100 times better on the show.

I love Glee and I love Gorillaz, but mixing the two....no thanks. Glee should stick with pop tunes and Gorillaz...well, I'll see you in concert next week so keep doin what you're doin!

He's right that the Billboard 100 comparison is faulty...mostly because iTunes is a very different marketplace than stamping out vinyl discs, but also because cover tunes and original tunes have vastly different appeal and legacy. Also, Glee is a bit like a massive infomercial designed to amp up song sales quickly, but not lastingly, whereas the Beatles songs spent a very long time on the charts.

Good decision by Damon....I mean you've got 1/2 of The Clash in your band - how could he possibly say 'maybe'.

Totally agree, and would be angered if Glee got their hands on Gorillaz music.

Especially with all the hype about surpassing the Beatles. Does anyone really think 50 years from now people will instead list Glee as the number one band of all time instead of the Beatles?

Girlizaz or whoever these people are believe somehow that they are seperate from the selling machine. Surprise your in Hollywood. YOU ARE A PRODUCT. and if the music machine pumps you out to the radio or ipad or internet or television you wont be asked what you want. It will just happen.....Or is this a promotional gimmick to get the product name in the news.
Whatever, doesnt matter to me or to the corporation what the lead singer thinks...heh heh heh thats funny I said Lead singer and thinks in the same sentance. Ha Ha Haa LOL oMg I think I'm in pain laughing right now OMFG IT HURTS I"M LAUGHING TOO MUCH.
Seriously Its like asking the counter clerk to change the store policy on returning an item. Dont confuse the front counterperson with the owner. The owner makes the decision and the front person does what they're told to do.
LOLOLOLOL Singer thinking....I'm going to have to tell my friends I said that. They'll split their sides laughing .

To those saying they shouldn't talk about what they haven't been asked yet, consider the first quote "we wouldn't let that happen". That suggests they were asked by the press about Glee not that they just offered it up out of the blue.

Who the hell is Gorillaz in the first place? I guess they can't be too good or Glee wouldn't have asked them to do their music. Oh well Gorillaz's loss not Glee's!!!!


I dont think anyone on the Glee cast thinks thier songs will have the lasting impact the Beetles had. It is just a fun show that everyone can watch. Having your song on it would be flattering I would think. It would probably expose his music to some people who otherwise never heard of the Goriiaz's which I think is cool. I guess he is too cool.

Never heard of the group Gorillaz. Heard of the tv show Glee... we'll see who people remember longer.

I did agree with Hayley though. Nobody asked Gorillaz.. so stfu.

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